Monday Morning Mish Mash

12 01 2009

Lottery balls

1. I finally got the inside Christmas decorations down on Saturday. I know, I know, they should have been down weeks ago. I didn’t realize how long it would take to wrap all those damned ornaments. I think next year I’ll just put up a Festivus pole. And of course, getting all that down turned into an all-out house cleaning which consumed most of Sunday. I swear, this place was spotless just before Christmas, I don’t understand where all the dust comes from!

2. My outlaws are coming! It’s the honey’s birthday this week, so Bonnie and Clyde are flying in on Friday. (how’s that for a fake name for my outlaws? ha!) There should be nothing blogworthy about their trip unless some waitress tries to put one over on Bonnie and pass off mahi mahi as halibut.

3. I was talking to someone recently and said that if I won the lottery I would retire immediately. “You’d die of boredom!” they said, “What would you do all day?” Well, last Friday I had just that sort of day. I slept til almost 11. Got up, had a lazy breakfast while watching The Price is Right, had a ninety minute massage (it was a gift–I’m too cheap to indulge myself like that), did some shopping, went to the gym, had dinner with friends, listened to some great live music at a local coffee shop, then had a few drinks. And NOT ONCE was I bored. So I stick by my earlier statement–if I win the lottery, there better be an application for AARP stapled to the back of that big ole check.

4. I don’t think I went to the gym at all between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had no time, no energy, and basically saw no point. So, imagine my surprise when I got on the scale and was actually a few pounds lighter than I was in the fall! But why is it that you can get out of shape so quickly, but getting back into shape takes FOREVER. A little one month break and I suddenly can’t do as many reps and after a pretty light workout felt as if I’d been hit by a car the next day?

5. I’ve long thought there are way too many reality shows on TV. On my drive in this morning, I was thinking of all the job-related ones there are, and I was  hard pressed to come up with a career that didn’t have a TV show related. Of course, there are countless reality shows for decorators, builders, and real estate professionals. But there are also ones for hairdressers, dog groomers, cake decorators, wedding dress sales clerks, doctors, dog catchers, parking ticket issuers, and tow truck drivers. About the only profession I could think of that doesn’t have a reality show (someone will surely jump in here to correct me) is teachers–and I think that could be pretty damned interesting.

6. Someone was asking me  how the Chantix was working. Not as quickly as the first time, oddly enough, but I no longer have any physical want of a smoke and have gone days at a stretch without one. No really strange dreams this time.




27 responses

12 01 2009
The Incredible Woody

1. I know!! I cleaned this place 6 months ago and it’s dirty again!!
2. Happy Birthday, Honey!
3. I could find a whole lotta nothing to do to alleviate the boredom.
4. Fat is lighter than muscle! That’s what I keep telling myself since I have worked out for about 6 weeks with NO weight loss. Muscle weighs more. Muscle weighs more. I’ve decided that I must be one HUGE lump of muscle!
5. You forgot about the reality show called The Principle’s Office!! No reality show on irrigation installation and I must say it is very exciting!
6. I’m kinda sad that there hasn’t been any dreams!

12 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Woody, so what you’re telling me is that I lost weight because I got fatter?? I haven’t heard of the Principle’s office…see, I knew I had to be wrong. There may not be one on irrigation installation per se…but there are plenty of landscaping shows that often show an irrigation system being installed.
And Im kinda sad about the dreams too…

12 01 2009
Mental P Mama

Good for you on the smoking! Your interview will be coming in a little while;)

12 01 2009

1. Yup, my house was spotless before Christmas & is a total train wreck now. I’m still trying to get Christmas put away but I’m cleaning out decorations this year, so it may take a while. (parting is such sweet sorrow)
2. Bonnie & Clyde as your out-laws… just too funny! Happy Birthday to your honey!
3. I could never be bored with retirement. I just want a chance to prove that!
4. I think we’re all hurting from exercise (and the lack of it during the holidays) right now. I’m sure I must have a muscle somewhere that doesn’t hurt. I’m still searching for it.
5. I just want to know when they are going to have one for *Empty Nesters*. I think that would be fun. As long as the kids moving back home aren’t involved.
6. Bravo with your success so far with the Chantix. Mr. Snoots is still considering his options I guess. Quit or Death? Quit or Death? Not much of an option in my opinion. I wonder if you can die from nicotine stains on your hands after cleaning the house of a smoker. If so, then I’m in deep shit.

