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3 09 2008

I ran to the local Barnes and Noble over lunch. There on one of the endcaps was this title:

Now, I’m no expert on psychology, but I’m thinking calling a depressed person a “dummie” might not be the best idea.




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3 09 2008


3 09 2008
Peter Parkour

It’s my understanding they prefer “cheerfully challenged”. 😉

3 09 2008

Ha! Ha! Love what Peter said. I went over to Amazon to check it out . One reviewer basically said if you are not depressed before you read it you will be after you read it. I guess I’ll pass on this one.

3 09 2008
Little Miss

Who the hell ever thought that book would be a good idea? I mean, really. There is absolutely no way that could ever be considered a good idea. Coming from a place of experience with depression, you, VV, are right. Calling a depressed person a dummy is not a good thing. Someone needs to tell the Dummy book people to get a grip. Not every topic is fodder for their books.

3 09 2008
The Incredible Woody

I think the writer is brilliant. The publisher – not so much!!

3 09 2008
The Incredible Woody

Might make a good “Bad Santa” present??

3 09 2008

“Cheerfully challenged”?!?! LOL Now THAT is funny!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

3 09 2008

Hmmmmmmmm….I just don’t know what to say here…Is it humorous? Yes. OMG yes. Is depression a humorous subject? No. Has today’s society lost it’s sense of humor..? OMG YES! Does this book have a place in our world..? YES, YES, and YES. I have never been “clinically depressed,” although I know people who have been through a whole lot less shit than me that fall into depression at the drop of a hat. I’m not sure I even think it’s anything more than self-pity and weakness of character (Oh my Goddess..? Did you hear that..? I just heard thousands of panties wad up!) BUT…It is a medically accepted diagnosis, and there are lots and lots of non-depressed people trying to deal with loved ones who have been diagnosed as such. And have no idea how to “be.” What’s ok? What’s going to cause tears or anger? What’s taboo? How do I help? What caused it? Is it my fault? How do I fix it….and I’m sure a bazillion more questions. It’s also more than likely a safe bet that the majority of the folk finding themselves in that position are, shall we say, “not the brightest color in the Crayola box”? If this book can break it down into simple single syllable words – two or three syllables at most – then it will fill a need…
So, yeah, I laughed, and I’m still tee-heeing, but I suffer the curse (and it truly is A CURSE, never doubt it!) of being able to (usually) see anything & everything from all angles, and as I laugh, I see the seriousness behind the concept and creation of this book.
I’m just sayin’…

4 09 2008

Hey, it might be helpful ! The bloggin for dummies has done wonders for me


4 09 2008
The Vinyl Villager

hmmm…I hadnt thought of the angle that this book might be good for people with “cheerfully challenged” loved ones. Now THAT makes sense.

Many moons ago I had “Dating for Dummies” which may explain why I spent most of my college days alone.

4 09 2008

i use mine as a doorstop.

10 09 2008

omg! That is funny. I swear this is true: I have a friend who is reading that book and is laughing her head off after every chapter.

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