Abercrombie Puts Ugly Employees in the Stock Room

28 08 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever purchased an item of clothing from Abercrombie and Fitch. I’m too old for it now, but even when I was young enough to pull off that look I just couldn’t bring myself to pay top dollar for clothes that looked like they do when they are on their way to the Goodwill bin.  You would think they would at least steam an $80 shirt a little before putting it on the rack.

Which is not to say that I have no appreciation at all for the brand. Their catalogs, back before the prudes had their way, were page after page of art book style eye candy. Their stores are filled with posters of good looking people, and on that wonderous shopping day called Black Friday, you are greeted at the door by a buxom and firm young woman in her underwear and a ripped, fat free, young buck who is wearing, at most, his boxer shorts.

So given that their emphasis seems to be on an association with pretty people rather than quality clothing (opinion only–their raggedy looking jeans are very well made for all I know), it should come as no surprise that ugly people need not apply to work the registers at their stores. That, according to this story.  Apparently, employees are moved to the stock rooms if they are deemed not hot enough to work out front. Abercrombies secret shoppers answer questions about how attractive the employees are, and one lawyer involved with the inevitable lawsuits says that the jobs are   “a cattle call and you are hired based on looks, not your ability to fold clothes…”. (Although, is “folding clothes” really a refined skill? I mean, all you need is arms to do that, right?)

So, I’ll continue to leer like the dirty old man that I am, but I won’t go into the stores anymore. They’d probably rate me a zero and put me to scrubbing the terlits.




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28 08 2008

They were sued a while back by a girl who was apparently deemed “too overweight” to work there. Now, I’m not condoning what they did, but having worked in retail myself, shouldn’t you have to be able to wear what they sell?

I’m an average size, and my butt has trouble fitting in a large there sometimes, I couldn’t imagine the trouble I would have if I were overweight… Although, I have stopped shopping there since I noticed all the twelve-year-olds buying clothes there.

28 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Im torn by this kind of thing. On the one hand…we all have our unique gifts, and all jobs require certain skills, etc. I mean, If a job requires you to be good at math, and you can’t even do multiplication, do you sue because youre being discriminiated against? Same sort of thing if a job requires good looks.
On the other hand, who wants to be told they’re too ugly for employment? LOL

7 05 2013
Renee Smith

back in the day flight attendants ” Stewardesess” had to be a certain size and have a certain look till it was decided it was discrimination

28 08 2008

Eli tells me they sell adult sizes, but I don’t believe him.

28 08 2008
The Incredible Woody

First off – that is one beautiful picture you have posted there!!
Second – I probably be stuck off in the back room too. But that would be OK because I can’t sell anything! And then I could sue them for discrimination and be a bazillionaire!
Third – Right or wrong, sex sells. So how do we change society?
Fourth – I once saw a girl with a really big hiney wearing a pair of their shorts. So big in fact, the “cr” was lost somewhere up in her crack, leaving the slogan across her ass to read “aberombie”.

28 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Stephen–the question is, what adult would wanna wear them??

(and folks, let me introduce Stephen–he is the only person from “real life” other than TPB who ever comments on my lil ole blog.)

Woody–First-thanks! Just a little snapshot I took as I was getting ready this morning. Just kidding. I dont have a six pack. I have a two liter. And Im working on a pony keg. Second-You’d be in the back room too?? We could make an awesome jeans folding duo! Third–you mean you want to change it?? Fourth–a good friend has a rule–just because they make it in your size doesnt mean you should wear it. SOunds like that girl needed to hear that.

28 08 2008

My daughter had a friend who worked there a few years ago. He was built and nice looking. He told us that if Ugly/fat people came in for an application, they were to be told that they were not hiring.

True story


28 08 2008

OH OH and get this, my daughter had a job at Hollister. Same type of people. She had to wear flip flops all the time, even in 10 degree weather, only french manicures and pedicures. She lasted a week.


11 12 2011

very true, we can only paint our toes pink or any shade of red… our hair has to look natural, no over tanning, and only chucks or our sandals are permited… we have to obide to every rule except the models. and manageers and veterans who have worked thier forever

28 08 2008
The Rev.

Only reinforces my opinion that Abercrombie is simply a different world – if I start buying $100 jeans, I hope my friends have the wherewithal to slap me through a wall (and take my wallet away until I learn better).

28 08 2008
Big Hair Envy

My daughter’s BF was HARRASSED (sp?) in a local A&F store. They BEGGED him to come and work there. It really freaked him out because they just wouldn’t leave him alone. WEIRDOS!

I can’t go near the place. There is so much perfume in the air that you can smell it before you open the front door 😦

28 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Philly–that doesnt surprise me…but Id be damned if Id wear flip flops in the cold.

Rev–same here! If I cant find it for $30 or less, Im not wearing it.

Big Hair–yikes! Ive never noticed the perfume smell at the one in my mall–but that could be because Victorias Secret isn’t far away.

28 08 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

Well I don’t go any where near the stores that charge for the air your breathing. I can imagine the reaction they would have if a 48 yr old menopausal, saggy breasted(intensional) pleasingly voluptous, wide assed woman waddled in and asked for an application, reckon they got a fugly backroom job?

28 08 2008

I’m so old, I can’t get through the door! The cologne/perfume mixture that they have wafting through the vents of those stores damn near KILLS me! No A&F for me, thanks…I’ll take Kohl’s any day!

6 12 2008

I currently work at Hollister Co. and have very happily worked there for 7 months. We don’t have to wear flip flops all the time, we’re allowed to wear shoes. Also we steam shirts that need to be steamed before putting them on the rack, if the Hollister you go to doesn’t then the employees at that Hollister aren’t doing their job. And may we not forget that beauty is based on one’s opinion. I currently work in the back because we have better hours than models but if at any point you want to switch and do something else managers don’t mind they’ll just train you. They’d rather have one person who can be impact, model and work the registers than someone can only do one of the three.

14 01 2012

It must really depend on where you work/who the managers are. I worked at Hollister and Abercrombie when I was in high school and the location I worked at was fairly selective about who they let on the floor. In the 6-7 months that I worked there, I saw some gross behavior. Managers had us “scout” the mall to look for “good-looking” people to join our team. Managers even claimed that if they didn’t like someone, or thought they were there by “mistake,” they would make their life as difficult as possible in order to make them quit. Sadly, I saw it happen once to a girl that had opened up the hollister near my hometown. The new manager ridiculed her for how she looked.

7 12 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Emy…are Holister and Abercrombie the same thing?

29 05 2009

Hollister is a sister brand of A&F. Same company.

22 06 2011

I don’t understand why people criticise so much, if you are not happy move on to another shop, I think the problem is that probably some people feel like they don’t fit on this brand´s concept and they wish they actually did.
Is not bad to have a brand that aspire young people to look good and feel good, healthy and sexy.
Maybe some people should go out more and read more, this type of brands are about concept, image, and the only way the costumer can experience the brand is by going to the stores, that is the reason why the ambient is so carefully designed.
And of course sex sells, we are all humans and it´s only normal to be attracted to a healthy good looking person, is natural. What is not normal is to condemn others for looking good.
Luckily there is so much freedom, people can choose to wear. So stop being grumpy and critical and look for a brand that better suits you.

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