Monday Morning Mish-Mash

1 12 2008


1. Time to do a little redecorating around the Vinyl Village. You might have noticed  my blogroll is now on it’s own tab at the top of the page. This will clean things up and let me expand it, possibly to include links to non-blog stuff.

2. My computer bit the dust this week. It just turned off while I was using it and refused to turn back on. I took it in, the repairman said it was probably a $50 repair to the power supply, but it turned out to be completely fried. I may have to write an entry on the repairman…a bit of an unusual character. At any rate, I’m in the market for a new PC–which accounts for why I am behind on catching up to everyone’s blogs, and for this mornings scanty mish-mash.

3. I avoided  retail establishments like the plague this weekend. Thursday night, I drove past Best Buy and saw people IN TENTS lined up around the building. There is no way in hell I’d sleep in a tent, in the cold, on concrete, to get a good deal on something. I doubt I would do it if they were giving it away. But at least no one at the Best Buy got trampled to death. (How on Earth is a good price on a new TV worth so much to people that they couldn’t even stop to help someone up?)

4. I started reading “Twilight” this weekend. I resisted for a while–I was over the vampire thing a decade ago after reading Anne Rice’s series on the topic. But after getting glowing recommendations from four people I trusted (and a loaned copy of the book–thank you very much) I dug in and got about a quarter of the way through it. So far, so good. I was afraid it would be too much of a “chick book”. Make no mistake, it is a chick book, but just not too much of a one.

5. The weekend after Thanksgiving is decorating time at my house. And while I try not to go too over the top–a nice tree in the living room, a few swags of garland and lights outside, some of my neighbors do NOT. Hint to anyone reading–four inflatables on an 1/8th of an acre does not scream “holiday spirit”. It says “I’m a tacky mess with a maxed out KMart card.” And to the person who strung flashing colored lights on the bottom of their shrubs and solid white lights on the top–I will gladly give you the six dollars it would cost to bring some consistency to your streetscape with a set of matching lights for your boxwoods.




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1 12 2008

I haven’t even started decorating yet. I loathe you overachievers. AAARGH!!!

1 12 2008

Bwahahah – matching lights for their boxwoods… isn’t that the truth? Do some people not even care… like lights are lights are lights? I go for the rustic Christmas look in outdoor decor – as in trampled leaves, fallen pinecones, acorns and pine needles. VERY RUSTIC – and natural.

1 12 2008
Little Miss

I agree with you on the trampling to death thing. I had the same thoughts when I heard about that. Insane. The depths to which people will lower themselves all to be a slave to a marketing campaign that brainwashes us to believe we need something we don’t need.

I got my computer at Best Buy (HP Pavillion DV6000) – great deal, but I didn’t camp out for it. Never will do that.

My daughter has read the Twilight books. LOVES it. Saw the movie and was disappointed in the acting, she said.

You should see our usual outdoor holiday decorations. This year is better than most, but it’s often decorating mish-mash simply because I am making do with what I have and have no strong guy to climb up and put on the nice straight lights for me. So, often it looks very W.T. but what the hell. My neighbors (the ones I don’t like) already think I am so who the hell cares. LOL.

Happy Monday. I start a new job today. Woohoo!

1 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

MJ–I just love Christmas. I’d leave the tree up all year if I had room.

Tammy–very “green” too! An Earth friendly Christmas…I think you could start a trend.

1 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Little Miss–so long as your lights aren’t mismatched on the same three foot high tree, you get my seal of approval! Congrats on the new job! Hope you love it!

1 12 2008

That totally sucks about your computer! Doncha HATE when that happens? And as far ass tacky Christmas lights go…I live in Kentucky. I hear your pain…

1 12 2008

Or FEEL your pain. Whichever. Hey…you are soooo UBER cool that I’ve nominated you for an UBER award! Go check it!

1 12 2008

Love your tree. So tasteful, so elegantly Christmas. And hey, I bought Twighlight but haven’t started it yet. Now that you’ve given it a thumbs up, I probably will. I also vampired myself out on Anne Rice, but I thought I’d give this a try because it’s being shoved down our throats.

