Search Term Saturdays

24 01 2009

Many of the unusual search terms that bring folks here, while bizarre, clearly come from someone seeking information. But the ones this week…not so much. I scratch my head as to what these folks thought the interwebs might have held for these conundrums:

“Why is there a turd floating in the pool?”

Really? You had to get online for an answer to this? It’s because someone took a dump in it. And it’s floating because someone with a high fiber diet left it behind, and thankfully, they didn’t have corn last night.

“oh no he’s butt sexing me oh no”

Like RIGHT NOW as you are searching? You must not mind it much or you wouldn’t have dragged yourself over to the computer. Just tell him to stop. Or relax and try to enjoy it. What do you want the internet to offer you here?

“how to make your room like abercrombie”

OK this one might actually have wanted some information. So, I’ll try to help. First, take some of their cologne/perfume/body spray, whatever it is…and by “some” I mean three or four gallons. Pour it all over your carpets, your mattress, your draperies. You should be able to smell your room from the next neighborhood. Then, cover your room with wrinkled clothes. Then, find a couple of super-hotties to stand outside your door in their underwear and look disinterested.




15 responses

24 01 2009

Are you serious? People really did searches for those? I am so out of the loop evidently.

I mean, I didn’t know Abercrombie had a *look* other than clothes that look like they’ve been worn by someone else for a looong time before you bought them.

I’m a bit hung over today after a night on the town. So, I’m going back to bed as soon as I do a search on butt sexing, lol….

I had a hangover too…I used to NEVER get them. But I had one too many (ok, three too many) Friday night and I STILL dont feel 100 percent. and I have always thought abercrombies stuff looked like rags. How do you know when its worn out when you buy it with holes in it already?

24 01 2009

People are so strange! Your responses are fun and entertaining. You hit the mark on “how to make your room look like abercrombie”. Great Search Term Saturday!
I get some too weird for me to even talk about…
glad you enjoy them!

24 01 2009
Little Miss

Gross on the first two. That’s all I have to say about that. Spot on about Abercrombie. Gawd. They marinate their stuff in fragrance. Gives me a headache walking past that store. You made me laugh out loud though.
You can smell it halfway through the mall…I really am surprised that the malls dont have some sort of bylaw forbidding such obnoxious air pollution

24 01 2009
Serendipitous Girl

For #3 add: Play your music loud enough to make people who are in their early 30’s (namely, SSG) wonder when she GOT SO OLD because what is THAT NOISE and CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN SONNY? YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE YOUR HEARING LISTENING TO THAT NONSENSE.

You are so right. You can feel and smell an abercrombie long before you ever get there.

24 01 2009
Queen of Planet Hotflash

Turds, Butt sex and abercrombie quite the combination. wonder if Mr. or Ms. butt sex was typing while in process? lmao.. Geeezzz my hormones are flyin.

thats what I wondered too! Maybe it was some sort of a live sex webcam show going on and she accidentally typed something into google instead of her webcam window

24 01 2009

Maybe the questions are all from the same person, only backwards! Think about it. The abercrombie room led to the second question, which shamelessly led to the third question. WTF? No disrespect, but I have concerns for today’s society! Eack!
LOL! you and me both…

24 01 2009

Well I always thought turds floated when you had too much fat in your diet! !!

maybe thats it…anyone want to do an experiment and let us know? Tom, I need to get back into the trivia tournament. I gave up when I was making due with an old laptop because I couldnt scroll at a good speed

24 01 2009

You so crack me up! I especially loved the Abercrombie part! Well, and the butt sex.
glad to make ya laugh!

24 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

=) as always!
Can you find out~ why do women spend their precious Saturdays cleaning the fucking house!

I dont know why a woman would do that. But there has got to be a drug for it.

25 01 2009

Search Term Saturdays are my favorite!


25 01 2009
The Incredible Woody

I got one last week for “girl get waterski enema”

Im thinking a Fleet one would probably be less invasive…

25 01 2009

LOL @ Woody

Suzi, do you have a way to tell what search terms bring folks to your sites?

25 01 2009
Mental P Mama

…And blast horribly loud music. Then you have the Ambercombie thing going on. Like totally.

I couldnt tell you the last time I even went into one…

25 01 2009

Yes I do and we get some weird ones too, but I think yours if funnier.
We track ours with a couple different programs. My favorite being

26 01 2009

Holy moly! I remember that one of your very first post was about the turd-a-floating in the pool! LMAO Believe me…..once you write a post about anything and tag it….you will forever be branded with those tags.
I’m still getting a bazillion “poontang” searches every day.

Loved your answers and “helpful info”!

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