Monday Morning Mish Mash

20 10 2008

1. One of my earliest posts was about the navigation system in my car, and how I would rather have a more entertaining voice to guide me from place to place. While this won’t help me, since it’s only for Tom-Tom models, I may be one step closer to achieving that reality if NavTones keeps broadening their market. You can get Kim Catrall, Burt Reynolds, a granny, a cowboy, or a gay lover. If they get Wanda Sykes to work in my car, I’m in!

2. Well…she’s out. Mama left the loony bin last Thursday. She sounded more like herself, but her stay didn’t do a thing to help her make healthy decisions. She was calling from her ex-husband turned sometime live-in boyfriend’s place. Or, I should say, his PARENT’S place–yep, he’s in his 50’s and still lives with his mommy when he isn’t living with mine.

3. Politics is serious business…so lets have some fun with it. Click here to play Palin as President. (You can click on most of the objects in the oval office)

4. And in more fun political business…I guess by now everyone has seen McCain snatch the mic from an old geezer who insisted that Obama was an “Arab”. I thought it was very classy of him, and would love to see how he might react to this woman (thanks Jamie):

5. The past few days have seen COLD temperatures late at night and early in the morning. Perfect sleeping weather! I can not get outta bed. But it’s also the first time that I’ve had to experience cold mornings on the travertine floor that was installed in my master bath back in the spring. Talk about a wake up call.

6. We’re all stressed lately. (If you’re not, please let me know your secret). But this morning’s little poster reminds us not to take it all too seriously.




7 responses

20 10 2008
Little Miss

That video was too funny. Sadly, I believe there really are people out there like that. Well, obviously there are three of them. I’m not too stressed, Mr. Vinyl Villager, if at all. A love affair with my new man has a lot to do with that. Plus, I just don’t listen to the news unless I absolutely have to. It’s all fear-mongering and rhetoric. That’s how I see it. Plus, I’m resigned to whoever is president. It will be what it will be, you know? My one little vote will count, but not be the swing vote, that’s for sure.

20 10 2008

1. Yay – I love my navigation system!
2. I am glad she is out but sorry that she is still making bad choices!
3. Wake me up when this election is over!
4. Ditto
5. Oooo – nothing is worse than cold tile!
6. It’s called drugs!

20 10 2008

The Palin as president thing is too funny- I found that one the other day and almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard!

20 10 2008
sista #2

We call our GPS “Bitching Betty”. Man, I have her voice.


20 10 2008
sista #2


20 10 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Woody…Ive had enough drugs this week!

Colby–Ive been back to that site three or four times, I keep finding stuff!

Sista–I am so ready to have something other than the boring old woman Ive got now.

20 10 2008

1. My navigation system is my Hunny, I swear you can give that man an address just about anywhere in Indiana, not only will he tell you how to get there, he’ll give ya landmarks!
2. Now I feel better – my first husband is 44, and he lives in a tent in his parents backyard – with his current wife…
3. Love the Palin game! It has started on it’s merry way – enjoyment for many, aggravation for a few (who really need it…)
4. OMG Gives a whole new face to corn-fed & inbred…matter-of-fact, I think I got a call from her at work the other day…
5. I hate hate hate tiled/wood/marble type floors. Gimme good old carpet under my bare feet please!
6. The secret to low stress is two-fold:
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Remember it’s ALL small stuff!

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