Are You Ready For the Digital Switchover?

16 03 2009

I think that could be my grandmother! LOL!

On a serious note, why was the digital switchover pushed back?? The official answer is that too many people still weren’t ready. How the hell is that possible?? I have not seen a commercial break for the past six months that didn’t include a “Digital Switchover Notice.” If someone isn’t ready, they don’t care enough about watching TV for it to matter.

Very timely that the newspaper from back in WV would be reporting on this. They say, in as nice a terms as possible, that despite all the commercials, a small portion of the public are just dumbasses.




16 responses

16 03 2009
Noe Noe Girl

I’m waiting on my stimulas check to get new TV!
Then I’ll be ready!

Why does Uncle Sam think we are dumb asses?

16 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Noe Noe…he probably thinks we all work for him.

16 03 2009
Little Miss

I think you can thank Obama for the delay. I recall hearing him say something about he thought Americans weren’t ready. He’s the only brilliant one in the universe, apparently. Argh. More months of incessant brainwashing.

16 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

If anyone isnt ready, its because they dont want to be. Turn off their analog signal, I bet they hustle to the Wal Mart and GET ready. I don’t care if the signal comes digital, analog, or in morse code, Im just sick of the commercials.

16 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

And why is it the government’s responsibility to make sure everyone is “ready”?

16 03 2009

Hum. This is probably a dull comment but.. — As someone who worked in advertising, I actually know the “rules” and the govt. was, by our own laws, responsible to make over the air TV still be free for all. I won’t bore you. I think it got pushed out because of the ineptness of the group that was sending those converter box cards. I had to request 3 times to get mine. Never did. Then they ran out of $$. (Shocking, I know!) That said, I was not ready. I also didn’t care. I think when they were polling people, they were not asking the second part. So last week I got the new TV. I do have about 8 more channels now and there’s still not squat to watch. But I’m ready so they can cross me off the list.

16 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Asa…not dull at all…I actually wondered what the FCC regulations were. But how can it be “free for all?” I mean, the govt didnt buy people a TV in the first place.

17 03 2009

I remember hearing something about the coupons they gave out for the free boxes. They ran out of them? Not sure though. I too am sick of hearing about the switch already !!

17 03 2009

I see those boxes everywhere! How could you not know?

Having said that, most stations are already doing both analog and digital, but I would love to see my Grandpa trying to figure out how to set the “darn contraption” up!

17 03 2009

I agree. How long have we known about this? I think at least 3 years! CMON PEOPLE!!! Get with it already! Geezuz…

17 03 2009

Oh My Goddess! You think YOUR sick of hearing it..? I work for …da…da…dum…”THE CABLE COMPANY.” If I never again hear the words “digital switch” it’ll be entirely too soon *sob* I just don’t get it, it really isn’t that difficult of a concept. If you don’t have cable or satellite, (Hunny says anyone who really wants to watch tv, does – if you don’t you obviously don’t watch enuff tv to care…) go buy a little box & connect it to your tv. It’s ONE PLUG. Andfrankly, if you can’t figure out that ONE PLUG, you really don’t deserve to watch tv….
Oh and your pic..? At the top of the post..? I talk to her, her sister, her cousin, her mother and her husband/brother/father several times a day. And she’s usually mad at me. Because SHE hit a button on the remote & can’t fix it. One of my co-workers says anyone over the age of 80 shouldn’t be allowed to have both a cable box & a phone…I disagree. Her, I can handle. It’s when her great-grandkids call with the same ineptitude that gets me.
You know, just a little piece of advice to all of y’all out there – if you’re having a problem operating something..? And there’s an option to call someone for support (computer, tv, dvd player, microwave…) here are a few tips:
1. Keep in mind YOU are the one having a problem & I am the one who can help…blaming me for your f*&k up? Not a good way to garner my assistance….
2. If you had to sit on hold while all the other people who couldn’t operate their stuff get help…snivelling & whining to me when I answer is pointless. There are plenty of people taking calls – it just so happens that there are MORE people that have issues, and each rep can only help one person at a time.
3. Rudeness is NEVER acceptable when you want someone to help you. Hello, please, thank you – these are as important over the phone as they are in person, maybe more so – I can hang up on you, and you’ll hafta wait for 45 minutes again…
4. I have performed this assistance a hundred times, just TODAY. Unless I ask, please don’t tell me every little thing you encounter, I know what it’s doing, and what it’s going to do. If I am unsure, I will ask.
Hmmmmmm, sorry V V, I didn’t intend to turn this into a personal rant *grin*! I just really stopped by to say hi.

17 03 2009

V V….there are some people here (WV) that belong to the NRTA, National Rooftop Antenna Association. You’ll have to pry their antenna from their cold dead hands.

17 03 2009
sista #2

Digital switchover?? What???


17 03 2009

This video makes the whole switchover completely worth it to me!

20 03 2009

SERIOUSLY. AMEN. I am so fucking tired of hearing that shit.

And I agree with you, and the Reg-Herald (they are usually a paper that gets it right) – people are fucking stupid for not doing this already. We got ours the first month they started happening. And a year later, millions of people still haven’t gotten a clue.

I say fuck them. Switch it over.

24 03 2009

Regarding Digital Switchover – I think for some crazy reason the government is afraid if people go a few weeks without TV that the spell will be broken and they will never bother to buy a digital TV or any TV ever again.
With ‘news’ programs spewing inane blather about so called celebrities and calling it breaking news and programming execs giving us the dregs of humanity performing college initiation pranks and calling it reality TV there really is not a lot to miss – but I think I’ll wait until after March Madness to cancel my cable bill (just kidding Zack!)

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