12 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Mental P–lookin forward to it!

Liz–that is a good idea! Pitch it to TLC! As for the nicotine…I doubt it, though I’ve been told by a nurse that even smoke lingering on clothes is bad–so parents who smoke outside away from their children still are exposing them. (I have my doubts on that–and a friend of mine has pledged to smoke outside in the nude if it’s true, so I hope it isn’t)

12 01 2009

I swear if that were true, we’d all be dead, right? When I was growing up my parents & grandparents all smoked. Maybe I’ll tell hubby he has to smoke outside in the nude, lol. Nah! He’d probably come & slaughter me in my sleep. Or in his sleep. On Chantix, lol.

12 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Has he tried Chantix?
Yeah…Im fairly certain that my mom smoked while she was pregnant with me. I can recall people smoking at the mall, in hospitals, etc. And nobody then was allergic to damned peanuts or any of the 100s of other things everyone seems to have now. I think a light protective coating of tar on the lungs may be underrated by current medical professionals.

12 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

1. No feeding those little dust bunnies!

2. Christmas lights on Valentines Day…how sweet!

3. You gotta love Bonnie and Clyde…if only to celebrate Honey’s birthday!

4. I’m still waiting for my winning lottery ticket…then I will buy my own gym with trainer and not have to worry about falling off my diet wagon!

5. That may make for a good show…me falling off the diet wagon!!

6. Sorry about the dreams…I missed mine when they were gone…But BRAVO to you!…I’m getting close to my 2 year mark of freedom!

12 01 2009

Confirmation…yes, she did smoke while she was pregnent with you.

Chantix made me feel out of control not to mention the really disturbing dreams. Oh yeah, and the getting up in the middle of the night zombie style

I ordered me one of those fancy electric ciggies. Haven’t received it yet. I’ll let ya know how it works.

12 01 2009

I’m ready to celebrate Festivus myself. I really despise the commericialism of Christmas.

12 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Noe Noe Girl–dangit, I could have just bought a few heart ornaments and put it off for another month and a half! (ane Bonnie and Clyde are great–no inlaw horror stories from me! knock on wood…)

TPB–I had great dreams last time. This time, I just cant fall asleep at all and my legs are restless…

Heather–me too. Nothing says love and holiday spirit like going into debt to buy things you can’t afford.

12 01 2009

I wouldn’t be bored either.

People who would be bored under those circumstances need a hobby or three!

12 01 2009

If I won the lottery, I would continue to work until I started to really hate my job or until someone tried to order me around. Then I could be all, “Screw you! I QUIT!”

That would be awesome.

ha ha! Yes, yes it would

12 01 2009
Serendipitous Girl

Oh wait, you take your Christmas decorations DOWN? SSG is rethinking her home decor …

(Interview questions are in your e-mail.)

In some areas it’s acceptable…no, expected to leave them up until the first leaves of spring.

12 01 2009

I don’t easily get bored when I’m off work either. Sounds like you had a great day!

It was pretty close to perfect

12 01 2009
Big Hair Envy

We just took our Christmas decorations down last night. (The Hillbilly PO-leese didn’t catch us this year.) What an ordeal! It took longer than usual because I tried to consolidate the ornaments – do you think that eleven large storage boxes of ornaments for a small 6′ tree is overkill??

I am totally with Bonnie. DON’T mess with my fish! Birthday wishes for the honey!!

