Monday Morning Mish Mash

16 03 2009


1. I went to a bachelorette party on Satuday night. One that ended up at a country-western bar. Not my usual sort of place…every dance was a line dance and there were dead animals hanging on every wall. I’m amazed that all the patrons knew which dance to do to which song, and even more amazed that so many men can wear a belt buckle the size of a turkey platter without major bruising and chafing. At any rate, I was looking forward to riding the mechanical bull there. Let me just tell ya…you use every muscle in your body to stay on the thing. Even if, as I did, you only stay on for about three seconds. I had the distinct feeling that I looked ridiculous, but it was great fun.

2. One of the things my urologist will be testing me for is a deficiency of magnesium–apparently people who don’t have enough of that can be prone to the kidney stones that have been bothering me. I was doing some research on this over the weekend, and after reading the full host of symptoms I am almost convinced that is what my problem is. Other than the formation of kidney stones, people who are magnesium deficient suffer from: Low Energy (yep), Fatigue (I can sleep nine hours at night, and need a nap after being awake only two or three hours), Anxiousness, nervousness, and irritability (some would argue that I am VERY irritiable at times), headaches (been getting more and more of those lately), inability to sleep (I do have trouble falling asleep), and muscle tension, cramps, and spasms (my legs are ALWAYS cramped up). I really hope that is what my problem is, and taking a supplement can help…I’ve felt vaguely “bad” for way too long.

3. I caught the tale end of something on the news this morning…a gal in the midwest somewhere is suing her school district because they won’t let her wear a tuxedo to the prom. Two thoughts: after seeing some of the Miss Hootchy Line of Prom Dresses that become more popular every year…is this really where the dress code line needs to be drawn? And why did this gal seek their preapproval? Why not just show up in the tux?

4. Thanks to everyone who became a fan of my little online endeavor at Facebook. I promise two things…1.Ill get some pictures and profile info. up there soon. and 2. I won’t become a Facebook zomby who never updates the blog. If you are on Facebook, just search for Vinyl Village and add me!




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16 03 2009
Mental P Mama

I wonder what foods you get magnesium in…or do you have to take it as a supplement? very interesting, and I hope that is the case!

16 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. If you really want to see some belt buckles, you should go to a Mexican cantina sometime!!

2. Maybe I’m magnesium deficient as well.

3. I don’t remember having to get the school’s approval for my prom wear. Something is weird with that!

4. Between blogging and FB, I never get anything done!!

16 03 2009
Noe Noe Girl

Hope you get that kidney stone thing straight. Get some vitimans. I saw a show on PBS yesterday The UltraMind Solution. Check it out
You may can get the book from your local library.
Now there you have it from Dr Noe. Good Day.

16 03 2009

Note to self, you have all the magnesium deficiency symptoms (save kidney stones, but you had gall stones), check on supplements.

16 03 2009

1. Little corner redneck bars are way cool – provided you’ve been “approved.” The big, line-dance-animal-on-the-wall-500-rednecks-in-one-place variety..? Not so much.
2. Hey I suffer all that, too – maybe I should start a supplement to supplement my current supplements….
3. Just like the redneck funeral I sent you info on, this, too, is being done by my “neighbors” – less than 30 miles from home. I’m tellin’ ya – Redneck Heaven here (we have 3 of those big bars almost within crawling distance…) As for why she asked..? Ya got me! You can betcher ass I wouldn’t have – Easier to apologize than get permission I always say!
4. Hey! I resemble that Facebook Zombie remark…erm, uh….gotta go 🙂

16 03 2009
Big Hair Envy

PLEASE post a FB photo of you riding the bull……I’ll have to see it to believe it!!! ( Please, God, let him be wearing a big belt buckle!!! )

Good luck with the Magnesium Deficiency Theory. ( Did that sound too much like a lame pick-up line? )

What ever happened to those beautiful Gunne Sax dresses that we wore to prom? Oh, yeah, that was TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO! Now, they just dress like hookers. Bless their hearts.

I was thrilled to see you on FB!!! Couldn’t believe that you drank the Kool-Aid:)

16 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Hey guys…Ill find some more info. on the magnesium stuff…

I will get a picture of ME on the bull up. Just gotta download it, and you can not laugh. Well, you can. Just dont tell me you did.

16 03 2009

I had one of those horrible stones last year…They really hurt…and just this weekend I was feeling a pain in that area that reminded me of the last ones onset, so I drank a lot of beer and I feel mush better now!!…I lopok for you on Facebook.

16 03 2009

I take a magnesium supplement. It definitely helps with all the symptoms you mentioned. When I don’t take it I get muscle achy and crabby, I try very hard not to forget to take it. It also helps me stay “regular” if you know what I mean.

20 03 2009

Seriously, Vitamins can really help. And they will make you feel great as well. Plain ol’ Multi-vitamins work wonders.

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