Monday Morning Mish Mash

13 07 2009


1. There’s a trailer park up the street from me…for some reason I always feel a little sad about it. The managers have a nice little sign (it’s called something or another “estates”, natch) and plant flowers at the entrances, but the sign has fallen victim to vandals (who doubtless live there) and cars that stray from the road several times. And they always put the sign back up. I don’t know why that makes me sad…just the thought that someone takes pride in a relatively humble place and no one seems to appreciate it I suppose. Anyhoo…I was stopped at the intersection across from the park this weekend and three little kids were out on the street having the time of their life on a Rascal. Yes…someone’s Grandma was no doubt trapped on the sofa of her trailer while these kids trippled up on a Rascal. But they were having a ball!

2. I do NOT watch that show Jon and Kate Plus 8. I’ve seen it just enough to have the opinion that Kate is a first class bitch and Jon is a scrotumless tapeworm. BUT…probably the only FULL episode I  have seen was during a recent marathon wherein Kate (pre-reverse mullet) had her stretched out tummy tucked. If you have seen that episode, you know that Kate rested her bitch ass at her surgeon’s home. Well…ain’t it something that Jon is now dating her surgeon’s daughter?? That’s right…his new piece is none other than Hailey Glassman, daughter of the doc who stitched Kate back into shape. Small world up there in Jon and Kate land…

3. I’ve been unmotivated the past month or so–been to the gym all of ONCE. Didn’t do my Wii Fit at all. So imagine my surprise when I got on the scale and had lost SEVEN pounds. I could spit on my idea weight from here. Excited, I went up to the closet and got out my “skinny jeans”–a pair I don’t know that I have ever actually worn out of the house, but have remained, collecting dust, on the shelf until such time that I could get my ass in them. And guess what?? The shit fit!! With a lil room to spare. Thank goodness for the stomach flu I had a few weeks ago.

4. The famous gay penguins have split up…the victim of a homewrecking hussy. Read the full story HERE.

5. And speaking of famous gays…I went and saw “Bruno” yesterday. It was potentially the most offensive movie ever, but the offensive parts were so over the top that you couldn’t be offended by them. I can’t think of any group he didn’t take a stab at. I used free tickets to see it but would probably have waited until it came out on DVD rather than spend ten bucks to see it. Maybe I have a sick sense of humor, but I was DYING….DYING! when Bruno had the psychic channel Milli Vanilli.




21 responses

13 07 2009

1. I want a Rascal. Would save me tons on gas bills!
2. I have only seen that show once and it was on in a hotel when I turned on the tv. I have to agree with you. She DOES seem like a beeyotch.
3. I hate you.
4. I got nuthin’
5. I was gonna go see this film but now maybe I’ll wait to see it on DVD. Not a movie I need to spend $13 + treats on…

13 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Alan–yeah, good for when you need a mindless laugh, but not worth spending much cash on.

13 07 2009

1. Little shits.

2. Never have watched Jon & Kate. Never wanted to. I have enough drama in my own life, thank you very much.

3. I hate you too. Mainly because I think I caught your 7 pounds instead of your flu.

4. Never heard of the gay penguins here under my rock.

5. We go to the movies like once a year. We only really go see movies like Titanic, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, etc. Nothing else inspires us to go to the movies & spend a fortune to sit & watch & eat popcorn.

13 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

I dont blame you! 17 bucks for two drinks and a popcorn!

13 07 2009

So much to say on this fine Monday morning.

1. Trailer parks make me sad, too. Except for the case of the on where most of my students live, which is a huge step up from what many of them came from. The poor grandma stranded on the couch? Funny, funny.

2. Karma.

3. I think you need to post a pic of your ass in those skinny jeans, please.

4. The penguins split up? Is no family sacred? Guess not.

5. After your review of Bruno, now I really must see it.

6. Have a great day!

14 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

as to number three, let me know when you get a wide screen.

13 07 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. When I had my foot in the cast this past spring, I rode the motorized cart at Sam’s. It was a blast. Would have been even better if it had a horn!!

2. Don’t watch – even the ads wear my ass out!!

3. Yay for VV! We’ll be looking forward to the pics.

4. There seem to be a lot of home-wrecking hussies around of late…..

5. We went to see The Hangover this weekend. It was a riot!

14 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

we almost saw the hangover! I almost wish we had.

14 07 2009
noe noe girl

1 Wonder how fast those things go?
2 Sick of Kate and Jon whoever they are!
3 If it makes you feel better I am getting bigger by the day but I have a nice tan!
4 Dont know about this?? Under a rock too.
5 The last movie I went to was finding nemo. Damn I need to get out more.

14 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

this one looked like it was about moped speed!

14 07 2009

That John and Kate stuff…sounds like they have the makings for a new “All in the Family” show

14 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

its even worse

14 07 2009

My neice had a “rascal accident” in WalMart. She knocked over a huge video display. The thing is…she doesn’t even really need to be ridin’ one. White Trash at it’s PERFECTION! Sometimes, I want to be her. Ignorance really can be bliss.

Skinny jeans…I’m envious. Nuff said.

Trailerpark…what can I add? Not a damn thing. Sad places ‘cept for the stuff that I blog about. And, YOU know the truth about me and my trailerpark. Don’t tell. Kay?

Ya got any idea why YoMa is calling frequently? Whatsup? I’ve been gone. She left messages….lots of messages. Do ya have any head’s up
info before I call back?

14 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Barbie, I imagine she wants money. Im about to go off on her.

14 07 2009

Now, now, VV. Take a deep breath…and don’t answer your phone! Thanks for the info.

14 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

seriously, she is under some delusion that Im made of gold. Considering that she doesnt have a mortgage, a car payment, student loans, etc. she’s probably better off than I am. Im going to call her in the morning and ask for some money.

15 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Barbie, she might also be trying to get tickets to the coal show…whatever the hell that is.

15 07 2009

I laughed about the little rascle, because growing up we had a tp in my hood and when we’d play with our friends there we’d say that.

So its true about Jon’s girlfriend being the surgeons daughter? Ugh, these idiots. Making me sick.

Congrats on the weight loss.

I heard about the gay penguins, very interesting. I thought they matted for life?

Bruno – He is so over the top, but we were watching Ali G the movie last night. I’m waiting for the dvd myself, but glad to hear he is picking on everyone. The guy has some balls…

15 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

he does. and he shows em to the world in this movie…

15 07 2009
Big Hair Envy

The last movie we saw in the theatre was “Mulan”…..sad, isn’t it?

I went to either yoga or pilates class five days per week for NINE STRAIGHT WEEKS, and I lost a WHOPPING three pounds. I’m wondering if cutting back to three days per week would be more beneficial. GAH!! This over-40 crap is for the darn BIRDS!!!!! Who stole my metabolism???

15 07 2009
The Vinyl Villager

we hardly ever go to movies..the only reason we went to this one was because we had the free tickets.

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