Go back to work if I won the lottery? Bwahahahaha! Yeah. Right. BRING ON THE BOREDOM!

The older I get, the harder it is to get back into shape once I’ve been away from the gym. If I could win the lottery and retire, I wouldn’t have lag time from the gym. I’d be tuff and buff:) As in – Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2 arms.

I’m fairly confident that there are no reality shows that feature land surveyors. The profession is dying out, and I think a good reality show could help revive interest in the second-oldest profession!!

Too bad about your dreams. I’m sure they would have made for incredible blog fodder. Don’t give up hope:)

12 01 2009

My decorations have been down since right after the new year. My house is still dirty from our heater problem. Good thing is I don’t have to clean it,,,insurance company is paying for proffessionals to come in and take over. I’m getting my spring cleaning done in January.
I must tell them that there is soot all over my window.
I hate doing windows.


12 01 2009

Speaking of winning the lottery, check out these 2 winners from opposite ends of the spectrum!

I was a 48-year-old virgin until I won Lotto

Congrats on your smoking cessation. You should use your cig savings toward lotto tickets…

Lets hope the virgin uses some of that money to get his face fixed…

12 01 2009

#3) I have a bit of a phobia about strangers touching me. That includes having a dentist in my mouth and up in my face. (But I go, just happy pill accompanied.) So really? A 90 minute massage? 90 minutes of a stranger touching your __well, yes, younger more attractive body__ but still, 9-0 minutes? No way. Don’t even want that from my love. I don’t even want sex to last that long. And let me tell you, where my sweetie is concerned, that may be my finest selling point.

12 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Cuteasasa–there’s somethind detached about it, though you are far from alone in feeling that way. And lemme tell ya…90 minutes goes by so quick you would swear it was 5. And if sex isn’t the same way…your sweetie must not be doin’ it right. 🙂 (you crack me up! you should have a blog!)

12 01 2009

Wow, that was a lot! I wish you the best with the outlaws and the smoking. Now about that Lottery thing. I was under the impression that if you won, you would gift it all to me? Where did I go wrong?

12 01 2009

Show about teachers would be HELL funny. But just not in my classroom. I just wonder how long it would take the kids to settle down and stop behaving for the cameras so you could see their REAL personalities. (I think the show would never happen – too much legal stuff, minors etc)

The Show Brat Camp is good to show you what the lil buggers can be like these days and this is one of the most accurate potrayals I have seen, at least of an Aussie school. And bloody hilarious.

I am with MJ on the lottery – it’d be so much easier to work knowing you could quit anytime.

13 01 2009
Cool Breeze

Ah, the smoking. It is certainly the one thing that I need to stop doing, yet have no desire right now. I told my mother about my check-up yesterday and she asked me if the doctor checked my lungs.

14 01 2009

If I won the lottery I’d go on vacation….forever!!

14 01 2009

About time you got those lights down! Did you dust while listening to Britney Spears??? I am NEVER gonna let you live THAT one down…

Glad to hear you are breaking your smoking habit. Smoking sucks. And the weight loss thing? Well…dunno how you managed that. Must have been all the aerobic workouts you were doing while you were dusting and listening to Britney…

(I HATE that song….)

14 01 2009

P.S. If you won the lottery, YOU could just become a Britney SUPERFAN and follow her everywhere! Imagine the fun you could have…shaving your head and tagging along with the Britney fan club! Good times…


19 01 2009

My dad was on Chantix — made him crazy. Oh, wait. He’s a loon anyway. My mom tried to get me to take some of it so I can quit — I say, no way. 🙂

If I won the lottery, I would quit my current job and then I would get a job — and then wait until the boss did something I didn’t like — and then start going crazy and just walk out. I’ve always wanted to do that. I don’t know what my logic entails, really.

I’m a neat freak, I clean our house once a week. And I mean, deep clean. Pull couches out, vacuum behind them and around them. All that good stuff.

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