Cheer Up Videos

6 10 2008

Kim tagged me to share songs/or videos that make me laugh no matter what. I think the original meme was to just pick one–but Kim couldn’t do that, and neither can I.  So, whether you are worried sick about the state of the economy, your boss is on your nerves, or it’s just a run of the mill bad day…here’s hoping these make you laugh anyway:

The funny thing is, I would probably react the same way. I have an unhealthy fear of roaches.

Just about anything from Ray Stevens will work, but this is an old favorite:

And if this character isn’t my mother plus about 200 pounds, I don’t know what is. I swear this sounds like any phone call I get from her:

If none of those crack you up, revisit one of my old posts to watch skinny bitches fall on their face.




6 responses

6 10 2008

While I am going to pass on the Ugly Betty fan club but I loved the Ray Stevens video. (Mid-way through I thought it was Betty Butterfield sitting in the pew in Ray’s video, but then I realized it was just her sister.)

6 10 2008
Big Hair Envy

I recognize most of those people. Do they attend the Church of the Dali Mama?

6 10 2008

I laugh my butt off every single time I see the first one.

OMG! That really does look like your Mom plus a couple of hundred pounds. Sounds like her, too!

Good stuff!

BHE…not members but I’m pretty sure that they have all visited at one time or another.

7 10 2008
The Vinyl Villager

cuteasasa–omg, they could be family!!

Big Hair–if not, we should recruit ’em!

TPB–I do too! Doesn’t it sound just like a phone call from Mom??

13 11 2008
Sassy (The Sassy Southerner)

I swear that is my Momma’s twin in that last video. Every conversation between us is more about her complaining what is wrong with her.

The first video cracked me up.

13 11 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Sassy…are you my sister??

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