Gettin’ Old Ain’t What it Used to Be

26 11 2008

I’ve heard it said that 60 is the new 40, and maybe it is. I was looking through some old family pictures recently, and remarked to myself that my grandparents were about the same age when I was born as my parents are now. But my grandparents LOOKED like grandparents, white hair, wrinkles, sensible shoes, the whole bit. And my parents certainly don’t.

I don’t know if previous generations hadn’t heard of hair dye and moisturizer, or if our society has become one that refuses to age gracefully (I suspect a bit of both), but there’s no denying that you’ve got to be a lot older to look “old” now.

No better example of this exists than to look at the First Ladies Bush. (wait…that sounds all kinds of wrong, but I’m leaving it, so there). Barbara Bush was in her early sixties when her husband moved into the Oval Office. And Laura Bush is almost the same age as she packs her family up to leave it. The difference in what a woman in her early sixties looks like is striking:

Here’s Laura Bush at age 62:


and Barbara Bush (back in 1989) at 63:





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26 11 2008

I ain’t gettin’ old!! Ever!!

26 11 2008

I’m with Woody. Screw that! LOL

26 11 2008

Has Laura had surgery? Or did her MIL do a lot of suntanning when she was young? Or did her wrinkles come from all of the grief that comes with having a son like hers?

26 11 2008
sista #2

Damn…….maybe Babs had too much sun (or is that son) in her life 🙂


26 11 2008

60 better be the new 40 because I turn 60 next year. I don’t have too many wrinkles yet but that’s probably because even though I’ve lost almost 90 pounds I still have a lot to lose. I’m afraid that there are going to be a lot of wrinkles when I lose the rest. I’ll just throw myself in the dryer on de-wrinkle and see if that works.

26 11 2008

Laura Bush has very scary eyebrows!!

26 11 2008
Little Miss

I agree with you – I’m a living example of grandparents these days not looking like Barbara Bush type of grandparents. Some of it is moisturizer, more awareness of what makes a lady’s skin wrinkle. Some is stopping smoking too. That’s an instant prescription for premature wrinkles. Anyhooo…. I don’t plan on having white hair until I’m my mom’s age – and that’s 88. 🙂

26 11 2008

Barb Bush cannot get nip, tucked, sucked, and lifted. She’d lose her job as a George Washington impersonator.

Seriously, there are more options these days to turn back time. Plus, we are bombarded constantly in mags, videos, television, and movies with pictures of 80 year old women who don’t look a day over 50. Constant pressure!
DAMN THEM….not for getting N-T-S, but for having the money to do it!!!!!

I’m gonna thnk up a contest or sumptin’ and raise money for lifting my jowls!

27 11 2008
Peter Parkour

It’s all the preservatives we eat now days. 😛 Happy Thanksgiving. 😉

27 11 2008

Oh lawd have mercy…Barbara bush has always looked OLD, WRINKLED AND HAGGISH lol, heifer was born looking old as hell, ole redneck texan lol
Now Laura, is a class act, a nice looking woman and even more a good lady.
beautiful she is…

28 11 2008

Very interesting.

I have to agree that my mother also looks much younger than her mother did at her age. No facelifts involved.

29 11 2008

I have a theory about this…although it won’t really be proved out until our kids get to this age. The majority of the population aged 35 – 70 grew up eating massive quantities of pre-prepared, packaged, PRESERVED foods… MASSIVE AMOUNTS, as in pretty much everything. Ho-Hos, Twinkies, Canned Veggies & meats (SPAM anyone..?) Our canned fruits, long life shelf items, eaten every meal, every day…So, if we’re all this stuff chock-full of preservatives, doesn’t it stand to reason that we would be, well, preserved? Nowadays it seems preservative laden food has become the big no-no, which is why I say it will prove out when today’s children age – probably the way our parents & grandparents did due to all the preservatives being now removed and touted as “bad for you.” Unless someone who is “Someone” picks up on this, we will probably be the only generation to benefit (?) from this…
Just a thought –

29 11 2008
Queen of Planet HotFlash

Maybe all the drinking & drugs that Laura did in her younger years preserved her body ? Ole Babs there she’s lookin a might like the crypt keeper.

29 11 2008
Big Hair Envy

I will dye my hair. I will pluck my chin hairs. BUT, I REFUSE to botox!!! Let the wrinkles fall where they may…..NO ONE is sticking needles into my face. Or anywhere else for that matter:)

Off to slather on the Age-Defying night cream…….

1 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

you all crack me up!

2 12 2008

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2 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

what are you trying to tell me Scott?

3 12 2008

Wow good point. I’m going to drink human blood ASAP. Get the hemo’s going.

4 12 2008
The Rev.

Why was the very first thing to pop into my head upon seeing Ol’ Baraba Freddy Krueger? (large shudder)

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