Goodbye, 2008!

31 12 2008


The day has arrived. The day you spend $40 to get into an overcrowded nightclub that offers a “complimentary champagne toast” (you know, a thimble full of $5-dollar-a-bottle “Andre” poured into a disposable flute). The day you pay inflated prices to eat at restaurants whose quality dips about 50 percent as they rush to feed their partying masses. The day you get all dressed up to get smashed into a group of hundreds of other well dressed partiers who, crammed in like sardines, can’t even see what you put on, and are too drunk to car if they throw up on it. That’s right, New Year’s Eve.  2008 sucked. I won’t mince words, I am glad this year is almost over.

In 2007, I was test driving a new Mercedes. In 2008, I wondered if I shouldn’t sell my Honda.

In 2007, I was hoping my sister had finally started to get her life together. In 2008, she lost her life.

In 2007, my 401K was performing very well. In 2008, I think I owe IT money.

But 2008 wasn’t a total washout. I got to witness one of the most exciting (not sure that’s exactly the right word, but it stays) election years EVER. I started this blog, through which I have met many wonderful, witty, and intelligent people who never fail to make me laugh, occasionally make me cry, and who I’ve come to look forward to making part of my day.

I did some traveling: a wonderful week at the beach, a long weekend in Kansas for a wedding, another long weekend in Philly for another wedding, lots of weekend trips back  home, to Chicago, to Charleston, SC, and Asheville, NC.

I’ve so far weathered an economy that has been particularly brutal to my industry–if not totally unscathed, at least I still have a home, food, and work to do. Let’s hope 2009 sees things turn around or I might be renaming this blog “Tales from a Cardboard Box” I wonder if I can pick up WIFI under an overpass?

Happy New Year to All!




13 responses

31 12 2008
Mental P Mama

Happy New Year to you. I hope 2009 proves brighter and happier.

31 12 2008
Noe Noe Girl

OK..on your mark..get set…WOW…you’ve hurdled a few bumps in the road. Shut up and quit whinning already..join the damn club. Does it suck…YES. IT. DOES. Life goes on. You aint dead yet and I for one am all the better for it! So glad I somehow found you.

So go on out tonight..throw down..hang over…it’s almost and it’s gonna get better. Always does my friend. Always does. I promise =)

Love ya and Happy New Year!

ps- I have a loft over my barn if you ever need it.

31 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Mental P Mama…thank you, and right back atcha!

Noe Noe–I can always count on someone to slap some sense into me. Thanks for being that someone today!

31 12 2008
The Incredible Woody

Stop on by the House of Woody tonight. You don’t have to dress and we’re much cheaper…wait, that doesn’t sound right! Anyway, I’m sure there will be booze and laughter and maybe even a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. Yeah, we’re wild and crazy like that.

Hoping for a much brighter 2009 for you!!

31 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

See, Woody, that sounds like a perfect night. Just sitting at home playing games, getting drunk, and laughing. No worries about being run over by a drunk driver, trampled on a dance floor, or getting your eye knocked out by a piece of errant confetti. Count me in!

31 12 2008
Little Miss

Can I come over too? Instead I have to go to dinner with my mom at a restaurant I don’t like with old people who are not quite as much fun as I’d like to have. Still, I shouldn’t complain because at least I’m doing something. I’d rather stay home and sleep. I never really got into the whole NYE celebration/toast thing anyway. Just another day.

You did overcome a lot, and some of those things were horrible. At least you survived, like the rest of us, and I do think that somehow this next year will be better. I don’t know how or why, I just like to think positively and maybe even delusionally but it makes me feel hopeful, so what the heck. Right?

And if that overpass is near someone’s home, I bet you could hijack their wifi. Just sayin’.

Be safe, have fun, see you on the flip side, VV.

31 12 2008

Happy New Year!!! I am also glad to see it go, and truly hope this new one is better ! ! ! And before I’d see you writing “tales from the cardboard box”, we have an extra bedroom. You’d hafta share with the computer & sewing machine, but it’s better than a cardboard box…

31 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

y’all are too sweet! Happy New Year to you

31 12 2008
Big Hair Envy

Happy New Year VV!!! When you leave the House of Woody, be sure to stop by Casa de Envy…..I made Crab Rangoon appetizers, and have two bottles of Cabernet waiting in the wings:) The kids have headed out to dinner, and midnight bowling… we have PLENTY of room for company!!!

Although, I must confess, I’ll be lucky to still be awake at 9:30! Bwahahaha! True story. Sad as it may be…….

2 01 2009

If you come to my city, we have free open WiFi in our downtown. Cardboard box or not, you can still surf the web. Happy New Year!

3 01 2009
The Vinyl Villager

Big Hair…crab rangoons! YUMMMMMMM!! I love those…not enough restaurants have them on the menu.

MJ–mine too come to think of it. I can be homeless close to home. LOL!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year!

6 01 2009
sista #2

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009 is the year of the BEER !!!


19 01 2009

Yes, Happy 2009 to all. 2008 is now in the past. But sadly for the stockbrokers, it’s not forgotten. 😉

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