Who Knew THEY Were Twins?

31 12 2008

Charles Manson, famed serial killer:


and Joaquin Phoenix, who is looking a  hot mess lately (what is HE thinking?):





10 responses

31 12 2008

Okay, can I just say that got the full 10 point rating on the sphincter pucker scale! OUCH! I have nothing else to say except, excuse me while I check to see if I pulled a muscle.

31 12 2008
The Incredible Woody

Did you see the “goodbye” pic of Joaquin? He was so messed up that he wrote it on his fingers to say “Bye! Good” Seems like he is heading down the path of his ill-fated brother. Sad.

31 12 2008
Little Miss

Scary. Yikes.

31 12 2008
Mental P Mama

I just sent my daughter that picture. I sure hope he doesn’t end up like his brother River.

31 12 2008

Oh jeebus . .
He IS a hot mess! yikes.

1 01 2009

He used to be hot, so clean, so attractive. And now?

2 01 2009

I suspect Joaquin’s way past the “thinking” phase of things. The resemblance is scary.

2 01 2009

Oh, I do hope he is just preparing for a role in a movie. Maybe he is going to play Charlie.

I’m sure his brothers death had a huge effect on him. After seeing what happened to River you would think he would stay away from drugs.

4 01 2009

Oh, hell no you didn’t. I was just enjoying him today in Clay Pigeons. now you wrecked my sex dream tonight for me. Thanks Vinyl, lol!!! He is a hot mess. Well done!

19 01 2009

Damn. Where is Norelco when you need it? Jeez. I have to agree with everyone else — he looks like he is going down the wrong path. Let’s do hope he is preparing for a movie. Don’t let an actually good actor end up like so many do!

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