Monday Morning Mish Mash

2 02 2009

1. A few of you have wondered how the no-smoking is going. Well, I’m pleased to report I  haven’t had so much as a puff in four weeks now…and really no desire to have one in that time. So I guess that means (for everyone but Marlboro) that it’s going well.

2. It isn’t often that I get to share with you a talent (*snicker*) so rare as what follows, but I really think this guy has what it takes (if not to be a dancer, then at least to be a much-forwarded internet sensation…LOL!):

Tony the Dance Machine is, well, a dance machine who performs in my area. I’ve never had the honor of seeing his act live, but some friends report that he was a dancing fool at a beach party over the weekend. According to his personal website: “When I dance, I forget everything around me. I only feel the music and my body starts moving by itself. I become a part of the song. I merge with the music. Then I draw the client in and make them come alive. I promise you an experience that you’ll never forget. Trust me, I love what I do.”  And if you’d like to see more of what it is he does, CLICK HERE.  (I am not responsible if the laughter that follows leads your family, friends, or coworkers into thinking you are a bit touched–but I do encourage you to forward Tony to anyone in your inbox who needs a laugh)

3. So last night was the Super Bowl. If I were to write down everything I know about football, there would still be enough room for a fortune and today’s lucky numbers on it. But, I was rooting for Pittsburgh–it’s the closest pro team to where I grew up. And not only that, but their police department very kindly didn’t arrest me once when I drove a big Lexus through a tunnel that was clearly marked for bus and trolley traffic only. Even with my pathetic knowledge of football, I managed to get a little excited over that 100 yard thingy that they did.

4. I usually watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, and while none of them stuck out as particularly good this year, one did stand out as completely stupid, The Pepsi MacGruber one.




10 responses

2 02 2009
Noe Noe Girl

I am proud of you VV~4 weeks is awesome~ keep up the good work!

2 02 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. Congrats on your progress!!
2. I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld. And when I drink, I think I’m really good!
3. Yeah, I don’t do football either. However, I will go to games or football parties for the alcohol!
4. I watched the Puppy Bowl instead.

2 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Noe Noe–thanks! Its not been too bad, and I dont think Ive been any bitchier than usual.

Woody–I am the same way! I think I am awesome once I get a few drinks in me. (But, unlike our friend Tony, I sober up before I put up a website and pimp myself out for parties). I wish Id watched the puppy bowl. That little beagle was so cute!

2 02 2009
Little Miss

Good job with the not smoking! Yay. Your lungs and those around you thank you.

The Pepsi Magruber one was totally stupid. The Doritos one with the snow globe and the free Doritos at work day was hilarious. I laughed my butt off.

I was voting for Arizona. I am tired of Pittsburgh, but for once the refs called the plays right when they were playing, even if that 100 yard thingy did Arizona in. There was an earlier call that went against Pittsburgh and Mike Holmgren said “Oh NOW they call it right.” (Not sure he really said that, but the other announcer said he did. LOL.) Not that I’m still resentful at the Steelers and Refs or anything….

2 02 2009

Congrats on not smoking! I know it is not easy, but you can stick with it!

Please, under no circumstances allow Tony or Macgruber to come anywhere near one of my parties! Although, that Tony can do a mean cartwheel! Makes me want to run upstairs and put on some tights right now!!!

2 02 2009
Big Hair Envy

I was SO disappointed with the Superbowl commercials last night:( Is the economy so bad that we aren’t even entitled to a good laugh once in a while???

Tony? LMAO!!! He sure has skillz….

2 02 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Little miss…I didnt catch the Doritos one last night, but everyone has been talking about it today–I’ve gotta find it on youtube.

Predo–thanks! Are you sure you dont want Tony at your next shindig?? I mean, I think you should make sure your homeowner’s policy would cover anything that might get broken–but I guarantee your guests would talk about it for years to come.

Big Hair–I thought maybe I was just in a humorless mood–cause I was let down too.

2 02 2009

So you have added years to your life by letting go of the cigs. Wonderful!!!! But did you have to take years from my life by tempting me to click on Tony’s website? (oh, I just looked at my mail calendar. Maybe I wasn’t actually watching that for years….)

2 02 2009

I actually laughed out loud at the one with the moose butt on the guys desk. And the one where “you know you hate your job when…”. Guess the job search .com’s have more time to be creative now that EVERYONE is looking for work!

3 02 2009

1. Congrats on the stopping smoking! You have just accomplished the equal to kicking heroin.

2. Yeah, that Dancing Machine Fella is *out there*. I mean reeeeeally out there.

3. What 100-yard thingy? Did I miss something?

4. Yes. It was like a reeeally stoopid Wayne & Garth commercial… only not funny. What a waste of obvious talent.


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