Search Term Saturdays

27 12 2008

You know the drill–someone searches for something bizarre and it somehow leads them here even though I have no clue why. Helpful soul that I am, I don’t want these folks to leave empty handed, so I try to help them.

This week we have:

“crossdressers ladies room manners”

I have a feeling Emily Post has not yet addressed this matter, but I will try to.

1. If you don’t pass for a real woman, just hold it til you get home. No one will be comfortable with seeing a hairy man in a dress in the restroom. I’m sorry, I know that isn’t very progressive of me, but that’s the world we live in. Or try to find a place that just has a one seater. Then you’ll be fine.

2. At any rate, find a stall with a good lock on it. The employees of most of our better department stores have better things to do than help a customer who has fainted after accidentally seeing your toolbox.

3. It would probably be least awkward, in a ladies room, if you would sit to pee. But if you must stand up, don’t dribble and put the damn seat back down.

4. If you’re in there to drop a deuce, light a match or something. This goes for everyone.

Hope that helps!




8 responses

27 12 2008
The Incredible Woody

I, for one, am glad that you cleared that up!!

Always glad to help!

27 12 2008
Serendipitous Girl

I’d also like to add … please no “rearranging” of anything (top or bottom) in the mirror. That would just be awkward.

excellent point!

27 12 2008

And a side note – to both male & female – if you’re a “hoverer” and feel you’re too good to actually sit on the toilet seat, please LIFT THE DAMN SEAT UP BEFORE YOU SQAUT OVER IT!!! Nothing like needing to pee, but finding “drips” on the seat…
Mind you these are the same women who would have a bloody fit if the men in their lives were so base as to pee on the seat – or were considerate enough to raise the seat, but forget to put it back down (and what’s the deal with that? why are men expected to “put the seat back down..?” why aren’t women expected to put it back UP..?).
PLEASE, if you must hover over the seat, have the decency to wipe it off…

I have NEVER figured out why women make such a big deal about the lid being left up and you never hear a man complain of it being left down. Maybe women just like to complain. For my money, everyone ought to close it all when they are done.

27 12 2008

Hee, hee, hee! Just so they know, right? How in the world do you find out what someone was searching for when they came to your blog? I guess I’m perhaps a bit more in the dark than I realized when it comes to this internet stuff….

Well on the wordpress platform, the search terms for the day are in our statistics. Its probably different on blogspot. Trust me, if it required any special skill or computer know-how, Id be in the dark!

27 12 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

Thank Gawd you cleared that up I was so loosing sleep wondering what Trannies do about potty issues :o)

just think of me tonight as you rest easy! LOL!

28 12 2008

Oddly, I’ve never encountered a problem with a F-T-M woman in a man’s suit visiting the men’s rest room at the mall. I guess my aversion to public restrooms limiting my visits to the absolutely necessary has insulated me from this debacle.

29 12 2008
Noe Noe Girl

Well, I could not have said that any better =)

30 12 2008

Wow, I am envious of this search term. Mine are getting pretty boring. I think one day I’m posting with every weird term I can think of and see who shows up afterwards, lol!

And, who wants to tough a toilet seat all the time to put it down? Yuck. I won’t even flush a toilet with my own hand unless its my own or a clean friends toilet. My foot always touches the handle, harder to do know in my leg brace days. Gross …. I HATE public restrooms, gross ………

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