Pamela Anderson Embraces Her Inner Trailer Trash

6 11 2008

In a story that can be filed in the same category as Clay Aiken’s not-at-all-shocking coming out, Pamela Anderson has announced that she loves mobile home living. “I can honestly say I would much rather live in a trailer than anywhere else.”  Seems the injected, implanted, and tanned hacktress is shacking up in a mobile home while her house undergoes renovations.


She goes on to say “it’s fun having to sit on bean bags and do our washing at the laundromat.”  Now, I know a thing or two about trailer living, and I have never seen a model that didn’t have a washer-dryer hookup. Maybe she needed that space for stashing homemade porn making equipment, filler for her lips, or bleach for her hair. Given her penchant for wearing almost nothing, she can probably go two or three months before she has enough fabric piled up to make a load.




7 responses

6 11 2008

You really wouldn’t believe just how much space that porn-making equipment takes up!!

Another story in the same category: Lisa Rinna admits she may have gone too far with injectables like Botox, etc.

6 11 2008

why does none of this surprise me? LOL

7 11 2008
sista #2

I agree with Alan….I just knew she had trailer making traits.

And Woody….rofl have you seen her damn lips????


7 11 2008

Clay Aiken’s gay?

7 11 2008

Okay, I’m hooked -have perused your blog and have laughed my ass off. I’ve added you to my blogroll – nice to meet you!

8 11 2008

I am sure her sex swing is taking up the space. Those things are pretty big AND you need lots of room to swing, ya know…I mean…give her a break….geez… ; )

9 11 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Woody…she looks like she had a pound of liver stapled to her face!

Alan–me either!

Sista–she’s just gettin back to her roots I think.

Cuteasasa–shocking isnt it?

Tammy–thanks!! Glad you’ve enjoyed yourself. Look forward to seeing you around.

Alison–of course! The SWING! How could I have forgotten!

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