Monday Morning Mish Mash

23 03 2009


1. Someone dinged my car yesterday. I know it was yesterday because I cleaned water spots off the car before I pulled it out of the garage, and it was perfect. I made a few stops and at one of them some punk ass hit my back fender with their door. Is it really so hard to get in and out of your car without slamming your door into the car next to you? And from the height of the dent, Id say it had to be a friggin’ Hummer or something. If you insist on driving a car that doesn’t fit into a normal parking space, then do the rest of the world a favor and don’t shove yourself into a spot that only leaves 3 inches between the cars. Thankfully, my dealership does this paintless dent repair thats super cheap and pretty amazing—and it should come as a surprise to no one who knows me that the appointment to have this blemish repaired has already been made.

2. While my car was probably being dinged, I was having a sandwich at a little cafe that is a popular spot for people to bring their laptops, books, etc. and just lounge for hours. The ladies at the table next to me were obviously students of medicine or nursing because they were studying VERY LOUDLY. Now, I know they were probably immune to such talk, but really…I did NOT need a lesson on how bacterial infections occur whilst munching my chicken salad sandwich.

3. My little brother celebrated his 18th birthday this past weekend. Congratulations to dad and stepmom for ushering the last of their children into the age of majority. It’s seems like just yesterday that he was forcing us all into watching Thomas the Tank Engine, we were playing demolition derby in the hallway(how many times did I rebuild a K’nex dragster??), and he was crawling under the table at every restaurant we went to to dirty his diaper. (what the hell was it that was relaxing about being under a table??) It’s rare that a kid can get to that age without ever getting into trouble unless they are simultaneously the biggest dork in the world–but he has managed.

4. I had a wonderfully lazy weekend. I did absolutely nothing and loved it! That’s not entirely true. The Easter Bunny (AKA my outlaws) sent The Price is Right game for the Wii. And I played the hell out of that…much to my dismay, I am not very good at it,  but I did manage to win a Chevy once. It looks like something that would be a lot more fun with a group of friends than the one-player mode I was on…Wii party anyone?




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23 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. My only ding was caused by me!! I park really, really, really far away from everyone else.

2. At least they weren’t studying bowel movements or vomit.

3. Happy Birthday!

4. I’m in.

23 03 2009
Noe Noe Girl

1~ I had someone gouge my fender a while back. I hate hit and runners. Ask me if I get pissed everytime I look at it?
2~ Infections what a lovely word for any meal.
3~ Happy 18th!
4~ I’m still working on my Wii bowling score!

23 03 2009

I actually took today off and had a date with a tile saw! Hot, right? I think I need to spend some time with my Wii, now that you brought it up. I sure it misses me!

23 03 2009

Nice assortment of mish mash.

I just noticed a bad ding on my car that is up pretty high too. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for some people to get out of their car carefully.

This post made me realize I have a child who is approaching 18, now I feel old!

We have a Wii, but I’ve never played with it… The Price is Right sound pretty fun though!

23 03 2009

I love the Price Is Right Wii game! Fun for the whole family.

23 03 2009

My only ding on my current car came from a high power car wash. I got out and noticed a dark spot on the passenger door and when I touched it I realized the paint was flaking off. No actual ping, just the pressure of the water peeling the paint away. (As mentioned earlier, it’s a GM product.) Seems you have not had that car very long. Especially when it’s still in it’s infancy, you just want to smack the person who crammed in next to you. No car should be dinged while it still has it’s new car smell. Just ain’t right.

23 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Woody–if they had been, I might have given them a live specimen.

Noe Noe–ask your dealership if they do touch ups. Mine will get rid of most dings and small scratches for less than fifty bucks.

Predo–oooo! Tiling! My last go at that was a disaster that required professional intervention

imom–I watched a woman last week, hands full of bags, bump her half opened door with her hip, with zero regard to the car next to her. some people just dont care.

Alyson–I cant wait to play it with a group!

Asa–on my very first car…I blew a three foot by one foot piece of paint off the door with a car wash. Yes, this car is barely a year old. And this will be the THIRD time its been in for dent removal. Twice from rude parkers and once from a rock that hit it on the highway. Remember, Im cursed where cars are concerned.

23 03 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting someone at the hospital. I spotted a parking place but when I got close to it, I saw that it was pretty narrow. I didn’t even want to park my small Acura RDX in it so I drove around and spotted a car leaving on the other side of the little, narrow spot. I pulled into the full size one, got out, and went into the hospital. I came out about 1 hour later and I’ll be damned if some idiot hadn’t chosen to park a MEALS-ON-WHEELS size van in that narrow spot. I could barley squeeze between the vehicles and could only open my door a few inches. It really pissed me off. So, I looked in my purse and found a piece of paper and wrote a nasty note to the driver. Just as I was putting it under the windshield wiper, a well dressed lady in her mid-40’s (I’m guessing) approached the van and stood and watched me put the note on. I turned to look at her and asked her if that was her bigass vehicle. She admitted that it was and I told her that she was inconsiderate and rude as hell to park that close to my car. SHIT! I couldn’t even get in. She tried to excuse herself by saying that the car on the other side of her was parked crooked and that is the only way that she could get in the parking spot. I said, “Lady, do you always do stupid things just because others do them?” She said “no, I don’t but…..”. I didn’t even let her finish. I told her that I, also, had spotted that parking place but had more consideration for other people than to park there and block them in. I was really getting ass-kicking revved up. She must have known it, too, because she quickly got in her van and locked the door!
Looking back, I can’t believe that I was willing to get in a fist fight, hair-pulling, face slapping altercation right in the middle of a very busy hospital parking lot. I’m glad that she jumped in her van instead of being the cause for me having to go to the pokey.
Sheesh…some people are so inconsiderate!

23 03 2009


24 03 2009

They should not let people like that drive. Let them fucking walk. Seriously. People that incompetent should have their damn license taken away permanently. Take a fucking cab.

24 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Barbie….good for you for calling her out!

Jason…I know, they drive me nuts. To the shop tomorrow…it, along with my money, will be a distant memory by Thursday.

Josh…if they are that careless getting into and out of the car, can you imagine how they are on the road?

25 03 2009

lazy weekends are WONDERFULLLLLL !
i hate dingers. that’s why i always .. alwaaaaays park at the veryyyy back of the parking lot. Anywhere i go, i park furthest away .. i’d rather walk then get dinged.

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