Search Term Saturdays

17 01 2009

This Saturday’s post is devoted to the penis. No part of the male body gets more attention. Billions are spent to keep it hard. Probably billions more spent to make it bigger. And, according to my search terms, billions of people spend too much time on the internt looking for it. So here we have it, a random spattering of penis-related search terms:

“sex and the city “man parts””

First of all…if you’re such a prude that you have to refer to a guy’s junk as his “man parts” I have to question why you are searching for them. But who am I to judge. CLICK HERE to see what you were looking for. (Don’t click that around the kids, folks)

“cough so hard penis hurts”

I have had asthma. Bronchitis. Pneumonia. Allergies. Strep throat. You name it. And NEVER have I coughed so  hard it hurt my penis. Son, you shoulda gotten to a doctor weeks ago. Now that you’ve let it get this bad, there’s probably no option but amputation.

“woke up with penis pain”

Are there bruises or marks? Did you go to bed alone last night? The little feller isn’t indestrucible, you know…and some of those positions you see in movies or on the interwebs just aren’t possible without straining SOMETHING. Do you recall having a really good dream and suddenly rolling over onto your stomach? You coulda bent it a little. What kind of clothes do you sleep in? There’s nothing worse than getting it twisted in the hem of a pair of underwear as you toss and turn. See, you really ought to seek out a reason for the pain before you run off to the doctor and embarass yourself. If it keeps up though, best to see your MD.

“15 inch penis”

ummm…why? Morbid curiosity? I doubt such a thing exists in the human race. There are, of course, those who think bigger is better–but if this searcher is one of those I would urge them to go to their junk drawer, take out a measuring tape, and see that 15 inches from any orifice is deep into vital organ territory. I’ve heard it said that there is a fine line between “ooo” and “aaah” but I’m real damn certain that the line between “aaah” and stitches is crossed a long time before you get to 15 inches.

Of course, maybe the person who searched for a 15 incher should hook up with the person who wandered here by searching for:

“shrink penis” 

Well, I’ve never heard of a guy wanting to shrink his penis. Have you tried ice? A cool shower? Looking at naked pictures of Rosie O’Donnell? I guess a good question is why you’d want to. Is it creating an embarassing lump in your trousers? Try baggier pants. Is it floppin’ around when you workout? Invest in supportive undergarments. Do the other guys have a laugh in the locker room? They’re jealous. Screw ’em. Is it uncomfortable for your sexual partners? Get ’em drunk first. Or go down to the naughty shop and get an industrial grade lubricant.  And if none of that works, let me introduce you to Lorena:





9 responses

17 01 2009
Mental P Mama

I have a friend who actually sprained his…we never learned the true story.

17 01 2009

They must have been looking for information on Jason Stackhouse, one of the characters in ‘True Blood’. That boy is always getting his tallywhacker in trouble.

Hilarious post! This might actually be one the hubby will like, lol.

17 01 2009
The Incredible Woody

I once broke up with a boyfriend over penis size. I caught a glimpse of what he was packin’ and knew eventually he was going to want to, well,..want to. Scared the hell out of me – there was no way I was getting near that monster!

17 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

As much as I love you~I wont be dicking around with any of this!

17 01 2009

“The Big Penis Book” Hardcover (teeheeeheeheee) $59.99. I, of course, was actually searching for “The Big Pencil Book” (reminiscing about those ones we used in kindygarden). Simply a typo sent me down this road to learn this is a real book. The surprise part to me was that it’s 384 pages. Now I do not claim to be all that experienced in life but I was mightly impressed they needed that many pages for this subject.

18 01 2009

Did you know that this is my favorite subject?

The ending of this post was perfect.

18 01 2009

Heh. I’m being a third-grader today… You said pe-nis!!!!!! LOL!

19 01 2009

doh! 15 inches . . . . no thank you ..
i dont like the word “penis” … cock is good.

19 01 2009

Nice Post — Very Funny…

Speaking of the friend who got his penis spraigned — I have a friend who caught is balls on fire because he was trying to get a tick off of it. Very strange story, and the guy is even stranger…

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