Is This Real Life?

3 02 2009

I think this kid would have had a blast with my mom on Christmas!

And with lines like “Why can’t I touch it?”Now I have two fingers! Four fingers!” and “Why is this happening to me?”  it reminds me of many a drunken night in my own life.

(via dlisted)




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3 02 2009
The Incredible Woody

Man, that kid is SO going to kill his Dad one day!

3 02 2009

Oh, the pay back I would give if this was done to me!!!!! Wow!

Mental Note – Obtain signed, legal documentation to never allow camera’s in this kind of event in the future!

3 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

I know…there’s a bit of an ethical dilemma…do I laugh my ass off or do I shake my head in pity that the dads first reactions was to grab a camera? I think I shall laugh my ass off.

3 02 2009
Serendipitous Girl

Um, I’m pretty sure this is the reason a “Just Say YES” campaign needs to begin immediately. Kids on DRUGS? HILARIOUS!! I had to watch it twice and laughed even harder the second time.

3 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

S-Girl. I know…whats so damned funny is that I can picture almost any of my grown adult friends acting exactly the same way if drunk.

3 02 2009

LMFAO! This is really funny in a sick (parent) sort of way. I know I’ve been drunk way worse than this. However, it was never very funny, but this is! Even though I wanted to find my hands & couldn’t. Even though my head was very much like a fishing line with a bobber on it. Hilarious? Yes. Irreverent? Hell Yes! A Dad after my very own heart!

3 02 2009

i laughed. i cried. But yeah. i was wondering about the dad. Not so much about filming his son, but his taking it to a whole other level by posting it on youtube.


The best part for me was when little high-ness asked if it was going to last forever. Am i the devil because i laughed?

3 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Liz and C…

Ive decided that the kid was gonna be high anyway, so ole dad might as well have given us all a chuckle.

4 02 2009

Bloody hilarious. I don’t know how the dad wasn’t pissing himself laughing the whole time. Posting on You tube – morally dubious… steady due to non-laughter? Freaking weird 😉

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