Monday Morning Mish Mash

27 04 2009


1. Someone should have told me what I have been missing. Honey and I both had Friday afternoon free, and as we tried to figure out how we might spend it Honey said “Let’s go get a pedicure.”  Now, I’m secure enough in myself not to worry much about doing such girly things. I have been massaged, waxed, tanned, and groomed to within an inch of my life at times. But that line has always been drawn at a pedicure. What’s the point? I wondered. And now I know. My God…the little massaging chair, the little foot jacuzzi, the potions they poured on my rough and trollish feet. I would have been better off not knowing this…I’m not sure I can ever cut my own toenails again.

2. Saturday night, we had to go to a dinner party/fundraiser. It was a New Orleans-themed garden party held on one of the nicest pieces of property–one of those fine old homes on the sort of gorgeous, tree-lined street that everyone wants to live on. Their double-depth back yard was ringed in live oaks, magnolia trees the height of which I’d never seen before, and hundreds of blooming azaleas. The back of the property was anchored by an open garden house and I could just imagine it being a perfect wedding backdrop. And, oh yeah, I unwittingly ate alligator. Which was really good until I discovered what it was.

3. The weather was so nice (topping 90 this weekend!) That we spent Sunday afternoon having a picnic in Falls Park. (picture below) It’s a wonderful place that is always filled with people. Until a few years ago, a bridge went right over those falls. Millions were spent reworking the area, removing the bridge, and installing a pedestrian walk over the falls. Now the park is the centerpiece of downtown.


4. Last year it was bird flu, and now we have to worry about pig flu. Who knew pigs and birds even got the flu? And how the heck does it get transferred to a human?  It’s not from eating them–I worried myself into an ulcer after having some  bacon until TrailerParkBarbie assured me that my breakfast wasn’t going to kill me.(well, it might eventually, from hardening of the arteries and such, but Oscar Meyer isn’t going to give me pig flu.)Anyhoo…once again, we have part of the world running around in silly masks. Do those things work? I’m guessing no. Germs are tiny little things, and besides, those masks aren’t air-tight to your face so cooties can still get in around the edges, can’t they?

5. So the headline this morning blares that GM is axing the Pontiac brand. I’ve never quite understood why GM sells five different versions of the same car and just swaps out the grills and badges. I mean, most manufacturers build several models on the same platform, but GM doesn’t even TRY to make them any different. I mean, is there a reason you would buy a GMC Suburban over an idential looking Chevy one? Color me confused on why it took this long for them to realize the inefficiency of their system.




10 responses

27 04 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. I. Can. Not. Wait. On Wed, this cast is off and I am in the pedicure chair.
2. Live oaks are my most favorite tree!!
3. That place looks wonderful!
4. I know it’s serious stuff but do you think the CDC and media might just be overdoing it a bit. I mean .it’s just infected 20 people here.
5. I am glad I’m not the only one that has noticed this. Several years ago, we were SUV shopping and after a day on the lots, I said “The GMC Yukon and the Chevy Tahoe are the same vehicle.” Everyone said no, they are just similar – I say no, they are the exact same vehicle, just with different labels. And the GMC one was more expensive. Explain that. Same vehicle, same trim package, same everything but price. We bought a Honda Civic Coupe instead!

27 04 2009
Big Hair Envy

I’ve never had a professional pedicure, just the do-it-yourself-at-home kind. I’m going to have to check into that….I’ll ask my daughter!!! Brat!

27 04 2009
Noe Noe Girl

My Little T freeked out this morning over this swine flu. He says the only good thing that will come of it is if they shut his school down.

27 04 2009

You ate aligator? GROSS!

Pedicures are a gift from God but sometimes you might get a pedicurist who doesn’t have a good touch and will tickle your feet. That is torture.

Medical masks….
I’ve often wondered why anyone other than a surgeon would wear those things. Germs can go right through those things, if not then we would all be wearing them 24/7 and the government would be charging $50.00 a piece for them and our insurance would not cover them.

27 04 2009

Back when it was bird flu that was going to kill us all, a guy was on Harpo and said the masks do very little. Aside from the fact that they are loose fit, most germs enter from hand to eye.

Early on I read a CDC alert that said their concern was in not being able to trace where this came from. There’s normally a progression…pig-pig, pig-human, human-human and this one seems to have either skipped the middle step or moved through it with lightening speed. Both were a big part of the concern. This, of course, leads to the talk radio folks assuming it was manufactured. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m just washing my hands. I hear it’s after 20 to 40 year olds so I’m safe. (Side note: I have no idea how much of this explanation is as I read it on the web.)

Trollish feet……funny. But am I the only person who has great sympathy for pedicurists? Whatever they make, it’s not enough.

27 04 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Woody—these were some of the nicest live oaks I’d seen. I wished I could have discreetly taken some pictures.

Noe Noe–too funny! Kids always looking for a way out of school…

Tami–I swear I thought it was chicken.

Asa–I was actually thinking the same thing. “I know what I’m paying for this, and if she even gets HALF of it, there’s no way in HELL it’s worth it!”

27 04 2009
Serendipitous Girl

Pedicures, magnolia trees, picnics and BACON all in the same post? The next boyfriend SSG gets she’s going to send your way for lessons … right after Predo gets ahold of him.

27 04 2009
The Vinyl Villager

S-Girl…just let me know when, Ill clear my schedule.

27 04 2009
The Predo

I don’t want people touching my feet! I don’t know why, they are not deformed or anything, I just don’t want someone scrubbing them. Weird huh? I do have acupuncture on them, that doesn’t bother me. Hmmmmm!

Anyway, love the water fall! Come build one in my yard! I will make you a drink!

30 04 2009

This swine flu thing is ridiculous. The media (as always) are taking it way out of proportion. If you get it, go to the doctor and it can be treated. People die from influenza all of the time anyway, so what’s so different about this one besides the fact it comes from an animal?

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