Who Knew THEY Were Twins?

11 11 2008

Amy Winehouse, who recently shed her filthy crackhive:


and Jerry Seinfeld:


It’s uncanny I say.




16 responses

11 11 2008

Bwahahahaha — OMG they DO look alike!! You nailed this one!

she’s known for her beehive, and he is mostly recently known for playing a bee….hmmmm

11 11 2008
Peter Parkour

Creepily uncanny. 😛
she could be his love child

11 11 2008
The Incredible Woody

That is really scary!!
I would not want to see her in a dark alley bright daylight

11 11 2008

I knew! Hrumph – Where have YOU been??? : )

Excellent comparison!

really? I never saw the resemblance til today

11 11 2008
Queen of Planet HotFlash

you can say that again

11 11 2008

The question is…does Amy looks like Jerry or does Jerry look like Amy?

Actually, I thought the picture of Amy looked like a picture of a guy in drag!
me too! I mean, Cindy Crawford dressed like Winehouse for Halloween, I thought maybe Seinfeld did as well

11 11 2008

who’da thunk it..?

not me…ya know, its a shame too–she really is talented

11 11 2008

Wow, do they ever look alike. Good thing Amy’s got that layer of crud so you can tell them apart. The shower ratio is prolly about 30 to 1 in Jerry’s favor.
aint it the truth??

11 11 2008

OHM, she is HIT! Dare I say she looks like DJ from Scrubs?
omg, she does!

11 11 2008

Coincidence that they look alike?
I think not.

Amy Winehouse’s teeth are so yellow that it looks like she’s been eating Peeps 24/7
peeps! LOLOL!

12 11 2008

OMG! They must be from the same gene pool, somehow. How crazy is that? I was just thinking about Seinfeld today. I miss that show.
me too…luckily the ones they rerun are so old they are new to me again

12 11 2008

She is one ugly woman


Ive seen pictures before she started the crack diet…she looked 100 times better

12 11 2008

I agree…so I made you this:
Merry Thanksgiving and all that. 😀


12 11 2008
Big Hair Envy

Hahahaha! TPB said “peeps”!!

I think Amy Winehouse is the product of a one-nighter between Jerry and Olive Oyl.

And what the heck IS that on her toast?? GROSS!

Olive Oyl! Snort! LOL! I think its the remainder of her dignity on the toast…

14 11 2008


15 11 2008
sista #2

What a trainwreck.


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