Monday Morning Mish-Mash

21 09 2008


1. I’m tired of this mortgage mess. Not only has it wreaked havoc on my business, but it is rippling throughout the economy and looks like we will be having an effect for years to come. Since it seems that many of those who have been foreclosed on had adjustable rate mortgages that adjusted upward and out of reach…wouldn’t it have made sense for these now failing banks and brokerage houses to simply FIX those mortgages at a rate the homeowners COULD afford? Certainly they wouldn’t make as much money, but making any money is better than losing billions.

2. Part of this weekend’s festivities included an evening at a strip club. Actually, a quite nice one, with the best looking entertainers I’d ever seen. And STRONG STRONG drinks. I apparently told every entertainer I tipped, sometimes multiple times, that it was my birthday. Whether I hoped to get some special attention from that, or just assure them that a night in a strip bar wasn’t my usual thing, I’m not sure. But there’s the point of this morning’s poster–no, the police weren’t involved, and I don’t believe I shit myself either, but I was certainly inebriated.

3. I saw on the news that Paris Hilton’s dog (or maybe it was two dogs) was killed by a coyote. Sad, I’m sure. But what sort of society are we that such a story is news??

4. The amount of political email I get is understandably high. The amount of completely untrue, half true, and out of context crap included in them is unbelievable. And passed from people who really ought to know better. I’ve said it before, but it’s frightening that people use the power of their vote and don’t have a damned clue who or what they are voting for. Either get informed, or just sit your ass at home in November, mmm kay?




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22 09 2008
Little Miss

I love your mish-mashes. I agree wholeheartedly about #1 – not our fault people aren’t smart enough to consider an ARM going upward and considering that perhaps someday they might not be able to afford it. Why should we have to bail them out? #2 I’ve never experienced – going to a strip joint that is – although I have certainly been overinebrieated more times than I can remember. Hee hee.

22 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Little Miss..thank you! You see folks on TV who are crying “We didn’t know.” Well, Im sorry…but if you sign on the line for hundreds of thousands of dollars, you better know! #2–you haven’t missed much by never going to a strip club. I could do a rather lengthy blog on my experiences at them…all funny…

22 09 2008

When we lived in West Palm Beach, I was really concerned about a local strip club. Their advertising – an all-you-can-eat buffett. How can you eat at a place like that?? What if you found a hair?!? Ewww!

22 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Woody…there’s one near me that always has up a sign for a free lunch buffet. (It’s a small charge to have the buffet at dinnertime) Anyhoo…went there with a group from work once–it was microwave pizza and some chicken wings. All of which looked as dried out and unappetizing as their “entertainers”.

22 09 2008

1. Ditto.
2. Awesome.
3. Really?
4. Amen!

22 09 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

Yep, you signed it suffer the consequences

That picture is hilarious, my bro (federal marshall bro) once got so drunk that he left his brand new car along side of a freeway, he woke up the next morning at home, not knowing how he got there, looked outside seen his car was missing and called it in as stolen, three hours later he has a flash back… oh shit.. he left the keys in the ignition and it was running when they found it in the spot where he left it.

22 09 2008
Big Hair Envy

Officer: Have you been drinking?
Poo Boy: I only had a couple of beers. You got a smoke?

Don’t get me started on the mortgage industry. We are a small business too, and we are struggling to pay our exhorbitant taxes – payroll, federal, state, gas – and a list of a hundred more ways they stick it to us. How in the world do they think we can absorb anything else?? The problem is that irresponsible people always look to someone else to bail them out. Those of us who have figured out how to manage our money always end up paying the bill. And the cycle continues.

22 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Queen…a friend of mine did something similar! (Reported a car stolen after moving it somewhere else in a drunken stupor)

Big Hair–you’re right…and now $700 billion bailout in the works??? Our grandkids will be paying 60 percent tax rates to pay off stupidity that happened before they were born.

23 09 2008

I think I remember that guy from………………His pants didn’t have nearly that much shit in them at the time, but he looks darned familiar.

26 09 2008

Comment #4? AMEN MY MAN!

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