A TMI Hodge Podge

1 10 2009

Yes, I know it’s not Tuesday. But it’s been a few weeks and so I am pulling together a few of the latest questions from TMI Tuesday and having a go at it.

1. Have you ever had sex under the stars (i.e. in the alley behind Scores Gentleman’s Club, the roof of your South Beach condo)?

Yes, I have actually. A drunken, hot, and passionate  outdoor adventure. And let me just say that you should make sure there are no fire ants nearby before doing so. That’s all.

2. Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the without anything steamy happening? (Opposite sex for breeders, same sex for homosexuals).

More often than not. What kinda question is this? Is the average person that horny that they can’t sleep with someone without SLEEPING with someone?

3. Have you used put anything edible on (or in) your partner’s body and then eaten it?

Not in, and I don’t even recall an “on” but surely there has been some chocolate syrup or whipped cream pulled out at some point. And ice can be fun. Yes it can.
4. Have you ever had an AIDS test due to reasonable suspicion or hyperactive imagination?

I’ve had the full workup done for STDs as part of health physicals, but never been too concerned that I might actually have one. (and never have I might add)

5.Have you ever fantasized about someone else other than your partner while you were engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation?

Hmmm…no I don’t think so. The partner has usually been turn on enough.




7 responses

1 10 2009
The Incredible Woody

Yes, ice is VERY nice…

10 04 2010

If its w/ one i desire who inturns does desire me YES!otherwise WHY BOTHER!

10 04 2010

and when sex is bad please pay up and get hit by a bus.

1 10 2009

Ice is awesome! And, oddly enough, it hasn’t been used in quite some time…now that I’m thinking about it…

3 10 2009

Googled “ice cube sex”.

So old to be learning so much.

10 04 2010
none yours yeta

Slleeping where theres noPASSION


10 04 2010

yes it sucke…on beach no blanket he sucked as all men do!

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