Monday Morning Mish Mash

19 01 2009


1. This morning’s mash may be a bit scant, as I was entertaining guests all weekend and haven’t had much of an opportunity to gather my thoughts. The out-laws were in town, and thankfully, as I predicted, provided nothing blog-worthy.

2. I went to another car show this weekend, and walked away thinking the same thing I tend to think anytime the Big 3’s offerings are next to their foreign competitors: “It’s no damned wonder they are going bankrupt.” With a handful of exceptions, American cars are a boring lot of crap with cheap plastic interiors and uncomfortable seats. I was, however, delighted to see that new and upcoming models from GM and Ford seem to be stepping it up a notch. Chrysler, however, seems intent on building those generic anycars that show up, badgeless, in credit union commercials.

3. I am not a cook. It’s really not that I can’t. Generally, anything I try to make turns out well. It’s that I lack the experience, patience, and know-how to make it a pleasant process. Bonnie and Clyde flew in around dinner time on Friday, and had said they’d probably rather just eat at home that night. So I decided to make a great recipe we had sampled at Publix a few weeks ago–individual cheese-stuffed Italian meatloaves with some parsley and garlic red-skinned potatoes and mixed veggies. Plus a nice salad with citrus-shallot dressing. It all turned out great, but took at least twice as long as the recipe said it would take and I must have dirtied every mixing bowl, spoon, measuring device, and small appliance in the kitchen. Not to mention that by the time I bought all the ingredients, it would have been cheaper to just eat out.

4. It may snow here tonight. Now, I don’t know if you know what happens when it snows this far south. But the people go nuts. They have no idea how to drive in it. There are very few plows to clear it, and no salt for the roads. So the town shuts down. Schools, offices, church services–all closed. The grocery stores run out of milk and bread. (Why in hell do people run out for milk and bread? What are they gonna do–subsist on milk sandwiches til the snow melts? I’m going to stock up on vodka and chocolate.) The hardware stores will run out of generators. And the local news will pre-empt every show for updates on the “Arctic Weather”.

5. I need a vanity plate idea. The powers that be at the DMV have decided to give us all a new standard-issue plate and I don’t like it. So I need some ideas for a customized (the custom ones here are on a different background). Many years ago, I had my initials on a plate. When I switched from having a car in my parent’s name to one in my own, I had to surrender that plate, and before I could get it back, it was snatched up by a septic-tank pumping service with the same initials. So, any clever ideas?

6. I still owe a few folks interview questions. No worries-they are coming!




23 responses

19 01 2009
Mental P Mama

How about VVillage for your plate?

19 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

VV Tales or Quip It for the vanity plate. Is this a contest??

19 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

check here for some ideas on a plate

19 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Mental P and Noe Noe–I dont think I want anything blog related because then Id have to explain the meaning to people I dont want to know about the blog. (Noe Noe–your Saturday post reminded me of my need to decide this matter)

19 01 2009
Little Miss

#2 – I really love my little Kia Sorento. Cheaper than a Toyota or a Honda, more interior room, better all around. Compared it to a Saturn too. Um, no comparison. But have you noticed the newest Saturn SUV looks eerily similar to the Kia? I call my Kia a baby Lexus. And unfortunately, I would never buy an American car. They just suck. After my experience with a new (rental) Cavalier in the mid 80s, I swore off American cars. Sorry.

#4 – I thought you lived in the southeast? Your description sounds precisely like the Pacific Northwest. Sheesh! Although we’ve been getting more snow in recent years that you’d think the powers that be would step it up some in preparation.

#5 – I’ll put my creative powers to work. If you don’t want it blog-related, how about give us some clues about what is important to you? Some categories? As in, what you do for a living? Philosophy? You could always just go with something like “VROOM”. Unless you drive a Mazda, in which case you might want “ZUMZUM”

19 01 2009

#4-I live in KY and have seen the milk and bread phenom first hand. Never get between a hillbilly and white bread-you may get hurt.

