Get any Closer, and I’ll Flick a Booger on Your Windshield

5 05 2009


Does it make me a terrible person to wish that every tailgating, text-messaging moron would get into a car crash? Nothing bad…just their car, a minor injury or two, and enough damage to really hurt the ole wallet? Just to teach them a lesson, ya know?

I wish the same thing for the speeding-in-the-rain, lights off, lane changing fool who was behind me on the highway this evening. Does it mean I’m evil that I really and truly wished that he would hydroplane into the guardrail, not hard enough to kill him or anything, just hard enough to knock some sense into him?




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5 05 2009
Little Miss

I totally get it. I’m quickly becoming a hater of cellphone talking while driving. See a slow moving car on the road and I guarantee you they’re on the phone. What kills me is seeing someone driving down the freeway with BOTH hands on the cell phone texting someone. Holy shit. That’s almost as dangerous as drunk driving, in my book.

6 05 2009


Cell Phone w/ Driving IS the equivalent to Drunk Driving. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s irresponsible. Disrespectful to other drivers, and careless. It needs to stop. A cell phone ban has been passed here in WV. I have some doubts that enforcement will even be plausible – but I hope that it will become standard. There is NO reason to drive while on a phone – when there are plenty of spots to pull over. I really don’t even agree w/ talking on a hands free device. IMO a hands-free device should only be used to keep you from distracting yourself from driving when you have an important phone call you can use the device to tell them you’ll call back. That’s it.

I totally agree with you though because I wish that every day. 😀

6 05 2009
Noe Noe Girl

You are evil and shameless I say!
And I am right there with you.
I have tried that booger flicking thing…it doesnt work…they must be made of glue. And spitting comes back to hit you in the face. Where’s a cop when you need one?

6 05 2009

VV – Did you see the story about the woman who killed someone because she was PAINTING HER NAILS while driving???? (But she’s a good Christian woman so she feels terrible about it. –That was actually in the article as a statement from family.) I’m with NNG. I just wish the cops would do a little more to try and control the reckless on the road. They have to see the same stupid stuff we do and if someone is swerving left of center they have every right to pull them over.

6 05 2009

Pa just signed the bill last week on banning phones while driving. Not exactly sure if it went into effect immediately, but told my daughter it did to get her to STOP!!


6 05 2009

It makes you a lot like me 🙂 You’ve read my opinion on the matter, I think. I just don’t understand why they can’t spend $20 to buy a hands-free…is a person’s life not worth that much..? And quite frankly the cops are the worst! You’ll see them doing 70, holding a phone to one ear & typing on their little on board laptop all at the same time…and I hafta navigate this crap 20 miles each way almost every day! At risk of jinxing myself by saying so, after 7 or 8 years of this I’m truly surprised I have been in an Interstate wreck!
On the booger thing..? I’ve had two different friends approach that in two different, creative ways, when the boogers didn’t work. One passed the moron (driving like an idiot, weaving, speed up, slow down, no signals, on the phone, etc) and threw a handful of pennies out her window while going down the road ahead of him…
The other had some guys try to run her off the road when she “objected” to his lack of driving (and living) skills, so she threw a full bottle of Pepsi at him, going down the road. Yes, she has good aim, even at 70, erm, 55 mph…
What!?!?! My female friends aren’t mean! Why would you think THAT..?

6 05 2009
The Vinyl Villager

woo…I feel better knowing Im not the only one.

6 05 2009

Ok, some asshole almost hit us goign 80 miles an hour, on the freeway in Wisconson last Friday. I willl kill him if i ever see him again. Plus he was driving a gold/orange car. Asshole!!!

LOL, thanks for letting me vent. And yes, i wish very bad things on bad drivers. A hex on all of you!

7 05 2009

VV – my kindred spirit! I had two ppl do very stupid things in front of me within 30 seconds today and I wished upon them the same thing. If I am feeling more benevolent I ask karma to get them to stub their toe in the shower.

7 05 2009
Big Hair Envy

I wish that same wish approximately 30 times per day….

7 05 2009

Dude…I am TOTALLY on your side on this one! Idiots…

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