Blast From the Past–Pudding Pops!

10 04 2009


Why, oh why, don’t they make Pudding Pops anymore?? They were sooooo good…smooth and creamy! And at only 90 calories a piece, they weren’t the unhealthiest snack in the world either. It was one of the few “sweets” my sister and I were allowed to have when we were kids, and I ate two or three a day.

And who could forget the commercials?




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10 04 2009
Noe Noe Girl

Oh yeah I remember those! Yummy stuff too.

Love Bill too!

10 04 2009

Oh I looooved pudding pops. They were oh so delicious. If I had them now, I’d hide them from my kids.

10 04 2009

Remember that Jello Shake-a-Pudding gimmick in the 80’s? It was powder in a plastic container, and you just added milk and shook the container, and voila– pudding. Except you had to shake it for like 10 minutes while everyone at your lunch table watched. And then you got tired because you were a fat eight-year old whose only physical activity was shaking pudding.

10 04 2009

Were you taken by a sudden craving? I hate it when products I love go away. There was a lotion I absolutely loved that Neutrogena quit making. I bought 8 tubes off eBay when I learned it was gone. (Laughed out loud at Michelle’s comments.)

12 04 2009

Oh, I remember Pudding Pops. What kid didn’t love Bill Cosby back in the day? Hee hee hubby’s favorite show was The Cosby Show and he still tries to sneak in reruns.

13 04 2009

They still make Pudding Pops! Albeit not JELL-O, but Popsicle makes them, and they are delicious. They should be at your local Walmart, in the frozen section.

Try here:

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