Sarah Palin–a BRILLIANT Move by the McCain Campaign

3 09 2008

OK, I try not to talk too much politics. But the nomination of Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate was the most brilliant move that campaign has made.

Why? Because she is qualified? Naaa…she seems to have about as much experience as Obama, and reportedly wasn’t even sure what a Vice President did.

Because she ain’t too hard on the eyes? Well, that never hurts. Though I think she looks like a cross between Megan Mullally and Deborah Jeane Palfrey. But, no, that’s not it either.

It’s brilliant because people are actually talking about his campaign now. It’s someone from the McCain camp who is on the cover of every tabloid and gossip rag. It’s McCain who is on the fingertips of bloggers across the country.

While Palin’s story would seem to make her an unlikely conservative candidate, it’s somewhat refreshing to see someone who isn’t as polished and fake running for office. Here we have a fairly young woman, who, if you do the math, was knocked up prior to her own wedding. Whose 17 year old daughter has found herself in a “family way” with a mullet-wearing good-ole-boy whose myspace page was littered with profanity. Who last week was alleged to have pulled a Bree VanDeKamp and pretended to be the mother of her own grandchild. Who, by her own admission, gave a speech halfway across the country and then flew home to Alaska while she was in labor.

I’m reminded of a line from the Birdcage: “THIS IS ENQUIRER HEAVEN!!” For over a year, no one has given a rat’s patoot what John McCain had to say. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama haven’t been able to break wind without an analyst and two photographers present. Now, with the addition of the storied Palin, the interwebs are abuzz with half truths, outright lies, speculation, and rumor about McCain’s VP pick.

It was brilliant, I say. On the heels of his historical nomination, no one is even talking about Barack Obama this week.




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3 09 2008
Little Miss

I feel like the only Republican left on earth. Seriously. I’m not McCain’s #1 fan or think he is the best ever, but I’m still a republican in principle (although not ultra-conservative). Out here in the Pacific Northwest, I am surrounded by far-out liberals and democrats ready to stab you in the throat if you utter anything other than an Obama preference, so I hide away and just lurk when it comes to politics. Whether you are republican or democrat, I can’t tell, but you are right. It was a great move on the side of the republicans. But don’t tell Janeane Garofolo that. (My recent post on Bumbershoot talks about her ranting.)

3 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Little Miss, Im a Democrat, but one who hasn’t gotten swept up in Obama madness. Whoever I end up voting for this November, it will be, as usual, the lesser of evils. Just once I’d like to punch my ballot for a candidate that I could really get behind. (Heading over to read about her now)

3 09 2008
The Incredible Woody

I agree – I would love to be able to vote for someone I believed in, rather than the lesser of 2 evils. Just once – that’s all I’m asking for!!

3 09 2008
Peter Parkour

Any attention is good attention at this point. Good call. 😉

3 09 2008


I’ve really enjoyed yours, as well as your readers’, comments on this one too.

3 09 2008

Wow, VV…you’ve really been drinking the Kool-Aid…since Sunday. HA HA
I don’t recall all this brilliance talk then. Maybe you’re correct, making the Presidential Election paramount to a Britney baby drop is ‘brilliant’ for McCain. But, what does it say about our culture? Write something about that…I’ve heard this talk everywhere. Did you plaigarize? lol

3 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Incredible–me too!

Peter–exactly what I was thinking!


Steve–I wondered where all the people from my “real life” were hiding! Thanks for the comment…you hit the nail on the head–it was brilliant only from a standpoint of “media hype”. I’ve got another post brewing in my mind about how much media hype in general has influenced this election.

3 09 2008

Yep, he thinks he’ll pick up the dems who were pushing for “a woman” because unfortunately, in many eyes and minds, any woman will do. I was never a Hillary fan…I have issues with her hypocrisies & character in general – you can find my opinion of her here:
if you’re interested. And it’ll probably work. Especially with all of this media attention – people who were only interested in this election for the “historical value of a woman president” are now perking up their ears – and voting fingers – again. I fear our country with McCain as president. Monkeyboy has already skewered us royally, McCain will just continue it…

4 09 2008

I’m just gonna hold my breath till this is all over. Not really, Maybe bite my tongue so’s I don’t say anything? Can’t do that neither. ACK. Anyways, if you check out my last post, I pointed out a website that helps you discover how and what issues each nominee (even the one’s who aren’t Dem or Rep) stand for. I’ll be studying it for two months!
PS-Minus the Obama bashing and the blatant lies from HER speech last night and what do we have left? I’m not bashing, I really gotta know!

I knew I couldn’t not say anything!

4 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Jodi…a year ago I admired McCain for NOT being a partisan hack. Now it seems he has turned himself into one to garner favor with his party and get votes…Id like to see a president who doesnt just tow the party line.

Kim…as I watched the RNC last night, and I fell asleep at the beginning of her speech (shame on me) I thought to myself “They’re saying more about the other guy than they are saying about themselves!” When do we get to hear, in their own words, what each ticket is offering?

4 09 2008

During an election year that has basically left me yawning, I’m kind of getting excited with Palin on the ticket. I’m neither a Republican or a Democrat… just a free thinker.

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