19 01 2009

1. Bonnie & Clyde being unworthy of blog fodder can’t be a bad thing, right?

2. We quit buying American cars years ago, even though we still have the trusty Suburban. Hubby keeps saying he’s going to get rid of it. Yeah right.

3. It takes years of cooking to reduce the amount of mess. I swear it took 10 years just to teach hubby to clean up after me. And not while I’m still in the kitchen cooking…

4. The same thing happens here in West Texas because these flatlanders don’t have a clue as to how to maneuver their cars on 1/16 of an inch of snow. So, everything just shuts down.



19 01 2009

glad to see you survived the inlaws!
yes, the snow we got last night is coming your way . .. hopefully you wont get too much. sorry 😐

19 01 2009

Plate Idea: IR2 CAD or MEB CAD HA8 CAD LUV CAD – kinda work related. LOL

My personal favorite though is IR2 BAD

19 01 2009

How about just VINYL? Or maybe IM2HOT4U. Or maybe 15INCHS?

19 01 2009
Big Hair Envy

Thank GOD I went to the grocery store yesterday. They started saying the “s” word on the news tonight, and I KNOW there won’t be any bread or milk left in three counties!!! I’d be content to NEVER see snow again:/

Don’t get vanity plates…..just keep ’em guessing:)

19 01 2009
sista #2

15 inches Jason????

I will personally deliver a plate if you show me 15 inches. 🙂


19 01 2009

I too am from KY and you can forget getting bread or milk if there is so much as a flurry. It’s crazy.

I know a guy with vanity plates who is a septic installer/pumper, so I have to ask, where do you live?

20 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Well the snow storm missed me. So, no laying in bed all day and watching soaps. 😦

To the vanity plate questions: I can have up to seven numbers or letters. In SC the vanity plates all say at the top “Nothing Could be Finer” (have a ball with that!). I do architecture/design and its going on my white Honda coupe. When I had an S2000 I was going to get “NMBS2k” which was a perfectly clever Harry Potter reference that went with the car.

15 inches? Im afraid I could be accused of false advertising. LOL!

Alyson, thanks for stoppin by! The septic pumper that stole my plates was when I still lived in WV.

20 01 2009

VV…about all that cooking, all I gotta say is…”BAM!” Where did you learn to cook. From your dad? That meal sounded delicious!!!!!

Vanity plate? Hmmm…..I’ll have to think about that.

Also, I am giving some thoughts to the interview questions so don’t think that I am ignoring them. I was going to do them this morning but got caught up in the hoopla of the prez inauguration. Giving careful thought to stories about you when you were a kid. Now, I remember plenty involving your mom. I still LMAO when I think about some of them. Actually, they would make a great blog post. Hmmmm……..

20 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

TPB—go for it! Id love to hear them! And Im sure everyone else would too. I just followed a recipe. It was pretty good…

20 01 2009

7 letters cool.


20 01 2009


20 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

oooo good ones suzi! Keep em comin!

20 01 2009

CME4PLA (see me for play)
MVNFAST (Moving fast)
CRZWTME (cruise with me)
HDN4HME (heading for home)
LEVENHL (leaving hell)
NE14PLA (anyone for play)
HAVENFN (having fun) 🙂

21 01 2009

Love the Harry Potter reference!

21 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Suzi…good food for thought!


22 01 2009

VV, I totally agree with you when it comes to cooking. I actually like cooking, but it takes so long and dirties EVERYTHING….the cooking, I don’t mind. It’s the dishes afterward.

As for people and driving in bad weather. People here in WV STILL don’t know how to handle it. You’d think, since we have 4 seasons — one of those which is WINTER, people would handle it well. But, noooo. I still have to contend with these idiots and there juvenile driving skills. When there is snow/ice on the ground, or heavy rain involved you are supposed to go SLOWER. Not faster! So, I agree with you. It’s quite humourous, but here, at the same time as being funny…it pisses me off just a little bit.

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