Monday Morning Mish Mash

8 12 2008


1. Christmas is coming way too fast this year. I haven’t bought a single gift. I tried. I went to the mall over the weekend and just didn’t have the patience for the parking lot, the crowds, the checkout lines. It might be a gift card kinda year for the folks on my list.

2. And on top of shopping, I’ve got to get ready for a Christmas party at my house this weekend. Everytime we host a party, people bring bottles of wine or some other gift. A few years ago, we decided that we would rather have our guests spend that money on people who really needed it, so we adopted a family, and the response was overwhelming. So, this year, five needy kids will hopefully benefit from the little get together.

3. Sunday morning was “lazy time”. I spent most of it watching “Moving Up” on TLC…a show where people get to go back and see their old houses after the new owners move in. I spent most of the morning thinking “what the hell are they thinking?” One family painted basically the whole interior (ceilings, doors and all) blood red with black trim. Then, they topped it off with leopard print rugs, and a giant high heeled shoe that served as a chair. Another gal insisted that her wine glasses match her sofa and even picked the fish in her aquarium to match the room.  But who am I to judge? I am constantly reminded that everything I pick out for my  house is beige or brown.

4. Everyone has their little rituals and routines, right? My favorite? Friday afternoons. I come home around lunchtime, eat two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (made with my grandmothers sublime homemade jelly) and then take a nap. A long one. Two or three hours. I have the perfect nap room. My study is the only room in the house that isn’t beige or brown…it’s a dark navy blue, lined with cherry finish bookshelves, and is home to the first piece of furniture I ever bought–a now-shabby sofa that I had made the summer after my freshman year in college. It hardly ever gets used except on nap day.

5. Have I mentioned I’m building a dollhouse? I’ve built a few in my life, but this is the most complicated one. I spent four hours yesterday gluing little wooden shingles to its roof.




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8 12 2008

Once we realize our excesses, it’s only right to channel them elsewhere. For example, the wine/refreshment money going to a needy familyl.

Ya know what else cause you to channel your excess spending to needy people? Being pissed off! That’s what. As I wrote, I have been fighting with Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are spoiled badly. Last night, I was on the internet trying to do some shopping. I checked one of my email accounts and got an email from World Vision. I already sponser 2 kids in Africa. This email concerned the starving children in the congo. It really hit me. So, Merry Christmas T1 and T2, some kids will be eating this year because you were mean to your mama. Karma……just ask Earl!

8 12 2008
Little Miss

Oh my, that Moving Up show (which I too have seen and thought the same thing) must be very painful for your interior decorator sensibilities. (You are one, right? If I recall correctly…)

A nap room. I just *have* to get me one of those.

Will your dollhouse have a sewing room?? Huh? Will it?? please? puhleeeeze??? LOL

8 12 2008
Peter Parkour

Beware of gift cards. You never know which stores are going to go belly up. 😐

8 12 2008
The Incredible Woody

1. I’m in the same boat! Haven’t really even thought about it!!
2. We have some people that we play poker with and during the holidays we up the buy-in with the pot going to a needy family as well.
3. Yeah, Sunday morning was lazy time for me too. As was Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening. I’m still not up to speed today!
4. That sounds like a very wise ritual!
5. We’ll be needing pictures.

8 12 2008

2. What a brilliant idea!
5. I’m in awe! I wish I’d have the patience and skill to build a dollhouse.

8 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

TPB–those kids in Africa need it worse than your kids do.

Little Miss–I dabble in it…but mostly do architecture. No sewing room in this dollhouse–for as complicated as it is, there are only 4 rooms. Ill get some pics up this week.

Peter–I know! As long as Cracker Barrel doesnt go belly up, at least my Grandmother will have a gift.

Woody–pictures coming! (and yes, naps are my favorite pastime)

Helena–thanks! This one has REALLY tried my patience.

8 12 2008

VV…go over to the trailerpark. I posted something that will life your spirits! (or, make you drink spirits….one or the other).

8 12 2008

Your nap room sounds sublime. I feel that way about our bedroom – it’s painted red, has wooden shutters that can be closed that completely darkens the room and a huge King with a memory foam mattress. Some days I don’t want to get out of bed – not from depression, from sheer comfort and laziness!

8 12 2008

“It might be a gift card kinda year for the folks on my list.”

Best Buy or Itunes for me, Bro!

8 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

TPB–caught me singing in the shower again I see!

Tammy…I am the same way. Nothing beats a good nap.

Zack–you got it! do they sell them in $5 denominations? (Folks–Zack here is my little brother, he has my thanks and gratitude for never doing any dumbass things that would land him in one of my blog posts)

8 12 2008

I love your Friday afternoon routine! If only I a)liked pb & j sandwiches, b) could come home early and Fridays, and c) get people to be quiet and leave me alone if I ever try to take a nap!!!!!!

9 12 2008

WTF?!?! Building dollhouses, peanut butter sandwiches and taking naps??? GAH! There is a part of me that secretly hates non-family guys…

9 12 2008

If this posts twice….grrrr! I am the Queen of Naps – prob one of the reasons I became a teacher – great napping hours!

9 12 2008

I shop on line. Alot of retailers offer free shipping and if they don’t? Who cares, I still purchase. Beats going to the mall on the weekends


9 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Jason, I think naps are out of the question for people with kids….and you dont like PB and J??? *gasp* I never knew such people existed…

Alan–yeah I cant see me building this thing with little ones running around. (Im sure you have the better arrangement though)

GYL–nope, just once. If you’re the Queen of Naps, then I am your King. Id take one every day if I could.

Philly–thats what Im doing too…

9 12 2008
Big Hair Envy

PBJ & a nap in the man cave? Your life is perfect:)

I like my PBJ’s with my sister’s homemade grape jelly. Mmmmm! Anyone else hungry???

9 12 2008

Oh Yeah. There is nothing better than a PB&J, a glass of milk, and a nap. The older I get, the more I cherish this ritual.

I have a friend whose Dad has always built dollhouses & he has really built some beauties. I can’t imagine how wonderful it must be to have a Dad or Grandad make something so cool for you. Besides, it’ll keep you sharp!!

9 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Big Hair–yes! starving

Liz–well this one is likely going to my new niece (shhh!)

10 12 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

I do the shopping online thing also
I can’t wait to see the dollhouse
I’m having problems Ho ho hoing this Christmas But I’m trying

10 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Queen…me too. I’ll get some dollhouse posts up soon.

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