The Best of Judge Judy–The Deer Eater!

5 09 2008

I’m sorry for the poor sound quality—but turn it up and listen, it’s so worth it! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone so country. Don’t feel like watching? I’ll give you the punchline–woman hits a deer with her sister’s car, and offers her part of the deer meat as payment for the damage! LOL!

In a related story, my homestate of WV made headlines a few years back by passing legislation making it LEGAL to eat roadkill. My thought was…”Would the sort of person who hits an animal and thinks “DINNER!” really pause to consider whether it was legal?”




2 responses

5 09 2008
Peter Parkour

From the looks of her I’m thinking the deer may have had “mad deer disease” or something. 😕

15 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Peter—too funny!!

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