Coming Soon To a Dirty Book Store Near You: Octopussy?

25 02 2009


Baby dispenser Nadya Suleman has received a job offer that seems to be a perfect match for her skill set. Since she has significant experience in A. withdrawing sperm, B. whoring herself out for the cameras, and C. using her reproductive bits to try to make a living for herself, the $1 million offer she has to star in a porno film is no doubt one that’s making her stretch marks quiver with excitement! Vivid entertainment has also hinted that, were Nadya to become a contract player with them (i.e. they think the idea of multiple movies starring her is a good idea…ick) they could even provide health insurance for her and her brood of test tube babies. (No word if their health plan covers fertility treatments.)

The Los Angeles NBC affiliate, perhaps summed it up best: “In case anyone was thinking that someone with that many children wouldn’t make a good porn star, keep in mind her numerous kids were all fathered through artificial insemination and delivered through C-section. We’re just saying.”




11 responses

25 02 2009
Big Hair Envy


I’m just sayin’….

25 02 2009
The Incredible Woody

Speaking of seeing someone naked – she might just look better in the dark too!!

25 02 2009
Noe Noe Girl

I’m just not sayin’….

25 02 2009
that chick | from bk

i posted about this. have you seen what she looked like preggers? total alien invasion. totally gross.

25 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Woody….I guaran-damn-tee she looks better in the dark.

that chick…thanks for droppin’ by! Yes, I saw the picture you’re talking about. FREAKY!

25 02 2009
Mental P Mama


25 02 2009
Heather P.

Love the picture of the wax lips! So fitting!

25 02 2009

Ohhhh BOY!

“baby dispenser”

Good one.

26 02 2009

I’m totally speechless. Rarity for me.

26 02 2009


28 02 2009

Disgusting. Please don’t induce a chain reaction of vomiting. I wouldn’t be able to hold it back.

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