A Little Mid-Week Mish-Mash

9 09 2009


1. Yeah, yeah. I know. 20 lashes with the bad blogger belt for me. It’s been one of those months…but things are looking up.

2. Honey and I got away this weekend for some much-needed “us” time in the North Carolina mountains. We did some hiking, toured the NC Arboretum, and tried out a few new restaurants. It was a great way to end the summer! Asheville, NC was having a street festival on Sunday that we had the opportunity to walk through. Strange and wonderful place, Asheville–as the picture above from the street fair demonstrates. We had an incredible dinner in an old art-deco building that  had once been an S and W cafeteria.  The service left a little to be desired (think SLOW), but they made up for it by giving us a free ahi tuna appetizer. The steaks we had were cooked and seasoned to perfection and may have been the best I’ve ever had. If you are ever in Asheville, check that place out.

3. I’m driving a rental car this week. As my own car neared the end of its warranty, I had the dealership take note of a teensy tiny place just south of the headlight where the paint was beginning to peel. I just wanted to make sure that they knew it had started IN warranty so if it got worse they would fix it. Well, they insisted on going ahead and repainting the bumper (fine by me, as I’ve accumulated a couple of rock chips over the past two years). Now, in the past, I’ve gotten awful rental cars–giant minivans and miniature Chevrolets. But this time they gave me a 2009 Honda Accord, which isn’t half bad. For some reason, it will take three days to repair what amounts to a peeling area the size of a toothpick. My family jokes (or maybe it’s not a joke) that the dealership must celebrate when my warranty runs out because I am up in there for every little thing. Well, sorry, but I am not going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car only to have it rattle, malfunction, and peel.

4. My office complex is getting a new sprinkler system. We’re not a large complex–I think six small buildings. But somehow they have been working on this sprinkler system for three weeks now, which reduces the grounds to a dusty mess. But the installation crew had the bright idea of leaf blowing all of the dirt off the sidewalks and parking areas yesterday. I walked out of the office and felt like I was in the midst of the Dust Bowl. I’m not kidding, I thought I was going to  have to yank out my contacts and drive home blind.

5. Can someone explain the ballyhoo over the speech the Prez gave to school kids? I’ve read the synopsis and there hardly seems to be anything in there that anyone would object to. Just more of the usual partisan panties in a wad?

6. Now, I know everyone has been on pins and needles wondering what my crazy mother has been up to. Not much other than repeating herself (if I have to hear one more time how she has gotten herself down to just one valium a day, I will scream!). But she has apparently discovered the joys of a good wine cooler/box of wine/Boone’s Farm because she called and left two “tipsy” messages over the weekend, including one in which she sang a good bit of an old Mac Davis song to me. (the sentiment would be sweet, I suppose, if she weren’t tanked):

There he sits with a pen and a yellow pad
What a handsome lad
That’s my boy
BRLFQ spells mom and dad
But that ain’t too bad
That’s my boy
You can have your TV and you nightclubs
And you can have your drive in picture show
I’ll stay here with my little man near
We’ll listen to the radio
Biding my time and
Watching Scotty grow
Making a castle out of building blocks
And a cardboard box
That’s my boy
Mickey Mouse says it’s thirteen o’clock
Well that’s quite a shock!
That’s my boy
In four short years
I’ve gone from rags to riches
And what I did before that I don’t know
So let it rain on my windowpane
I got my own rainbow
And we’re sitting here shining
Watching Scotty grow
Riding on daddy’s shoulders off to bed
Old sleepy head
That’s my boy
Got to have a drink of water and a story read
A teddy bear named Fred
That’s my boy
What’s that you say momma
Come on and keep you feet warm
Well save me a place
I’ll be there in a minute or so
I’ll think I’ll stay right here and
Say a little prayer before I go
Me and God
Watching Scotty grow
Me and God
Watching Scotty grow…




7 responses

9 09 2009

The objections were to the former speech – Obama was going to tell the kids in the speech to write themselves an essay on how they could help the President and talk to their parents.

9 09 2009
Mental P Mama

I cannot take the Obama Bruhaha. And that song brings back lots of memories….thank your mother for me;)

9 09 2009

Panties in a wad INDEED.

9 09 2009

I sing the theme from The Courtship of Eddie’s father to my doggy. And I’m typically sober at the time.

Glad you’re back…my one boy cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy….

9 09 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. Glad things are looking up.
2. Asheville is a great town. I have a friend that is a metal artist/sign maker there. He is very talented. Some of his work was in last year’s Southern Living Idea House.
3. Do I detect a hint of Honda dissatisfaction there???
4. Should’ve hired us. We are awesome irrigation installers!!!
5. I don’t get it either. Or why everyone is being so nasty about it. Both sides.
6. I sang the Mr. Ed theme today.

9 09 2009

I’m having a hard time with this disdain for Obama as well. Seems like so many people are just completely close-minded. And this was another instance of a knee-jerk reaction. As for the car…I totally agree with you! Get that fixed before the free stuff is all gone! 🙂

P.S. Welcome back! Again…

19 09 2009

Ha! I knew it was Asheville as soon as I scrolled down to the pic. Could it possibly be anyplace else? Such an ambience.
Do you like barbecue? If you do, next time you do Asheville, definitely get over to Twelve Bones Smokehouse, in the River Arts District. It’s very casual, but it is to die for.

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