Who’s Best For the Economy?

30 10 2008

Like the lil elephant says, “I always thought Democrats were the big spenders!” The rhetoric just doesn’t match the record.

But let’s talk taxes. The Tax Policy Institute has a pretty good explanation of what each candidate proposes HERE. Take from it what you will…some say the economy is best served when the highest earners get a bigger break, some think it’s best to “spread the wealth.”




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30 10 2008

I’m not that political but a lack of common sense drives me crazy. During the last national election they kept ranting about the Dem’s “tax and spend” issues. And while they ranted, the Repub in charge just kept spending like a drunken yuppie. I’m no expert, but I can’t see where “spend and drive the national debt through the roof” is all that much better than “tax and spend”. Both will bite you on the butt. One this year, the other 4 years later. Am I missing something?

30 10 2008
The Vinyl Villager

I think the only thing you’re missing is the part where they pass the buck back and forth and pretend its the other party’s fault. Other than that, sounds like you’ve got it.

31 10 2008
Peter Parkour

Screwed is as screwed does. 😐

31 10 2008
Peter Parkour

Oh, and Happy Halloween! 😉

31 10 2008

Happy Samhain!!!! They’re all f**king morons as far as I’m concerned. 98% of today’s society is looking out for #1 – politicians included. They all spew the same rhetoric using different verbiage, and anyone who has to bust their ass every day just to bring the ends in sight of each other (‘cuz we all know never the twain shall meet) get skewered royally…
Oh yeah – I posted already, sheesh 🙂

31 10 2008

There is no question that giving the better off a bigger tax break has paid off handsomely. Just look at the economy today, what more could you ask for.

31 10 2008

We tend to forget one thing…..no matter whether the prez is Dem or Repub, Congress has to share blame, too. And, we’ve had a Demo majority in congress for many of those years.
Can ya say, “pork barrell”?

31 10 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Peter–Happy Halloween to you too!

Dawtch…you’re quite right, they are all a bunch of worthless crooks.

NTSC–there are economists on both sides of the coin. On one hand, it makes sense to give bigger breaks to those who are creating jobs. Whether that works or not, who knows? Of course, there are those that say the economy is better if we give 25 families a $2000 tax break versus 1 family a $50 thousand dollar one.

TPB–but the WORST times are when the white house and Congress are all Republican.

2 11 2008

We are about to pour a 2nd trillion dollars down a 2nd rat hole of Bush’s making.

George HW Bush summed up supply side economics in two simple words. ‘Voo-doo economics’. The economists who believe in this also believe that truely free markets are self-regulating.

Between a war of agression, itself a violation of International Law, and a total lack of concern about defacto deregulation, the Republican administration of the last 8 years may reach their goal of ‘starving the beast’ and forcing a closing of entitlement progams many Americans, including this one have planned on for retirement their entire life.

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