And I would never, never, never shop on Black Friday. Ugh. I’d rather go giftless than shop on that day.

1 12 2008
Big Hair Envy

Perhaps the HOA should incorporate “Christmas Decorating Guidelines” into it’s bylaws. That way, you would have the pleasure of being legally able to rip those suckers down:)

Shop on Black Friday? Are you KIDDING me? I’d rather shove bamboo under my nails.

“Twilight” – LOVED it! Can’t wait to see the movie:)

Your tree is precious! I’m planning to put mine up this weekend AND bake cookies. Can’t wait! It’s a lot more fun than shopping!!!!

1 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Alan–and it always happens at the WORST time! Thanks for the award…now I gotta think who Im gonna pass it on to…

Wendy–thanks! I’ve been on Black Friday before (always after the hardcores are back home–usually after lunch) and do NOT recommend it.

Big Hair–thanks! I dont mind things being a little over the top, but some of these houses look like people just threw lights from a moving car. Perfect example–a house I noticed today has lights strung along the two story roofline, and then just dropping (swaying in the wind) down to the one story portion like a damned extension cord.

1 12 2008

I agree with the whole camping out for a good deal thing. No WAY IN HELL!!! And the trampling? Puh-lease. I shop at Wal-Mart from time to time, I’ll admit. But I’ll tell you that at Nordstrom or Saks Fifth this would NEVER happen!

And you made me laugh out loud about the blow up holiday decorations and the maxed out KMart credit card (I might even put in the Soup). I prefer elegant and quiet, just like you.

1 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Jason…I swear those things are like crack or something–nobody seems to be able to have just one. (and I might be tempted to trample for a really good Saks sale)

1 12 2008

I can not stand those inflatable yard things that people insist on putting up for the holidays. ick and double ick. I also don’t like the all green lights on top and all red lights on the bottom Christmas tree at the mall down the highway from me. Tacky with a capitol T.

1 12 2008

I saw Macy’s in New York City on Black Friday and was scared to death from my seat on a tour bus. Who goes shopping like that? All cluster-fu–ed and crazy! No way!!

2 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Karen–Im with you. I understand goin’ a little overboard if you have kids or whatnot, but some of these people are ridiculous! Thanks for stoppin by!

Girl–me either! I dont like the mall on a “normal” day, Id rather have a root canal than fight those early morning hoards.

2 12 2008

I have to shop on the weekends. It sucks !! Everyone and their freeking family is out and about !! Thank god for the internet, doing most of it on here.


2 12 2008
The Incredible Woody

1. I’m impressed that you know how to make tabs!!

2. I say give yourself an early Christmas present and go all out on that new computer.

3. I agree. There isn’t ANYTHING that would be cheap enough to roll my ass out of bed at 4am on Black Friday. I did shop on Sunday – in Pigeon Forge at the outlets – and it wasn’t bad at all. Parking spot in the front row. No waiting at the register.

4. I’m usually a little slow at jumping on the latest book bandwagon. I still haven’t read the Harry Potter series.

5. I love your tree. Perhaps you would come and decorate my house for the holidays? I suck at it.

2 12 2008

This is so funny. I am right there with you on the decorating part…those big inflatables are Tacky with a capital T. Do it right, or don’t do it at all. 🙂
I too just started reading twilight….was not going to, but the peer pressure pushed me over the edge. Mostly by my 15 year old. Yeah, I am that kind of Mom. 😉

2 12 2008

You started Twilight!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you. Then again I’m a bit obsessed with it. It was either that or start drinking bottles of wine while watching the kids. 🙂

2 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Woody–I disagree with those who advised me that if you like Harry Potter you’d like Twilight–so far, there isnt a whole lotta resemblance to me. But I LOVE the HP books. Of course I’ll come decorate for you!

Suzanne–good to see you! Thats a good motto–do it right or dont do it at all!

Sadie–can’t you do both? LOL! Good to see you!

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