Monday Morning Mish Mash

12 10 2009


1. I made the drive up to West Virginia this weekend. Fall was definitely in the air…the leaves were already colorful (though I’d say they need two more weeks or so to be at their peak) and the air was nippy at night. It’s hard to say what my favorite season is but I love the change between winter and spring and the transition of summer to fall.

2. My crazy mama gave my my dose of nutzo while I was in town. On Friday, as I drove up there, I called to let her know I would be there that afternoon. She said to call when I got closer and perhaps we would do something together that night. I called, she said that “someone” had come to take her off to get her hair colored, and that she would call me the next day. I tell her that at some point on Saturday I have tentative plans for a friend’s birthday, so we should make plans. She says she’ll “call me later once she figures out her day.” Now, what plans for the day are made by a woman with no job and no social life outside of dating the scum of the Earth, I’ve no idea.

Saturday came, and while I am showering and getting dressed, she leaves a message saying that her phone isn’t working for incoming calls, and that she has a few errands to run, but will be in touch later that afternoon. I hang around, waiting, try her cell phone (no answer, of course), try the house on the chance that the line is working, and hear nothing. I also didn’t manage to get in touch with the friend who I thought I might have plans with, so I instead decided to go to another birthday party that afternoon. (Which, in and of itself merits it’s own entry…but I don’t have the strength right now). Suffice it to say that the birthday party was far enough off “the beaten path” that cell phone signals dared not travel there. As we were leaving this party, my phone rang, and it was Mom. I answered it, and the call was immediately dropped. I called back, heard about two words, and again, the call dropped. Third time was the charm, and I we were able to talk for a moment.

“I’ll be back in town in about an hour.” I told her, “Would you like to go have dinner or something?”

I reckon I’ll just see you tomorrow.” she said.

“I was planning on leaving early tomorrow, do you have other plans tonight?”

“I’ve got a migraine and I’m going to bed.” she said. (She miraculously gets a migraine, the flu, or amoebic dysentary everytime there is a family function or someone visits from out of town.)

“Then I guess I’ll see you the next time I come in.”

“Well how early are you leaving tomorrow?”

“What difference does it make? You’ll just have some other fake illness tomorrow.” Click. Dial tone. Goodbye.

We said our goodbyes and made our way back to civilization, a 45 minute trip. Once we came out of the last “holler” my cell phone went off, indicating three new voice mail messages. I dialed the voicemail and am met by the surly voice of mom’s on-again-off-again boyfriend/ex husband number three who tells me it’s a “shame I don’t get off my ass and see my mother since she has been crying her eyes out.”

The next two messages are from  mom herself, who basically says between sobs that I don’t come see her and that I’m not proud of her, and that she can’t help it if she is sick.  I was furious but took a deep breath. I decided to go see my grandmother, and gave her a call. In the course of our conversation, she tells me that mom has told her that I wasn’t going to come see her. I set Grandma straight, and she told me she figured as much, and then tells me that mom has gone to her ex-in-laws to watch a movie or a race or something.

Funny, I thought she was going to bed at five! So by then I was furious, she’d lied to me, told grandma I was a bad son, and apparently deluded herself into thinking I had no desire to see her either. I called the inlaws house and let her have it.

Well I guess we had a misunderstanding then.” she said. I was pretty sure I understood perfectly, but I let it go.

3. Remember the bumper I had painted a few weeks ago? Well guess what? On the way up the interstate a truck in front of me lost a tire and a big chunk of it slammed into my bumper. I haven’t had a chance to see if I can get the huge black mark off without another trip to the body shop, but knowing my luck….




6 responses

12 10 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. I’m a lover of all seasons. But I love a cool night, sleeping with the windows open!
2. Good Lord, you have the patience of a saint!!
3. Getting out of the car last week, I lost my balance and rather than land on the casted foot, I fell against my car. I forgot that I had a zipper on my pocket SO I scratched the absolute crap out of the door!! Pisser!!

12 10 2009
Liz C.

Awwww, honey, welcome to the reason I don’t speak to my family. Too much drama for me. In order to survive this life, I need as little drama as possible because I’ve had enough already. I also have the stomach ulcers & bad/missing/falling out teeth to prove it. What do they want next, my heart? My soul? No way. I say get out while you can…

14 10 2009

I love the fall. I want to stay where the seasons change just so I get a “fall” each year.

Your mother just loves hanging from that cross, doesn’t she? Of course, if she didn’t have such despair in her life, she might have to straighten up and grow up and it’s just soooo much easier living the life of the martyr.

18 10 2009

Yeah, that’s what I get, too. She will make plans and suddenly, she’s either sick or her phone is not working.
Listen, honey….we all know that it’s not YOU…it’s HER.
Ya could have came to see me, ya know!!!!

19 10 2009

Oh dear lord, the fake illness remark … I just lay it all out for my mom. Quit obsessively phone stalking me. No contact for this many weeks. No more cards and letters, and quit sending me checks just so I have to call you to thank you. I don’t allow Captain Crazy to manipulate me. I tell her when I’m coming to visit and I make the contact. Small doses. Took many years to just get it right.

I’m so sorry you had that type of weekend. I’ve had them myself, and they are never ever easy to deal with.

22 10 2009

I live in Portland, Oregon. I like summer!!!! I miss summer!!!! It’ll be 10 months until I see summer!!!!! I want more summer!!!!!

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