TMI Tuesdays

4 08 2009


After a few weeks off, it’s TMI Tuesday time! And for once, they aren’t sexual questions! (I swear, some of their questions make ME blush, and that is hard to do!) Technically, these are last week’s questions, but cut me some slack.

1. The three words that best describe you are ____, ____, and ____.

Worried. That I won’t have a job much longer and that I’ll be stuck in a flop  house eating cat food because there certainly are  no jobs to be had in my business.

Sore. I’ve started going to a different gym location that has a wider assortment of machines. I’m working muscles that have never been flexed in my life now. It hurts to walk up stairs.

A little sad. It’s been a tough few weeks…but getting better.

 2. The three words that best describe your life are ____, ____, and ____.

Blessed. That word seems wrong for some reason,  but I can’t think of a better one. I’ve been fortunate to have a career I love, great friends, enough financial success to be comfortable, and someone to share it with. Can’t ask for much more.

Crazy. If you have read many of my life stories here, you know it’s true.


3. Your three guilty pleasures are ____, ____, and ____.

Peanut butter sandwiches. MMMM. I love a peanut butter sandwich, made with my Grandmother’s homemade jelly.

Naps. Nothing better than an afternoon nap.

Being a lil high maintenance. Of course, if I had tons of money to justify the expense I’d do it more often, but a good massage, pedicure, or a good haircut do a lot to improve morale.

4. The three places you would like to visit before you die are ____, ____, and ____.

Europe by ship. I’d love to make a leisurely crossing (in a stateroom bigger than my house of course), then spend a few weeks seeing all the usual touristy stuff, then unwind with another crossing back home.

Australia. Just because I think it would be a lot of fun to tour the outback.

Dubai. Because they have built some absolutely amazing things there.

 5. The three things you would like to do before you die are ____, ____, and ____.

Take the trips above.

Build my dream house.

Fly a plane.

Bonus (slightly modified from original): If your life were ending, what three to five “flashes” would sum it up at this point?

Hmmm…this is tough! A few things stick out, though:

Shortly after Honey and I met, we spent a weekend at the beach. It was one of my favorite times together–fun, passionate, and one of the first times I felt like we were really connected. So that would probably be there.

Getting my first car. That’s a big deal to anyone, but maybe even more so to me, cause I love to drive and I love cars.

Any number of fun times from college–those really were some of the best years of my life. (Perhaps it would be the night I threw up all over the hood of a drag queen’s pick  up truck? Or the night I was awakened from my slumber under a glass coffee table by the police?)

Family vacations. My favorite ones have been the ones where we didn’t really “do” much, just hanging out at the beach and playing games with a healthy supply of adult beverages.

Going back to childhood…playing demolition derby with the rolling chairs in my grandmother’s basement, “Stone School” on her stairs, and making goofy movies with my other cousins in the family room.




8 responses

4 08 2009

Nicely done! I kinda like the “non-sexual” TMI’s…

4 08 2009
The Vinyl Villager

yeah me too…more than once Ive had to turn to Urban Dictionary just to know how to answer…

5 08 2009
Big Hair Envy

NICE! May I steal this? I got nothin’…

Sorry to hear you have had a tough few weeks. Hope things will be back on track soon:)

5 08 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Big Hair, of course you can! Look forward to your answers (I got nothing lately either)

5 08 2009
Big Hair Envy

Thanks! I’ll give you a shout-out:)

5 08 2009

I really liked the family memory one. It brought back memories for me, too.

However, I simply CANNOT believe that you did not mention me in even ONE damn memory. LOL I’m JK.

7 08 2009

I am the queen of the naps 🙂

hmmm, not a lot of stuff in the outback really…….. 😉

24 11 2009

the most beautiful !! 🙂

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