Let’s Purge

26 03 2009

The English language constantly evolves. One generation’s “groovy” is the next generation’s “rad” and the next generation’s “sick”. Our culture, likewise, seems to come in waves. Hippies, punks, yuppies, preps, goths, and alternatives  have all had  their day in the sun.

Thankfully, these fads seem to by cyclical…they enjoy a few years at the forefront, account for the sale of bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and touristy t-shirts, and then our culture purges them from it’s conscious.

Well, it’s time  to take a big ole Cultural Ex Lax cause there is some shit that needs to be flushed.

“-gate” This tendency to append “gate” to any scandal is over. It made sense the first go around, because the Nixon administration got into hot water for robberies at the WATERGATE hotel. But since then, a person can’t skip out on a parking meter without having a “gate” thrown at them. Wiki has a whole list of “gates” from Fajitagate to Travelgate. Unless a scandal involves an actual damned “gate”, can we  just toss this little habit in the crapper?

And how about “drinking the Kool Aid?” The reference to the 1978 mass suicides at Jonestown is clear–anyone who has “drank the Kool-Aid” is being brainwashed, led astray, or fallen under the spell of something, and the connotation is that it’s something sinister. But it’s just become so overused. People are accused of drinking the Kool-Aid of politicians, brand names, websites, diet trends, you name it. When I hear Kool Aid all I want to think about is this guy:


But this cultural c0lon cleansing isn’t over yet…oh no! One of the gossip blogs I read has, for months now, called for an end to the overused habit of going “over the moon!” People are over the moon in love, over the moon for movies, CDs, babies, dogs, shoes…you name it. Unless you’re on a damned space ship, please don’t tell us you are over the moon!


But our cultural bowels will not be clear until we also drop the “Get R Done” turd. While we are at it, let’s drop “here’s your sign”, “you might be a *insert something here*”, or anything else that has it’s origins on the Blue Collar Comedy tour. Look, those guys are funny…and their catch phrases might have been hilarious ten years ago, but “Get R Done” is DONE! Pull off the bumper stickers, toss the t-shirts, and for the love of Webster’s dictionary, don’t say it!

I know this list is nowhere near comprehensive, but getting rid of these phrases would have me over the moon! It would at least be a start on clearing up this Vocabularygate mess…and I urge each of you not to drink this cultural Kool Aid. With your help, we can get r done!




13 responses

26 03 2009
Noe Noe Girl


27 03 2009


It’s actually “Git r Done”…


Git rrrrr donnnnneee…


Sorry, I just had to do it. I’ll stop now.

27 03 2009

Yeah…Josh is right. If yer gonna blog about somethin’, ya need to git it rite.

27 03 2009
Mental P Mama

And how about: “going forward…” ? Gah

27 03 2009

So, I live in Portland, and Larry the cable guy is from just south of here in Salem.

Aint we proud!

Oregon, home of that trail thing, Nike and Larry the cable guy. (which one stands out the most?)

27 03 2009

The “gate” usage has driven me crazy for a while!

I’ve never heard the Kool Aid one?! Where have I been?

I just used “over the moon” the other day. The funny thing is I’ve never said or used it before. What’s with that?

27 03 2009

Gone missing. When did people stop disappearing and start “gone missing”?

27 03 2009

What in the world is ‘git r done’??????

One of my bosses asked to ‘touch base’ with somebody and I so wanted to vomit. Who says that anymore?

28 03 2009

“Git r Done” is a popular phrase coined by a comedian by the name of “Larry the Cable Guy”, who is a pseudo-redneck who is sort of funny at times, but roughly 99% of the time after everyone discovered who he really is, pretty much makes an ass out of himself.

28 03 2009

Thanks Josh….but I need more explanation….like what is the context of the phrase? Like, can you use it in a sentence for me? 😉 LOL (Geez, I am SUCH an English teacher!!)

Sounds like a comedian we have over here – Rodney Rude. Mega cringe-worthy.

28 03 2009

doh! i have always hated GET R DONE .. dont say it pah-lease!

29 03 2009

I use “drink the kool-aid” quite often, and only rarely does anyone know what I’m talking about…then I have to explain Jonestown, which makes the thing I’m saying someone has drunk/drinked/drank the kool-aid about REALLY silly (oh, being supportive of your boss’s decision is equal to the massacre of hundreds? wow — you have no sense of scale, man!)

30 03 2009
Big Hair Envy

I am very fond of the Kool Aid reference. Should I seek therapy???

cuteasa brought up “gone missing” – THAT sends me OVER THE MOON!!!

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