Live Blogging A Snow Day!

2 03 2009

6:30 AM: Awake at normal workday time. Look outside to see streets are completely covered. Go back to sleep.

8:30 AM: wake  up again, feeling refreshed. Attempt to phone office. No one else has gone to work either.

9:00 AM: make coffee. Turn on the TV to see that, of course, all local programming has been preempted for coverage of the 4 inch blizzard.

9:15 AM: Attempt to contact the lab that is supposed to do bloodwork on me today as part of my kidney stone diagnostics test. When they don’t answer, I worry that the 24 hour urine collection I did over the weekend was all for naught.

9:30 AM: Realize that the collection was, indeed, for naught, when I find the instructions for said collection while trying to locate the main lab’s phone number. I did not start and stop the collection at prescribed times, and had inadvertantly left out the “urine preservative.”

9:32 AM: Flush gallon of improperly collected urine down the toilet.

9:35 AM: Make several phone calls to spread the joy of a snow day. Phone starts to die.

9:45 AM: Sit down to finish my Monday morning blog entry.

9:47 AM: Power goes out.

9:48 AM: I call the honey, who is stranded in the middle of America to inform of power outage. Phone beeps its warning that battery life is nearing the end.

9:49 AM: I have no house charger for the phone…so have to take the car out of the garage to plug phone into car charger.

9:50 AM: Realize I have no idea how to open the garage when the power is out.

9:51 AM: Honey walks me through manual operation of the garage door. Phone gets charged.

9:52 AM: I notice all the boxwoods and the myrtle tree are bent into oblivion by the weight of snow and ice. Retrieve the only snow removal tool I own, an old broom, from the garage, and knock snow off to save landscaper the trouble of replacing a bunch of squashed bushes.

10:00 AM: Realize that the computerized thermostats put the heat on 58 degrees on weekdays, and that very soon I will be freezing to death since the house was already cold before the power went off.

10:10 AM: Ponder whether I should read a book or clean the house. Opt to clean a little, since this is where dust comes to breed.

10:15 AM: have a second cup of coffee and thank the heavens that I made the pot before the power went out.

10: 20 AM: Power comes back on!!

11:03 AM: Decide that dust imparts a certain lived-in charm to a home and give up my Swiffer to watch The Price is Right

11:31 AM: Organize photo files and finally upload photos that have been on camera since last summer.

11:42 AM: Bolstered by the feeling of accomplishment from organizing photos, decide once again to tackle cleaning

12:20 PM: Tire of cleaning once more. Turn to the internet to investigate prices for a cleaning lady. Check bank balance and realize a cleaning lady is a bad idea. Check 401K balance and realize that I will probably spend my golden years AS a cleaning lady.

12:25 PM: Take Little Miss’s suggestion and drive around the Vinyl Village for pictures of snowmen.



12:26 PM: Get into discussion with friend about the sad state of the economy and whether or not our government is helping the situation.

12:50 Finish cleaning. Wonder how, exactly, I’m supposed to dump out the “stuff” from the vacuum cleaner.

12:59 PM: reset all the clocks that started flashing during this morning’s power outage.

1:04 PM: Honey’s flight is now delayed 3.5 hours, leaving six minutes for the connection. Resolve that I may be home alone another night.

1:20 PM: Decide to try the microwave healthy choice pasta meal I bought with coupon.

1:23 PM: Burn hand on hot container of aforementioned pasta. Drop container, spilling starchy water all over freshly cleaned cooktop and floor.

1:25 PM: Enjoy surprisingly tasty microwave pasta lunch.

1:30 PM: Realize I have a 2:00 appt. to have the car serviced. Call to reschedule for a day when the free car wash that comes with service can actually be worthwhile.

2:10 PM: boredom is setting in. I find myself watching a  soap opera and wonder how anyone who acts so badly can find stable employment. The arched eyebrow is much overused in daytime TV.

2:22 PM: Decide I can clean the inside of the car, which needs it badly.

2:25 PM: Silently curse the decision to get a car with an ivory interior.

2:27 PM: wonder what, exactly, the Golden Boy had on his hands two weeks ago when he was playing with my nav screen.

2:45 PM: Interior of car is clean!


2:55 PM: Honey has, predictably, missed the connecting flight.

3:09 PM: Check email to find that previous email to office has been answered by one of two brave souls who staggered in this afternoon. Files to work on are attached to email. 😦

3:23 PM: Walk into guest room. See flashing clock. Forgot how many damned clocks there are in this house. Begin working on files emailed from the office.

3:38 PM: see that the temps are supposed to be in the teens tonight. Suspect that all the melting snow will turn to ice and I might have a snow delay tomorrow.

3:42 PM: decide I need something sweet and to get out of the house for a moment. Leave in search of ice cream or other goody.

4:19 PM: return from grocery store with fresh glazed donuts. Receive call from friends inviting me over to see the tree that fell on their house.

4:46 PM: I realize that perhaps I trade cars too often when my dealership adds me as a friend on Facebook.

4:53 PM: Get the mail. Delighted to see there is nothing that requires a check be sent in response.

5:30 PM: Realize I have not had a shower yet today and am still wearing the hideous mock turtleneck that I slept in. (Hey, don’t knock it–its warm and cozy!) Head off to shower and change.

6:13 PM: Donut snack puts stomach into sugar shock–forcing me to decline invitation for pizza night. Head over to see tree that fell on friend’s house.

7:12 PM: Return home, happy to report that tree damage at friend’s house is minimal. Furious to discover that Wheel of Fortune has been knocked off the schedule for the night so that an infomercial for children with leprosy can be shown.

7:44 PM: Have bowl of cereal for dinner.

