Monday Morning Mish Mash

29 06 2009

1. Why is it that the batteries in smoke detectors never go out until the middle of the night? I was ripped from my sleep at 5 AM by an ominous beep. Of course, my first reaction is that the house is on fire. So I sit straight up in bed, but don’t hear it again, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. BEEP! Woke up again, knowing that we had just changed all the batteries in the smoke detectors less than a month ago. Figured I was dreaming and went back to sleep. BEEP! Got up, walked from room to room trying to figure out which one was beeping. (There are a total of five in the house, with the “Beep” happening about every two minutes, there was an awful lot of me standing blank-eyed under smoke detectors this morning.) It didn’t seem to be coming from any of them. I was afraid this meant there was some wiring problem (the internet and satellite have been cutting in and out a lot the past two weeks, and all of those are tied into the “smart wiring” that feeds the alarms). I cursed the thought of having to hire an electrician to come in, and decided I’d risk burning to death for another hour of sleep. Finally, once I had showered the BEEP! was happening often enough that I was able to trace it to the carbon monoxide detector. Which hangs over the stairwell and requires a chair and an advanced yoga position to get to. I ripped the damn thing off the wall. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a painless death, whereas listening to that BEEP! is a form of torture no longer sanctioned by our government.

2. Speaking of our government, the spammers are apparently working off of our President’s relative popularity with crap like “Obama urges you to refinance!” and “Obama urges single mothers to go back to school!”. Now I’m all for education, and if refinancing will put some dollars in your pocket, go for it. But have we become so stupid that we have to be “urged” by politicians, celebrities, and unnamed experts? I’m just waiting to open my inbox and see a message “Obama urges you to add inches to your manhood.”

3. I had a BLAST at Carowinds on Friday despite the stifling heat. The lines were short and the rides were great. It’s always good to get to be a kid again. The most thrilling was the “Nighthawk” (in the video above–take a dramamine before watching) You are basically laid back flat and then turned upside down, twisted around, and plunged headfirst toward the ground and water. What a rush! But my Gawd, the price of food and beverage there. For a bottle of water, $3.75. For four of us to have an unimpressive hamburger, fries, and drink? $57!

4. What a week it was for celebrity deaths. We all knew Farrah and Ed McMahon weren’t long for this earth, but what a shock it was to lose Michael Jackson. And while I thought his commercials were as irritating as single ply toilet paper, I was equally shocked at the death of Billy Mays. Michael Jackson was a strange character to be sure, but I never believed the abuse allegations against him–I think they were launched by money grubbing parents. What was your favorite Michael Jackson song? One of my favorites, and fitting to his passing, is “You are Not Alone” it was one of the songs we played at my sister’s memorial service.




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29 06 2009

I just hate that beeping smoke detector. Hate it.

I can’t wait for MY email from Obama encouraging me to increase my manhood.

29 06 2009

WOW!!! That looks like fun!!! Unfortuantely, I don’t get much amusement park fun nowadays – can’t hardly go without the six-year-old, and can’t really have a whole lotta fun with him tagging along 😦 Don’t get me wrong, I love my boy but yanno roller coasters & six-year-olds don’t mix well…and you know what’s really funny..? You do a post about your smoke detector/carbon monoxide alarm going off in the middle of the night, then put up a video with ads for smoke detectors running along the bottom during the whole video! How ironic!

29 06 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Give him a couple years and he’ll be tall (and adventurous) enough.

30 06 2009

Oh he’s plenty adventurous…and quite honestly it won’t be long until he’s tall enough, either (Daddy’s 6’2″). But it’ll be a good 10 years until I will allow him out of my sight in an amusement park, if then, and by then I’m pretty sure I’ll be beyond my current stage of “old & decrepit” and well into “when I was a youngster…”

29 06 2009

I hate those damn carbon monoxide thingies also. And now my wife wants to buy another one for $45. Greeeeeat…

MJ’s death WAS a complete shock and adding to it was that my son (who is 7) actually was the one who informed me of it. So…that was something I’ll always remember. Anyway, I loved MJ’s music but I’m sitting here watching a special on ABC about him and he is one odd dude. But he will be missed.

As for that email…you didn’t get yours yet?

29 06 2009
The Vinyl Villager

No, I didn’t. Maybe Obama is impressed. Bwahaha!

2 07 2009

I love Wanna Be Starting Something. It is my most of his. Also, I am laughing about the red underwear story. Ha ha ha. Glad to hear you never got arrested either. You always looked very proper to me because of your gravatar, lol.

I wish I didn’t feel the way I did about Michael, and would love to hear that I was wrong about him, that it was all was made up. Wouldn’t that be something?

5 07 2009

I like a lot of the Michael Jackson songs. Probably one of my favs if not “the” one is “man in the mirror” of course I also like “The way you make me feel”

Michael will be sadly missed. He had a lot of love to give but I don’t think he knew how people would view it. My opinion is that he never molested any child, I think he cared too much for them. It seems strange to me that with all of the thousands of children that came to Neverland, only a couple say they were molested and I think that was just to get money from him.

He never had a childhood due to a bastard of a father and I truly feel that he was living his childhood through other children and that he invited those were poor or sick knowing that they, too wouldn’t have a very good childhood. We also have to remember that Michael was not convicted of any wrongdoing but yet just because someone accused him of something and the tabloids and media ran with it, most think he is guilty. That is a shame in today’s society that we are guilty just because the media said we did something, whether it’s true or not. He was aquitted, he should not have to prove anything to anyone but yet everyone judges him as a freak. I guess maybe changes take place in one’s mind when you become a recluse. He couldn’t walk down the street without being accosted by fans. At least with children, they didn’t treat him that way. Maybe that is why he found solitude with them. Just my opinion. And, yes, I’m gonna miss him but being the twisted soul that I am, I enjoyed the jokes as well. So long MJ, may your pain be gone forever.

9 07 2009

The lady (or man) screaming in the first 3 minutes of the video was quite disturbing. Jesus. Maybe they [the woman/man, or both] shouldn’t have went on the ride. It sounds like they were forced to.

9 07 2009

And how the hell did that person take the video with all that twisting and looping?

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