Quick and Easy Meals–Feta and Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breasts

22 07 2009

This dish is so yummy, you’d think it would take a half day in the kitchen, but the truth is it’s almost as easy as making a sandwich!


2 Large Chicken Breasts

1 4-0z package of crumbled Feta cheese

4 thin slices of Prosciutto (or Pancetta)


How to cook it:

chop up the prosciutto into small pieces.

In a bowl, mix the feta cheese, the chopped prosciutto, and a tablespoon of breadcrumbs.

Slice the chicken breasts lengthwise, butterfly fashion, and spread them open. Spoon in the stuffing, pressing it down into the chicken. Fold the chicken breast “closed” once it is stuffed. Very lightly dust them with breadcrumbs, and top the breasts with a spoonful of the stuffing (to make ’em pretty you see)

Bake them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or so, and voila, that’s all there is to it.




5 responses

22 07 2009
noe noe girl

Wait – you cook too????

23 07 2009
Liz C.

Yum! This sounds delicioso. Okay, so you’re funny, witty, charming, amicable AND you cook. Be still my heart. So, do you know how to use a sponge in the kitchen? You’ll go to the top of my “Favorite Man” list if you do.


23 07 2009

Well, well, well….quite the lil chef, aren’t ya? That recepie sounds like one that TPSkipper would really love. She fixes chicken for about 90 per cent of their meals.

Are you still at the beach? TPMidge is still in Ca. She was present at a movie premiere on Monday nite. She saw Adam Sandler, Ryan Seacrest, David Spade, Andy Dick (what a friggin’ mess of a human) and others. I am soooo jealous of the both of you. Here I am….sitting at my kitchen table in the boogerwoods with nothing but big-ass turkeys to look at.

23 07 2009
Big Hair Envy

Will you come over and fix that for me tonight? I’ll show you my new “Hopsack” walls **wink, wink**

24 07 2009

It sounds very fancy. But you’re right. It IS easy.

Kinda like you. Fancy and easy. Right? 🙂

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