I Am Ghetto Fabbaluss!

17 07 2009

According to Facebook, my ghetto nickname is Pookie. “You’re a ghetto princess, you always match your 50 dollar Baby Phat shirt with your 2 dollar chinese store slippers and your weave is always on point…”

I don’t know about the weave, and $50 is more than I have ever spent on a shirt, but Pookie is out in force today. See, what had happened was, The Girl from the Ghetto done awarded me with the “That’s So Ghetto Award.”  Shoooz!


This award is given to those who:  have to maintain their blog and keep writing posts, not taking off four months here and there.  And most of all, they have to be a little twisted, and at times, a little ghetto.  They have to write a blog post so damn funny that I’m really laughing out loud while reading it, and not just typing lol in response to what they post.

Now I gotsta pass this award on, but I can’t do it today, honey. I’m  bout to go get my weave tightened, my car cleaned, and my fingernails did. Bonnie, Clyde, the two sister women, they baby daddy’s, and they young uns is on they way here and tomorrow morning we gonna load up the car and head down to the coast for a week at the beach shack. While we gone, you can tune in to the complex comedy stylings of Miss Shirley Q. Liquor. Until next week then, BYE BABIES and don’t forget to axe your mama how she durrin!




3 responses

17 07 2009

HAHAHAHAHA! Dude…you are SO ghetto! Nicely done! Somehow I doubt my whitebread site is up for such a prestigious award…but yours definitely RAWKS like Bootsie!

17 07 2009

Alan, never doubt the possibilities of being ghetto… anyone who tries enough can achieve it.

Pooky, you have yourself a nice 40 ouncer on me, k?

17 07 2009
The Incredible Woody

Got plenty of Colt 45 on ice for the trip??

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