An HOA Officer No More!

26 02 2009


Last night marked the end of my third term as a member of my homeowner’s board.


I wrote about my tenure in another post –it hasn’t been a bad position to have, but after three years, I was more than ready to pass the torch. I’d advised the board I wouldn’t seek re-election and even convinced a neighbor to take my place. But still, I was feeling a little melancholy about the decision as I entered the meeting place last night. That is, until the residents started opening their mouths…

One lady suggested some ways the board might better communicate with the members. She meant well, and offered solutons rather than just shouting problems. But another lady chimed in that we were AWFUL at conveying meetings, projects, and other information…and pointed out that she hadn’t even known that our annual meeting was being held until her neighbor told her.

Board member: “Didn’t you see the signs posted at each entrance since last week?”

Lady: “Well, I’m usually on the phone with my employees as soon as I pull out of my driveway, so I didn’t even notice them.”

Board member: “It was also in your annual dues statement, along with proxies.”

Lady: “Yeah, but I got that almost two months ago!” (guess she has never heard of “marking her calendar”)

Board member: “If you’re on the email list, you also got two email reminders.”

Lady: “Yeah, I’ve never signed up on the website.”

So, signs, letters, and emails aren’t enough? I’m not sure what more she expected, but I imagine it would be cost prohibitive to have a plane circle the neighborhood with a banner. I’m thinking the old flaming bag of dog shit, clearly marked with the time and date of meetings, of course, is the best way to inform folks like her.

And with that conversation, I knew I had made the right decision.




14 responses

26 02 2009
The Incredible Woody

Definitely the right decision!! Now go toast your retirement…

26 02 2009
Mental P Mama

I think I know her.

26 02 2009
Noe Noe Girl

An insured, overnight embossed personal handwritten invitation with return reciept requested would have been nice!

26 02 2009

Maybe you could get one of those “time-date” stamps. Simply knock on doors, and when they answer say “we are having an HOA meeting!” and step up, then stamp them right on the forehead!

Or, you could go with the flaming bag idea as well, that would probably work (if they read the bottom of their shoe!)!

Or, you could put a sticky note on her defibrillator!

26 02 2009

I like the stamping on forehead idea.

I think you should enlist the help of to make your retirement memorable to her.

26 02 2009

holy poo finder Batman! I had to go look and poopsenders actually exists. And reasonably priced I might add.

I would never be on our board. Aside from really not having the time right now I can’t stand people who gripe without offering any solutions. I think that when you accept any position like that, they come out of the woodwork. You’ve done your job. Now it’s time for cruise control.

26 02 2009

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I feel so much better for you.

27 02 2009

Me too. I feel so much better for you too. Have a very HAPPY WEEKEND!

27 02 2009

Good decision to get the hell out of dodge. You are a better person than I am. I would of told her to fuck off bitch. That is just me.


27 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

I can not believe there is a service that will really send poop…

27 02 2009
Big Hair Envy

As I’ve told you before, THAT’S why we ditched the subdivision and headed to the country. My closest neighbor is over 1/2 mile away:) Funny, I actually ENJOY seeing my neighbors now!

28 02 2009

Country is better.

Why use – next time you take a sh*t, bag it, pack it, and send it! 🙂

Not that I’ve ever did that before.

But I wouldn’t advise doing it – the Post Office apparently cares what your package smells like.

28 02 2009
The Incredible Woody

The website is

28 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

I’d love to live in the middle of nowhere…

Woody…thanks! I made one to send to my friend!

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