Monday Morning Mish-Mash

2 03 2009


1. Years ago, when I was still in college, I wrote for Epinions, a user-based website that offers product reviews. It was, and still is, a site that pays users for their reviews. I still occasionally write, but when I first started out I wrote dozens of reviews and made a little chunk of money. Very little, though it was enough to declare on the ole tax return one year. At any rate, I was, way back when, declared to be an “automotive expert” on the site (and these were the days before I could afford to swap cars the way my mama swaps husbands!) One of my fellow experts has since launched a great site that serves as a real world database for automotive stats. Again, it is user driven, information provided by people who actually drive the cars. If you’re considering a new purchase, check his site out: True Delta. It’s got a ton of great information. And if you’d like to add your own car experiences there, I’m sure he would welcome new members:

2. The other day I went to my links page, specifically looking for one of my “regulars” and found she wasn’t there. I’m not that great at keeping my blogroll up to date. If you’re one of my regulars, or know that I am one of yours, and you aren’t on the Links Page, please let me know!

3. Since many of us have gotten reconnected on Facebook, there have been some mutterings about a 15 year high school reunion. I didn’t make it to my ten year one (and I can’t exactly recall why) and I understand there was light turnout. I’m all for it, I think it would be a blast. Anyone have any good reunion stories?

4. I’m embarassed to admit it, but I just loved those Real Houswives of Atlanta. I’m looking forward to Season Two…but it seems every other week one of them has been foreclosed on, evicted, or otherwise put on the streets. They might have to rename it “The Real Housewives of Some Trailer Court in Conyers” but I’ll keep myself glued to the screen anyway…I just won’t admit it to anyone.




6 responses

2 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

I am ashamed to admit that I have not been to any of my high school reunions. And, honestly, it has been because of my weight. In HS, I was a size-3 cheerleader and am embarassed beyond belief at my weight. Sad but true.

2 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Woody…Ive seen a pic or two of you, and there is no reason you shouldnt have gone. But…at the rate you’ve been going with your diet and exercise, you’ll be back to that size three in no time. Whens the next reunion?

2 03 2009
Little Miss

They couldn’t find me to invite me to my high school reunion. Didn’t help that my last name changed. Now they know where I am, thanks to Facebook and the power of the internet. It’s hard to have a reunion for us. There were only 12 in our graduating class and we were from at least 6 different countries, nearly. (It was an international school in England.)

3 03 2009

I am on your links page! But my THEME changes MORE than your mom changes boyfriends/husbands.

I probably will never go to ANY of my HS reunions…

3 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Little Miss…but if you could have one, it sounds like that would be a fantastic one! International travel and all

Josh…ah ha ah ha ha ha!! good one! Why not on the reunions though?

4 03 2009
Noe Noe Girl

I have never been to any of my HS reunions but it’s because I have no desire to. Am I unsocial?

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