A New Honor

19 02 2009

“This award acknowledges the values that every Blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write. Awards like this have been created with the intention of promoting community among Bloggers. It’s a great way to show appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.”


Snooty Primadonna received this award, and in turn has bestowed it upon The Vinyl Village. As always, I am very honored, even if I’m not sure that “EACH MESSAGE” I write here fits the criteria! If you don’t “know” Snooty, I’d suggest you check out her blog. Whether she is recalling her time in Aspen, or as a boarding school brat, or just sharing a delicious recipe, she will entertain and inform you.

Now, I believe that the rules call for me to give this to 15 others. As you might know, I never follow the rules, but here are some blogs I think worthy of both this award, and of you checking them out:

Worst Damn Blog –Josh is practically my parent’s neighbor, so he knows the curves, neighborhoods, and places of my childhood. He’s been a reminder to me of what a small world we really live in, and he’s got a great blog too. (with a work-in-progress CUSTOM theme. Which impresses the heck out of someone who knows nothing about building a website)

Looking over my favorite blogs, I realize I am drawn, by and large, to a certain type of blog: one that mixes current events, entertainment news, and general knowledge in with personal stories that allow me to “know” the writer and relate to their points of view. Ones that might have a touching story about the writer’s family right next to an opinion piece on a popular TV show or a new album. Ones with variety and personality. And I think the following bloggers do that very well:

The Girl From The Ghetto

Tall Tales From a Short Chick

A Round World Through Square Glasses

Since part of the award is recognizing those who promote community among bloggers, I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention MJ at Note to Self. She has always stood out in my mind as someone who is excellent at that!  My friends The Incredible Woody and Big Hair Envy, through their consistent commenting, are also excellent at building community among the blog community.

And finally, I am presenting this award to someone who isn’t a blogger at all yet, but who I think SHOULD be. Cuteasasa, a consistently witty commenter here and at other blogs, is free–no, encouraged–to make this award the very first entry at a brand new blog. Hint Hint!




9 responses

19 02 2009
Big Hair Envy

((blushing)) You are too kind. Congrats on your award…I’m not sure that I’m worthy:/

Have I ever told you how much I LUV my bloggy friends??? You were one of the first…:)

19 02 2009
Noe Noe Girl

Way to go on the award dude! I love coming here. Always interesting and intertaining! I just never know what to expect!

Thank You for your kindness~ I will try to live up to the honors!

19 02 2009

Excellent choices my friend. You have chosen wisely & I don’t give a flip-flop if you don’t follow the rules. When I posted, it was actually the first time I I did follow the rules. Gotta keep changing things up, right? Sorry… been talking to my daughter again. It’s hard to switch back & forth between worlds.

By the way, the world of blogging would be a lesser place without your presence. I’m addicted to your wit & humor. Thanks for being you. Okay, enough of the brown nosing… I mean groveling… whatever. I’ve said it before. You’re a old soul for being such a youngster.

Maybe one day I’ll take a writing class & learn how to really write. Then you better watch out. hehehe

20 02 2009

Why Thank You, VV!!!

I feel very honored!

20 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

You’re all quite welcome!

Liz…you’re a great writer, what’s this talk of needing classes??

21 02 2009

Thanks man! Appreciate it! Dunno where I’ll put it but…its nice anyways! LOL

22 02 2009

Wait, did I just win my first ever blog award? I’m totally excited as hell … I don’t have my speech prepared … lol. Thanks for the hsout out, I enjoy your blog just as well.

22 02 2009

shout out

23 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Alan…you’re welcome!

Girl…you dont mean to say you’ve never won an award???

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