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6 01 2009


This week’s honor goes to none other than Trailer Park Barbie! The post that contains the quip of the week is a long one, but absolutely worth it. If you aren’t dying laughing the whole way through, there is something wrong with you.

Me….”Why won’t you have a phone?”

Now, it gets good.

Lacie….”Mine has been cut off because I couldn’t pay my bill. And, this one belongs to “whathisname” and it’s going to be turned off on Monday”.

Me….”Why haven’t ya’ll paid your bills?”

Lacie…”Because we were at WalMart and we were looking at rings and he bought one with his phone money! I said, ‘but, but, but, …what about your phone’? And he said, “I don’t need a phone. I need you. I need your love.” …..




24 responses

6 01 2009
sista #2

What a sweet couple.

Wonder if she ate him on the honeymoon?


6 01 2009

VV…..How did you manage to get that wedding photo? You just don’t know how close that pic is to the real thing. LMAO

sista #2….not all at once. She’s saving him for really, really hard times. Like when she doesn’t get her gov. checks/food stamps on time.

6 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

The perfect couple for sure~
I peed in my pants again!

6 01 2009
The Incredible Woody

That picture is just wrong on so many levels!

6 01 2009
The Rev.



You know it’s true love when he sacrifices his phone money!

6 01 2009

Guess he is on top


6 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Sista2–the thought of her eating him is somewhat less disturbing than the reverse…

Barbie–well, it was printed in the Social Register of course!

Noe Noe–am I gonna have to get you a Depend?

Woody–isn’t it?

The Rev.–that’s always been my measure of someone getting serious…

Philly–Gawd I hope…

6 01 2009
Big Hair Envy

Yikes! I guess she dragged him out from under the bridge for the ceremony.

Is that a tablecloth around her shoulders? I just love a gal who makes the MOST of what she has:)

FYI – TPB’s link isn’t working….

6 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

I dont know where else you could find lace in that size….

(and fixed, I hope!, thanks!)

6 01 2009
Noe Noe Girl

Plez come join the bd club!
Or just give me the date.
It wont be the same w/o U!

6 01 2009

It is weird cos those pics did the rounds ages ago and we all had a laugh. And god knows why (probably punishing me) I thought about them just recently, and how cruel people were. I mean, I had a giggle too – i ain’t no saint, but under it I felt bad that ppl were having a laugh at them when they are trying to make do with the ‘gifts’ god gave them, and have their own special day.

We can’t ALL be beautiful, talented and educated like myself. Modesty optional 😉

6 01 2009

The best part is that he got her the ring at Wal-Mart. . .

6 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Noe Noe Girl…as soon as I can get my wireless router working, Im on my way!

GYL…I know…a guy who made the rounds a few years ago recently killed himself and it dawned on me then that all these people that get circulated are REAL. I’m gonna tell myself that these two are some sort of staged joke. Just to feel better about laughing at them.

Jason…I didn’t even know they sold jewelry…

6 01 2009
Queen of Planet Hotflash

I can’t say a damn thing. They have to be related to my MIL because there can’t be that many deformed chromosones in the human population. I truely do not think my Hubby is that woman’s natural child.
I know what Trailer Park Barbie is going through you have to laugh because of the total ignorance of it all.

6 01 2009
Serendipitous Girl


Do you think if NFKACN sees me in my prison maiden outfit, he’ll buy me that there ring from the Walmarts? A girl can dream … fingers crossed!

7 01 2009

Heh. I remember this one. AWESOME.

7 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Queen…it coulda been a story about your inlaws!!

S-Girl…keep that dream alive!

MJ–but there’s an update!

7 01 2009
sista #2

I came back to read the responses again. I pee myself each time.


7 01 2009

I feel a little better after reading GYL’s response. Yea, the whole silly circus effect is funny but my honest to goodness first thought was “how cool that they found each other.” I mean really, consider the odds. “Typical” people go through life alone every day and these two folks who, let’s face it, aren’t quite “typical” found each other. I hope they are living life happily ever after somewhere.

Then the evil side of me laughed out loud at your comment to Sista2. I mean really VV…put an image like that out there and the snicker just has to be let loose. Can your quip be quip of the week?

9 01 2009

Well… they say there is someone for everyone, however scary it may be.

On another note… thank you for your supportive response about my troll. It seems the crazies are out in full force during the full moon cycle. Think I’ll just stay home…

9 01 2009

Oh, TPB is such a fun blogger. She makes me laugh. BYW that picture looks like Ruby … do you ever see adds for her show, its on TLC.

And, what is the dollhouse for? A gift for a niece, or a creepy past time to lure little girls? I am just kidding … sometimes my sarcasm escapes out of my fingers without my permission …

10 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Sista–I swear, sometimes the comments are the best part of a blog.

Cuteasasa–you’ve got the kindest heart! Im still gonna tell myself this was a setup photo so I dont feel bad. My own quip cant be quip of the week…but when you start your blog (hint hint) you can steal it. 🙂

Liz–anytime! I forgot about the full moon…if theres truth to its effects on people it might explain the mood Ive been in the past few days.

Girl–NO, but now I have to look her up! On TLC? Im shocked I havent seen it then…Im gonna put the dollhouse in the back of a van with a sign that says “Free Puppies” 😉 JK…the plan is to give it to my new niece…though Ive built several just for fun and then figured out what to do with them later.

16 01 2009

all i can think of when i see this pictures is that old nursery rhyme…

jack sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.
and so betwixt them both, you see
they licked the platter clean.

and now i can’t stop giggling!

seriously…can’t stop….

6 05 2011

You people are a bunch of assholes. They are real people, and it was a real wedding, and the chick is in the middle of legal issues over people stealing these images.

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