Monday Morning Mish Mash

23 02 2009


1. Is there any better feeling than waking up in the middle of the night, rolling over, and seeing that you still have SIX hours til the alarm goes off?? I normally have the opposite happen…roll over to see there are only ten minutes before I have to get up…but the other night, I woke from a deep sleep with that feeling that it MUST be time to get up…only to be delighted to see it was only 12:30! Have I ever mentioned how much I love to sleep?

2. At the awards ceremony I was at the other week, the emcee introduced someone as “Sarah Johnson Johnson” . He then followed it with a joke about how Sarah had liked her maiden name so much she had set out to find a man with the same common name so she wouldn’t  have to change it. Later, I heard him call her “Sarah Johnson Johnson” again, and I thought he was either stumbling over his words or making too much of a not-very-funny joke. Imagine my surprise when I  came across Mrs. Johnson’s name in the news a few days later and she actually goes by Sarah Johnson Johnson. What the hell?? (Name changed to protect the completely idiotic).

3. Well, the Oscars are over for another year. I’ve always wanted to throw the mother of all Oscar parties. Complete with a red carpet, fancy clothes, and for everyone in attendance to make their “picks” beforehand. Someday….someday. And, speaking of the Oscars, I was in the home of an academy member last Friday. Unfortunately, he had already jetted off to something Oscar related,  so I couldn’t get an inside scoop on the winners. BUT, I did spot a  specially encrypted “screener” DVD at the house. I had no idea what the hell that was, and I doubt you do either. So I googled it up HERE. It keeps those academy folks honest, I suppose.

4. My internet wasn’t working the other night. And after exhausting the extent of my technology knowledge (i.e.: I rebooted everything and it still didn’t work) I called my provider. The recording advised me that they were “experiencing UNUSUALLY high call volume.” Give me a break! It says that every single time I’ve ever called them. Don’t insult me by pretending it’s unusual! Change that recording to say “Even after shipping all of our call center jobs to India, we still don’t have enough staff to handle the ORDINARY CALL VOLUME.” and at least I will respect the honesty.




9 responses

23 02 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. I’m all about my sleep and it really pisses me off when I have trouble sleeping. Trouble last night=pissy today!

2. I went to school with Cindy Carter who married a Carter now she’s Cindy Carter Carter. Makes her monogramming easy!

3. Ooo – can I come??

4. Yet another thing that pisses me off…..

23 02 2009
Noe Noe Girl

I cant even comment on anything after reading #4 ~ that pisses me off too and all the more so cause I work here!
Is there anything I can do to help?

23 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Noe Noe…my DSL just randomly cuts in and out for no apparent reason? Any clue what the issue might be?

Woody…does Cindy actually use both Carters??

23 02 2009
Big Hair Envy

Is it even possible to get enough sleep?

I’ll expect an invite when you throw that Oscar Bash:) I have a FABULOUS dress…hope I can still squeeze into it:/

23 02 2009

I too love it when I wake up and still have hours to go! Love it!

I hate the phone call “automated lines” as well. If they could at least put real people on to gossip with us, even if they know nothing of our problem we could talk about things! (in english)

23 02 2009

I tried to get the fine folks at eBay to tell me where their center was located one night and it turned out to be an industry secrete. I hate it even more when you get to a person and they are not able to understand the concept of what you are explaining. Speaking English and being able to understand a concept in English are two different things.

23 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Big Hair–its not for me. I can sleep ten hours at night and still take an afternoon nap.

Predo–I’ve been known to set my clock on the weekends just so I can have the joy of doing what I WANT to do Mon-Fri–turn the damn thing off and go back to sleep!

Asa–now that’s the truth. I particularly hate the off-shore tech support. Someone I can barely understand telling me how to do something Ive never done on machines I dont understand either? Its a recipe for disaster. I wish those automated things just had an option “PRESS ONE TO JUST SEND A REPAIRMAN TO YOUR HOUSE”

24 02 2009

Cindy Carter Carter….wow. When will people learn to quit hyphenating their last names.

On Sleep – I have trouble FALLING asleep – but once I’m asleep, you’re lucky to even wake me up anywhere within the range of 12 hours. Even after a 12 hour sleep, I can still take a nap.

24 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Josh, Im the same way. Well, at night anyway. I can fall asleep for a nap at the drop of a hat. But sometimes I toss and turn for hours at night.

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