Monday Morning Mish-Mash

20 04 2009


1. I’m a little hit-and-run this morning. My spring allergies have given way to a nasty cold…and I’m just trying to keep myself drugged up enough to get through the day before collapsing into bed, which is where I really feel like being.

2. I hinted last week that there was another crazy mama story in the making. I’m having trouble getting the details…but Mama claimed that her man “hit her” in his sleep. At my house, we call that the perils of a queen sized bed, but in her mind it’s cause to phone the police. The police arrived, and from what I can gather, Mama indicated she was leaving and asked the police to see the Bedtime Batterer off of the property. The police quickly deduced that Mama was under the influence of something (i.e. she had been double fisting from her medicine cabinet, per usual) and confiscated her car keys. If she only had those angel car mats, she might have been able to argue that God was gonna be her copilot, but police snatched the keys and said they wouldn’t release them until she could present at their office and pass a sobriety test.

3. The first stop thing on my agenda for this past weekends trip home was a concert by Matt Savage, a 17 year old autistic pianist. The kid was awesome! He not only plays, but composes his own material as well…and the whole audience was in awe. He’s well known in certain circles, having performed with Dave Brubeck, on the Letterman show, NPR, and has performed at Birdland. If you are a fan of jazz or piano, check him out!

4. But of course, the whole reason for the trip was my stepmother’s 50th birthday party. The real gift I got her was buried in a goody bag of old-lady accountrements–Geritol, Rain Bonnets, corn pads, Day-of-the-week pill dispenser, and a matchbox Buick. About 60 people turned out to celebrate, and it was a great that I, unfortunately can’t say much more about because A. my memory is foggy on it, thank you vodka, and B. I DO remember being told “This better not be on your blog Monday.” Although I swear I can’t remember what, exactly, that was in reference to.

5. While we are talking about WV, did you know that Fairmont, WV is the Pepperoni Roll Capitol of the World? Well…neither did I. If you’ve ever been to WV, you may have noticed that almost every convenience store sells pre-made Pepperoni Rolls. I can’t get them where I am, but usually have one or three when I’m there…but I never knew until today that this sort of pepperoni roll is somewhat unique to the area and was actually invented in Fairmont. Now, aren’t you glad to have that piece of useless knowledge? (seriously, they are GOOOOOOOD! If you are ever in WV, get one!) And if you don’t get to WV soon, take heart–one of the biggest bakeries is about to make them available nationwide!




13 responses

20 04 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. Feel better. Vodka helps.
2. I don’t know who to feel sorry for – you, mama, the bedtime batterer, or the police!
3. I saw him on Letterman – he is awesome!
4. I LOVE the goody bag!!
5. Sounds yummy!

20 04 2009

I remember there was a grocery store in my old hometown of McConnelsville, OH that used to serve pizza rolls. They were soooooo good! I had completely forgotten them until now. Now I want one!!! Dammit VV!!

20 04 2009
The Predo

I love a good roll, ‘specially one that’s all CAPITOL!!!

20 04 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Woody–isn’t he? And vodka doesn’t help…it made it worse!

Alan…yeah I cant wait til I can order them! My waistline on the other hand dreads the day.

Predo…dammit, my English teachers would be so disappointed. Oh well, nothing a pepperoni roll can’t cure.

20 04 2009

those pepperoni rolls look fabulous.

that jack sprat wedding picture you posted several months ago was the reason i put you in my reader. your momma stories keep me coming back. well that and the monday morning mish mash. love those!

20 04 2009

Feel better soon.

And I’ll be waiting for the crazy mama update.

20 04 2009

1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling so lousy. All I can say is Thera Flu, baby! See, you do a shot of Thera Flu, then a shot of vodka. Then repeat. Sleep like a total log.

2. Your poor Mom. First she accidentally overdoses on her meds, then gets a fist in the kisser by her loverman? What’s the world coming to? Hehehe

3. OMG! I’m a huge jazz fan & so excited that I have someone to make *jazzspeak* with. I’m pretty sure I saw *the kid* on Letterman or Leno. Can’t remember which one now. I just remember his awesomeness.

Anyway, I have a lot of really old jazz that I used to collect. Since no one I know (who is still alive anyway) shares my passion for jazz, I just rotate the stuff now. Mainly when I’m *in the mood*. But, I’ll always love my jazz. I really do miss being able to see & hear it live. There is so much good stuff out there & I feel like the boat is passing me by. Wah! I think I’ll go right now & listen to some Jimmy Smith on the Blue Note label. Maybe some old Herbie Mann & then a little David Sanborn as well. Heady stuff, I assure you.

4. I get that same crap about “this better not be on your blog”, which to me, indicates a green light for *GO!*. But then, I hate being told what to do… or not do. Frankly, I’m too old & onery to give a damn if they like it or not.

5. Pepperoni Rolls look like something I should never sample, even once. I’d wind up bigger than a cow. But, I’ll bet my hubby would kill for one.

21 04 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Natalie…they are so good! JUST greasy enough, just cheesy enough, just spicy enough. And thanks! Im glad you enjoy it!

Jason…Im sure you wont have to wait long…her soap opera has been going on longer than General Hospital.

Liz…Im feeling much better today. I bet I’ll be back to normal (for me anyway) by tomorrow. My dad and his wife are big jazz fans and have given me an appreciation for it. I have to be in a certain mood for it, myself. Do you have satellite radio? They have a handful of great jazz stations.

21 04 2009
The Incredible Woody

Sorry, man. I meant whiskey helps!!

21 04 2009

Isnt this just a personal size stromboli?


21 04 2009

They put pepporoni rolls in the vending machine at work about once a year…I love them & keep asking for them – and not getting them 😦 Hey! You can mail me some!

21 04 2009
Noe Noe Girl

Feel better. My allergies are acting up – tis the season!
Poor Mama! Rehap perhaps? At least she is not in jail.
The Christmas Nanny (my mom)called me Sunday to let me know my bother was in jail and he was upset because no one was in touch with him. Plez!
Anyway feel better.

21 04 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Woody…maybe the vodka did help. Ive been taking cold meds for a week, but here it is just two days after a thorough vodka regimen and I feel 100 percent better.

Philly…sort of…but maybe less sauce? and more bready, less crusty?

Dawtch…I may have to order a whole crate of them.

Noe Noe…I’ve half a mind to track down whoever her doctor is and voice my concerns.

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