7:52 PM: Wipe off counters. Knock bottle of medicine into the sink in the process. Top pops off, pills scatter into sink, water instantly starts disolving all but two or three that stayed in the bottle. Send the mushy mess down the drain and pray kidney stone pain doesn’t come back full force before doc can refill ’em.

7:59 PM: Set up coffee maker to brew pot for the morning. Set another damned clock. Can’t figure out how to reset the autobrew timer. Search kitchen for instruction manual, to  no avail.

8:04 PM: search internet for coffee pot instructions.

8:10 PM: heap praise on Cuisinart for putting their manuals online. Coffee making done!

8:45 PM: Honey is finally on a plane. But it has a mechanical issue, and the flight is delayed another hour.

8:50 PM: watching something on HGTV and I just want to jump through the screen and shove a can of paint up the client’s whiny, indecisive bitch ass.

9:13 Have an inexplicable desire to buy a PedEgg. Wonder if its worth driving to Wal mart…

9:18: decide it is not worth it to go to Wal Mart but it is worth it to go to Rite Aid.

9:28 PM: arrive at Rite Aid to see a handmade sign that reads “We have closed early to allow our employees time to get home safely.” Curse aloud. Employees can slide off the road like anyone else–I need my PedEgg.

9:34 PM: arrive at Wal Mart. Wearing socks with sandals and a ratty fleece, I figure I will fit right in. Old lady wearing house slippers is mopping up a bottle of body wash in the cosmetics department. She informs me they are out of PedEggs.

9:48 PM: arrive at Walgreens. Cute and helpful salesgirl shows me to the PedEggs and can’t help getting in a comment on my choice of footwear.

10:10 PM: try out new PedEgg. Results are disgusting.


10:50 PM: Make a hot cup of tea and get back into PJ’s

11:05 PM: Night Night!





26 responses

2 03 2009
Mental P Mama

You’ve got the snow day down to a science. But be informed it will soon be time for a cocktail.

2 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

I thought I had a monopoly on dust!!

2 03 2009

This is so funny. We got three inches of snow during the night and my island closed the schools. That’s crazy. We live in New England. They also shut down all boats leaving the island making me feel somewhat claustrophobic.

Enjoy the price is right!! I’m watching one of those court shows. I don’t even know the judge’s name.

2 03 2009
Little Miss

The only problem with working from home for me is I don’t get snow days. I still have to work since my office is right here. Even if the power goes out – which it never does – I can work on battery or paper. Dang it. Well, I still wouldn’t trade it for the commute.

Enjoy the snow day. Nothing like it, that’s for sure. Is building a snowman in the plans? If so, we want to see pictures.

2 03 2009

I had to come back and check on you. This is hilarious..I hope you get more snow soon.

2 03 2009

I can’t tell if it’s still snowing here or if the snow is just blowing.

2 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

Wow – you held out a long time. I was wondering how long it would take for the munchies to set in!!

2 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

It’s really easy to forget that you haven’t showered or even changed out of your pjs. Welcome to my world!

2 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

But turn down pizza? That is a total snow day No-NO!!

2 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

I fear I havent made the most of the snowday…no cocktails. No pizza.

Little Miss…I cant decide if working from home would be good for me or not. Sometimes I get more done in an hour of working at home than I can get done in a half a day at the office. Other times, there are just way too many distractions here.

Joan–I was hoping to catch Judge Judy at some point today, but I missed her.

2 03 2009

hah . . wow .. what a day you had!
i liked reading it, very detailed account of your snow day.
but did you ever pee?

2 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Red…no! Im so traumatized from having to pee, needlessly, in a jug yesterday that Ive just held it all day.

2 03 2009
Serendipitous Girl

Okay, it needs to snow EVERY DAY where you are. I love this post and can totally relate! I was stuck inside for almost two weeks in December and just ABOUT DIED. I almost chipped my car (that I had to leave at the bottom of the hill after sliding down it) out with an ice scraper the size of a credit card just to have something to do.

But side note … you KNOW why they call them MOCK turtlenecks, don’t you?

3 03 2009

Thanks for such a great day. I really enjoyed hanging out with you. If you had decided to have cocktails and pizza I might have actually shown up. What a girl will do for pizza.

3 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

S-Girl…I know I know…Im not even sure where it came from…its one of those mystery items that just shows up in my wardrobe.

Joan–Next time: pizza and cocktails for sure!

3 03 2009

VV….I’m tired just reading that. I have a Ped Egg, too. I find the “foot dust” disgusting yet fascinating. I think I might start saving it just to see how much “foot dust” I can collect between now and Christmas. Then, I will give it to TPSkipper for payback on all the weird things that she has given me.

3 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

TPB…I had just gone over my feet with my old file three days earlier! I was absolutely disgusted that so much came off.

3 03 2009

You really have no life. 😀

3 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Josh…it does sound pretty sad doesnt it?? But it was an awesome day overall.

4 03 2009

VV…got that pee collected and turned in for testing yet? Hurry, there might be a pop pee quiz! (Testing =quiz, ya, I know pretty lame!)

4 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

No, I had to call and get them to send me a new testing kit. I lied and told them the cleaning lady threw the old one away by accident. LOL! I wasnt about to admit I was too dumb to read the directions.

4 03 2009
Noe Noe Girl

What a day! Try going 2 days with no power!

4 03 2009

Hmmmm…sounds like a fun day? I guess. Can’t be any worse than me trying to organize my CD collection in one afternoon…

4 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Noe Noe…I would go nuts! I was having panic attacks in the 40 minutes my power was out.

Alan–if your CD collection is as large as I imagine, one day is ambitious!

5 03 2009

Great snow day post! Very entertaining. My husband files his feet, but I make him go outside, otherwise that gross foot dust gets on everything. He needs a PedEgg.

6 03 2009

Ooh, ooh! I SO want a Ped Egg but over here you can only get em through mail order!

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