Quip of the Week

16 01 2009

I think all of us can relate to this Quip of the Week. There are few places more unpleasant to be than the hospital. The bodily functions, the hapless staff tied to, often, impractical protocols meant to cover the hospital’s ass, and not since freshman year in college have you been assigned such a mismatch of  a roommate.

But Predo proves humor can be found in even the most unpleasant of circumstances:




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16 01 2009

Ah, memories! I don’t wish a visit to the hospital upon anyone, but if you have to go, like all things in life, look for the funny stuff. It keeps you in the right frame of mind!!!

Thanks for the highlight! Now I am off to the frozen tundra! I hope to find humor there as well!!!!!

16 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

I love me some Predo! What a funny guy!

16 01 2009

OMG!! I’m so happy that you visited my blog! I have very few readers other than my family and it truly makes my day to find out that someone else has enjoyed what I’ve written.

I’m planning on writing a post explaining who my cast of characters are so that if you would like to continue reading, or if you go back and read my archives, you will know who everyone is.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It made my day!

I enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to being able to catch up on your archives.

 Tami

16 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Tami–and thank YOU for visiting mine! You were cracking me up this morning!

16 01 2009
The Incredible Woody

Too funny!!

16 01 2009
Big Hair Envy

Predo & Jimmy always make me laugh!!!!!

You forgot to mention that SMELL that seems to be in every hospital in the U.S.. Do they mop the floors with urine? Just askin’!

16 01 2009

I had to do the Thorazine Shuffle after both of my C-Sections. I love this quip! I suppose I could refer to it as the Demerol Shuffle for the first and maybe Spinal Block Rock for the second one. I kinda liked the Demerol Shuffle myself.

Sorry, but I may have to steal this & use it in the very near future, in The Real World.

I’m still thinking about questions but I have a bunch of loads of laundry to do. I do my best thinking when I’m folding laundry…

16 01 2009

Oh, I know! I loved this post. Every single one of those things they said in the hospital could have been a quip of the week.

16 01 2009
Serendipitous Girl

Awww my favorite boys! Let me just say, if you’re going to be in a hospital room, those two and Chels are the people to be in one with. They really need to take their act on the road!

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