It’s Snowing!!!

1 03 2009

I’ve spent all winter in search of snow. Of course, I rarely see more than a dusting…I’m just a bit too far south to get a real snow storm. But that doesn’t stop me from doing my snow dance if the weatherman hints that a flurry is possible. The week before I went to Chicago, they got like 10 inches of snow piled on top of 8 inches they had a few days before. When I got there? Sixty degrees. Same thing with my trip to West Virginia, they got a ton just before I arrived, and when I was there, it was so warm I was taking my coat off as we stood in line to snowtube. (Fake snow at the tubing park does NOT count.)

With March upon us, it looked like my hopes to see snow this winter were dashed. But, take a look at this:


About three inches of the biggest flakes I have ever seen in my life, and it’s still coming down! The last time it snowed in March here it was 1980.

And do you know what happens in the south if snow is hinted at?


Ok, it wasn’t quite THAT bad, but it was bad. You’d have thought the end of the world was nigh. I always do my grocery shopping on Sunday, and it was a madhouse today as the frightened southerners rushed to get their bread, milk, and cigarettes ahead of the storm. Already the local news are reporting over 300 closings. I can guarantee that by morning, that list will be over 1,000!

But I am in heaven! I just love a snowstorm.




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1 03 2009

I’m in the mid-almost-north. We scoff at snow. Are those hundreds of white styrofoam lining the tops of the freezer cases in that grocery store picture? I’m wondering because we also scoff at those. : )

That’s a very pretty picture.

1 03 2009

If you make a snow angel, I want photo’s!!!!!!! Stay warm, and enjoy the beauty of nature!

By the way, do you have long underwear?

1 03 2009
Little Miss

Ah, snow. I’m so glad it’s there, not here. Although, it was appearing on the weather forecast for Thursday, but the dude just now changed his story. I’m glad. I’m so done with winter. Ugh. Just stay away from yellow snow, mkay?

1 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

I do, too! It just started snowing here in Greensboro about an hour ago and we already have a nice coating on the ground.

I’m just a big kid if you give me snow. Or an amusement park. Or a waterpark. Or…maybe I’m just a big kid!!

1 03 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Asa–good eye! Those are indeed the crappy styrofoam coolers Ive never understood.

Predo–It rained for the prior three days, so I think it would be more like a mud angel…no long undies, but I have spent the day in flannel PJs.

Little Miss—this is the first wintry precipitation we have had all year!! Send me yours anytime you are tired of it.

Woody–Me too on all of those things! How far are you from Carowinds now? It will be good weather for checking it out in a month or two…

2 03 2009


Cigarettes are a must.

..Especially in a snow storm.

2 03 2009

I love snow storms. I’ve seen my fair share of them living in New England. I always look forward to a good storm. I’m happy you got to enjoy some snow.

2 03 2009
Heather P.

Well, I am still waiting for it to snow here in KY! We were supposed to get like eight inches of the white stuff but nothing yet.
Oh and I saw the first Robin of spring today, I hope he’s not dead because it’s now 21 degrees! Good times!

2 03 2009

stay warm!

2 03 2009

I think you’ve got some stalkers on here. LOL

You’re really a southern boy nowadays…taking pictures of snow…cute.

2 03 2009
Noe Noe Girl

We got snow- the 3-5 inches turned to 10-12 and the whole area is at a stand still. Thank goodness I dont smoke anymore but I may go into DT’s!

2 03 2009
The Incredible Woody

Had to Google Carowinds – we are about an hour or so from Charlotte. But probably just going to be here for another month:(

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