TMI Tuesdays

5 05 2009


It’s time for another TMI Tuesday! (Surely there are probing, embarassing questions to be asked that don’t involve sex? If you can think of any, hop over to TMI Tuesday and submit them!)

1. Have you ever bought a membership to a porn site? If yes, what is the most recent one and did you like it?

I want to answer “yes” but I can’t for the life of me remember which one or when. So I must not have liked it much. Besides, there’s enough free porn on the interwebs (or so I’ve heard), why would you pay?

2. Would you rather watch a erotic/porn movie, read a story, or listen to an audio? Why?

I guess watch…because men are very visual when it comes to those things. But I have read very well done erotic writings–so I can appreciate that. And audio? Is that like 900 numbers? No thank ya.

3. If you have a significant other what do you do for each other to get in the mood? If you don’t what kind of thing could a future potential long term partner do to get you in the mood?

As for the first question–vodka. I wish I had a better answer, but that’s all that works. As to the second, it doesn’t take much. They could just say “How ’bout a roll in the hay?”

4. When it comes to sex, how much do you talk about it with others? How comfortable are you talking about sex?

I’m perfectly comfortable talking about it, but don’t talk about it much. With some of my friends, it’s as easy a conversation as the weather. But I’m not about to ask a casual acquaintance “Hey, you and the wife ever done it in the garage?”

5. What are the last 5 things you search for on Google (or another search engine)?

Possible Obama picks for the Supreme Court (it’s anyone’s guess right now–I could come up with a short list as valid as most I found), tips for Mafia Wars on Facebook (no help at all), photos of my car with a different grille (I’ve never been excited about how the front of my car looks), an architect out of Texas whose work I know, and a friend’s new business (the link he sent to the website didn’t work)




5 responses

5 05 2009

Subscribing to porn????

Who does that???

5 05 2009

My SO doesn’t know it but when I started asking him all sorts of sex questions was when, in my mind, I’d decide he was my forever. I just felt free so I was asking him all the things I’d wondered about but was to shy to ask. (Remember, I didn’t grow up with the internet to handle all that for me.) Unfortunately I still don’t have answers as he would look at me like I’d lost my mind and change the subject. Like I want to know how trannies can look so “ken doll” flat and then….well, I’ve seen some of the “after” pictures. And you know, as I write this, I’m realizing why he looks at me like I’m crazy and changes the subject……… : ) Maybe it’s best we no longer discuss sexual things.

5 05 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Josh–someone must, its a multibillion dollar industry.

Asa–two words. Duct tape.

6 05 2009

VV – One word – ouch.

17 05 2009

I take The Fifth, ’cause I ain’t talking….

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