Monday Morning Mish Mash

26 01 2009


1. Has anyone ever tried any of the traffic-generating sites? I signed up for Blog Explosion the same week I started this blog, along with a few others. While there are some things about it I don’t like, it has remained a good way to find other bloggers, and is a site full of distractions that also bring people to you.

2. I had no plans at all for the weekend, and yet it turned out to be quite busy. Friday night, grabbed dinner with friends and decided to go have A DRINK. Well one turned into, I don’t know, seven. Next thing I know, I’m getting home at 3:30 AM.

3. I went to Asheville, NC for dinner and a movie Saturday. There’s an awesome movie theatre there that shows artsy sorts of films that are always wonderful but rarely have what it takes to be commercially successful. We saw the Oscar-nominated movie “Milk”, which was easily one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Sean Penn gave the best performance of his career. Go see it if you have a chance.

4. On Sunday, I attended the annual RV and Boat show. It was overwhelming. Who knew there were so many options for boats and campers? I was shocked to see that most of the campers were, to put it nicely, tacky as hell. I thought for $140,000 you’d get something tasteful, but apparently you have to spend several million on a coach built Prevost (what most celebs use as their tour bus). I’ve never seen so much polyester upholstery, and tacky “gimmicks” in my life. (A holographic “fireplace” in one, a peel and stick looking grandfather clock in another!)

I did however, fall in love with a Sea Ray yacht that could be had for the price of the average McMansion (pictured above).  I was amazed at how well they use every inch of available space. The boat was full of cozy(or claustrophobic) little “spaces” that seemed perfect for curling up with a good book on the open waters. Ahhh…maybe one day.




9 responses

26 01 2009

Okay, a peel and stick grandfather clock?! What the…? I’d love to have an RV someday, but I’ll pass on the holographic fireplace and the grandfather clock peel and stick!

I really need to see Milk. I love to watch Sean Penn act.

26 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

imom–actually, the hologram fireplace must have been the hot item this year. There were a bunch of them! And here’s a pic of the grandfather clock: (basically it looked like a wall clock with some trim stuck around it.

26 01 2009

Okay, I’ll take one customized Prevost and one Sea Ray yacht. What? Your’re not buying? Oh. Nevermind…

You did have a busy weekend. I need to go rest after reading about it all.

26 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Liz–I wish I could. I couldnt afford a fishing dinghy and a pop up camper.

26 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

We went to a boatshow “once”~ still have that boat!

26 01 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. What? There are traffic generating sites?
2. At least you made it home!!
3. Sounds like a great time!
4. Every time we go looking (because I REALLY want one), I always wonder who picks out that god awful fabric for the sofas and curtains!!!

26 01 2009

Now who said you could post a picture of my boat? Well okay, my boat is a little smaller and spends time with me in the tub, but same concept!!!!

Ah, to dream!

27 01 2009
Twenty Four At Heart

I think I’ll have to settle for my walks on the beach …

27 01 2009

When you get that yacht, will you please invite me for the weekend? Then we can have a DRINK.

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