Monday Morning Mish Mash

4 05 2009


1. It was a busy weekend at the Vinyl Village. Saturday morning was neighborhood cleanup day. A (pitifully small) group of us got together to clean the pool furniture and the pool house in preparation for the opening of the neighborhood pool–two weekends from now. That means summer is just around the corner! Woo hoo!

2. Saturday night we attended a big charity party–an event we have done four or five times before. Every year it seems to get bigger, so hopefully a lot of money was raised for the cause. At this party all the guests are supposed to wear red. I’m not a big “red” person, so my only choices were a faded out polo or a t-shirt. Good time to buy new clothes, right? Well, I just had in mind a button up shirt with a red pattern on it, which should have been easy to find, huh? Yeah right. I spent three hours at the mall and ended up with just a new red polo. So frustrating.

3. I went to bed Saturday night with my phone on my night stand. I usually turn it off, but for whatever reason I hadn’t. The phone rang at 3:30 in the morning–any guess who it was? Any guess WHY a call was made at that hour?

4. I worked all day yesterday at an industry dog and pony show kinda thing. One of the luxury communities we do a lot of work in hosted it, and in the past these have been great ways to meet new clients. But yesterday, it seemed the only people who came out were ones hoping to win a raffle. “Y’all got any door prizes?” was the most asked question of the day. Add to this a few brief torrential downpours that brought water seeping up through the floor of the tent, and it felt like a waste of time. (Saturday was much more productive–so maybe we will get some much-needed jobs out of the deal)

5. After spending all day yesterday in a swampy tent, I could not get outta bed this morning. So I slept an extra half hour, then had a leisurely cup of coffee while watching the news. I got into the office an hour and a half late, but just that little extra sleep and “waking up” time has made me feel like a whole new person!




12 responses

4 05 2009
Little Miss

#3 – Hello, Mom? Um… no idea why. My imagination couldn’t even begin to dream up the reality you share with us. Do enlighten us.

Sometimes that extra bit of sleep and warming up to the work week slowly is so worth it. 🙂

4 05 2009
Mental P Mama

You can’t beat a shiny new red polo…and 3:30? gah. What on earth was the problem?

4 05 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Ding ding ding…Little Miss is correct. I didn’t answer but the very slurred message she left indicated that she misread her digital clock as saying it was “8:30” and thought it was time to get up.

4 05 2009
Noe Noe Girl

Sounds like the busy week end I had……that flew by

4 05 2009

Thought maybe the SO had given her another middle of the night queen sized bed whollup. And with similar Momma issues people actually wonder why I turn my phones off at night. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be that innocent???

4 05 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Noe Noe–it was the opposite of a weekend. I feel more rested at work today!

Asa…far as I know, the SO is still outta the picture…and I normally shut that phone off at 10 pm…but I just forgot….see what it gets me?

4 05 2009
Serendipitous Girl

I hope you didn’t wear the red polo with khaki pants. Target employees have a copyright on that ensemble.

4 05 2009
Big Hair Envy


You mean you didn’t pick up that cell phone and make sure your Mama was alright? Bless her heart! It could have been an emergency…

I’m glad you took a little extra time to pamper yourself this morning. It DOES make the Monday transition a little easier, doesn’t it?

4 05 2009
The Incredible Woody

The selection for men’s clothing really sucks. I purchased a pair of pants for Vol Fan that had just a touch of black in the pattern. So I thought I’d purchase a black polo to match. But I wanted one made of the slick feeling material rather than the normal rough kind. (You can tell I’m really up on my fashions and fabrics!) I shopped for hours. Never did find one!

4 05 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Sgirl…oh my gosh is that why people kept whispering “Tarjay Booo-teek” in my ear?? (JK, it was with jeans)

Big Hair–yes, I may need to do that every Monday.

Woody–I know exactly what youre talking about, but haven’t a clue what the proper terms are either.

4 05 2009

1. And yet – all those who were “too busy” to clean will have no problem dirtying them up & leaving their trash everywhere! It irks me that the general population feels that anyone they encounter, who happens to be “at work” – store clerk, gas station cashiers, etc. – are there for the sole purpose of cleaning up after them! Grow up & pick up your popcan/receipt/trash-falling-out-of-your-car! Sheesh!
2.There’s your problem – you went to the mall! Go to Wally World – or better yet, Goodwill! (They organize everything by color, yanno!) Why pay $50 for a shirt when you can get a much nicer one that somebody probably only wore once or twice, for $5 – and that’s in the “boutique”! Aiin’t much hot water & vinegar can’t kill! Lotsa red there…
3. Everyone (who matters…) knows I’m not a morning person. Just about anyone who has my number values their life enough not to call me between, oh I dunno, midnight & 10 am…(getting old – usta be 3 am & 3pm…) It’s never pretty to be on the receiving end of that…However, my mother broke that rule one morning, back before caller id, and not knowing it was her (how would I know that – I bet she called me a total of 5 times during my entire adult life…) I answered as I would any other call coming in at 8am and waking me. Imagine my horror when I found she was calling to tell me my grandma was at death’s door…I no longer answer the phone that way, and I’m now loathe to turn it off. Besides I have adult children with children of their own. Safe bet that if I get that call, at that time, (unlike poor you) it’s not going to be good…
4. You mean you didn’t expect a buncha rednecks at a dog & pony show..? Seems to me they’d flock to something like that, lol! Even high dollar rednecks (you know, the ones whose garages are bigger than their houses..?) are coming fer the freebies! Oh yeah, if you put a tarp under the tent, you can get 2″ of rain and the bottom stays dry (been there, done that, but I was sleeping when it rained – good thing it works, LOL)
5. If I am allowed to sleep until I wake on my own, my day is always better. If I am woken, even 30 seconds before I would have woken myself, the day is shot! Needless to say – not many good days, living with a child who gets up at the butt-crack of dawn. Can’t even keep him up late to sleep in – he’s still up at an ungodly hour 😦
Ah well, such is life~
Thanks for coming by – I still hafta answer ya, too. So, whatcha think of the new art..? Just the first sitting on mine, will probably take at least 4 or 5 more, probably closer to 6-8, I do want it done right. But Hunny’s dragon is awesome & will be even more so when healed!

5 05 2009


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